Why I Hate My Life – 7 Reasons & 13 Ways to Love Life Again

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“I hate my life” is a standard internal expression that we feel most of the time. At the present age, depression is more common among youngsters, thus making them think negatively.

You will not be surprised to know that 75% of global youth is suffering from depression. This increases the suicide rate, and the stigma of depression continues to harm our society.

I don't like my life
I hate my life- on being stress-free

Psychologists often say, “you are your worst enemy.” This expression contains a massive truth for everyone who is going through any difficult phase of their life. The quest is to find out what is teasing you mentally?

What are the factors which are making you say, “I hate my life.” Try to work on those, and you can put a considerable stop on your stress and anxiety.


7 Reasons Why “I Hate My Life”

1. Being Sad All-Day – I Hate My Life

People go through the phase of depression and distress for feeling sad. This feeling of sadness can stem out from anything. Also, having no desire for anything can make you alone and distraught.

2. When Someone Takes Too Long in Replying

Many people go through the feeling of, “I hate my life” when someone takes extra long to respond back to them. They overthink to the point that all this is happening due to an adverse feeling towards them.

My life is not that beautiful
I hate my life- lack of social circles.

3. No Social Circle and Emptiness – I Hate My Life

Lack of social circle can make one hate his/her life. As man is a social animal, the need to interact with other people is a natural phenomenon. Introverts go through a lot of trouble when they have to interact with people and maintain friendships. This creates a feeling of emptiness in them, which leads them to hate their life.

4. Lack of Money – I Hate My Life

Well, now I also hate my life, sometimes, when I don’t have money. Experts say that money can bring a blissful state of mind because it ensures your independence. We love to have our own house, own car and other things on our own. This is only possible when we have a sufficient amount of money.

Therefore, the lack of money results in negativity and hate for one’s life.

5. Feeling a Negative Sense of Competition

People also develop feelings of insecurities and evil thoughts when they see other people get the life they want. Psychologists suggest therapies to change this attitude into a definite form of struggle to get there. In other words, they teach that competition is good for mental health. But some people perceive it the other way. As a result, it gets them into trouble.

i dislike my life
I hate my life – on negative thoughts

6. Inability to Organize Financial Elements

The failure to organize your life financially can make you go mad! Having money is a different story. How to use that money can make you go nuts. Follow a plan on how to use your monthly income, and you will do just fine.

13 Things to Make You Love Your Life Again

1. Eat Healthily

Research says that eating healthily can lighten up your mood and boost your energy levels. Try to use organic ingredients in your diet and eat in small portions. Love your body at any size, and this will lift your moods a big time! I am not saying that you don’t treat yourself from time to time.

Just in case if you eat cheeseburgers today, eat a little bit healthy tomorrow.

2. Exercise is Your Thing

Exercise is a lifesaver in today’s date and time. It changes our lifestyle completely. Needless o say that it keeps us healthy, boosts our metabolism, keeps us disease-free, and millions other benefits. If you don’t love exercise, that is okay.

You can start from your home. Start with light activities that build your stamina and energy levels. Increase it slowly according to your needs. Don’t they say, “life is set with a pair of joggers and trainers.”

i mistrust my life
I hate my life- on exercising benefits

3. Get Adequate Sleep

These days our sleep has wholly vanished. The real deal is to sleep for at least six to seven hours. I agree this is almost impossible at present times but make it happen. Make it happen for your good. Give rest to your body, which is physically and mentally drenched the whole week.

Get a considerable amount of sleep, and you will have a completely different outlook on your life.

4. Write it Down

Psychologists love this therapeutic method of writing out all your thoughts. Clinically, venting out all your anger is essential for mental health. Mostly, we cannot react or reply in situations, so what do we do? We write it down. Write anything which comes to your mind and go with the flow.

After venting it out all through your words, you will feel a million times better! Even if you hate someone, write it down and see the magic. Releasing anger this way has helped many individuals to partake in a positive attitude towards life finally.

5. Go Out for a Walk

Walking is so underrated these days that no one realizes its strength anymore. You need to get some fresh air obviously, and walking out makes you do that. Walking relieves you f stress, phobias, and other mental scenarios that you have created in your mind.

Walking lightens up your mood. It brings out an overall calming effect on your body, plus it is free! Next time when you say, “aaargh I hate my life!”, grab your sneakers and go for a walk. You can thank us later.

Benefits of Walking – It Makes You Love Your Life

6. Get Clarity on What You Need in Life

Set clear intentions on what you need in life and demonstrate your will by working hard to get it. Setting a target makes you well planned and organized. It makes you put all your focus on one thing that you want, and you will likely get

7. Start Reading

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” This famous quote suggests the power of reading and its positive effects on life. Start reading at least ten pages on something positive and ways to improve your experience.

Choose useful articles, research work, and nonfiction books in this regard. Non-fiction books could include health, finance, relationships, self-help, success, or even inspirational biographies. Reading these will help you a lot, and maybe, you will not hate your life anymore.

Benefits of Reading - Make You Love Your Life
Benefits of Reading – Make You Love Your Life

8. Let go of Toxic People

The reason for your unhappiness could lying in your social circle, and you are unaware of it. Maintain a distance from toxic people who don’t support your ideas and criticize you now and then. These are the ones who will be the least happy when you achieve something. Although, you can’t abruptly cut out people from your life. Just become distant in an unknowing manner. Therefore, let go of these toxic people who pose a threat to your well being and happiness.

9. Learn Something New

To add excitement to your life is to learn a new skill after every while. There are numerous things to learn, for instance, a musical instrument, to paint, or to learn graphic designing. You could pick up a sport or learn a new language. Learning a new skill will ignite your sense of creativity and get you out of your comfort zone.

10. Stop Wasting Your Time in Front of the Television

Just sitting on the couch and watching T.V is not gonna help you solve your problems. In fact, it will make you lazy and lethargic. It will stop you to go out and actually do something about yourself. It damages your thinking capacity and makes you unproductive.

So turn off your T.V and do some work to get all things sorted. 

11. Become Persistent

You will gain a lot from adopting a positive mindset of your life. It is completely okay to feel frustrated and angry at obstacles in your life when you are trying to improve yourself. But being persistent can help you focus on your goals and wave off the feeling of doubt. The real deal is to stay persistent when you are trying to change yourself for the better while trying to pass every hurdle with patience. 

12. Take Risks

Be willing o take risks. Taking risks can be daunting but taking a calculated risk can improve your chances of success and growth. You will miss some amazing opportunities if you are not willing to take a chance.  Therefore, go out and do whatever it takes to find your happiness. 

13. Pinpoint Your Bad Habits

Our lives are an amalgamation of good and bad habits. Good habits are a benefit if they keep increasing, but bad habits are like a virus that destroys our mental and physical health. To eliminate your bad habits, try writing them down, as mentioned above. Point out what are those bad habits and exercise control over them. Remember, bad habits are always limiting and act as a barrier in the way of your happiness. Therefore, start working on them from today, and you will hate your life a little less with time.

i despise my life of being so sh*tty
On bringing positive change

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Why I Hate My Life

How Do I Stop Hating Myself?

If you want to stop hating yourself then try to learn how to say no, admit your mistakes, try to forget your past and try to focus on your future, stop masturbating, Reveal the hate, learn a lesson from your past, forgive people, including yourself, take a nap or sleep, and allow yourself to fail.

How Do You Do Something You Hate?

Here are some ways to do what you don’t want to do. Meditate on why you must do this. Rather than giving in to anxiety and diversion, sit there for some time, Embrace the suck, meditate on your worry and fear, Let go of your perfect, Intention and objective, Give yourself limitations, and Do not let the mind run.

Is Life About Being Happy?

Happiness is all about a good feeling. Especially, the researchers discovered that individuals who are happy inclined to believe that life is easy, they are in good physical fitness and health, and they are able to purchase the things that they want and desire. A happy life is also defined by as a lack of tension, stress anxiety, or worry.

How Can I Be Happy?

You can be happy by adapting and practice these habits. Smile, Exercise daily, get a lot of sleep, Eat with the mood in your mind, Be thankful, Give a compliment, take a deep breath, Admit the unhappy moments of your life and try to forgive everyone including yourself.

Conclusion on Why I Hate My Life:

Fearing change will make you afraid of taking chances, which will bring good to you. Improve your life by feeling positive towards life and develop a spark for motivation for everything. This is the most effective psychological solution to love your life and striving every day to make it better.

Also, try inculcating all these marvelous ways in your life to cope with depression, and you won’t say anymore, “I hate my life.”

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