What Do Girls Like? – The Ultimate Guide Every Man Needs to Read!

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“What Do Girls Like”? Answering this question is very tough. There is no one single thing that can be pinpointed.

There are a lot of different things which girls like. Let us share them with you now!

Generally speaking, there are a few things which every girl loves. Those few things can quickly melt their hearts. Every girl secretly craves those things. She feels adored when she gets them. So what are those few things that girls like? How can you impress her by your actions and gestures?

We are presenting you with a detailed account and tips about “What Do Girls Like“?

It will help you to score points with your loved one. 

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What Do Girls Like to Hear? – Words That Melt Her Heart!

Women are very emotional beings. They are sensitive to emotional language and gestures. A few right words can make you her hero forever! Here are some words which girls like to hear:

1. What You Love About Them  

Pretty simple! Right? When it comes to feelings, women want to hear specific things. A basic “I Love You” can give her butterflies for a while, but what will keep you on her mind are particular compliments. Tell her what you love about her. Compliment her on her specialties. She is going to appreciate and love it. 

Love makes us a poet

2. What Do Girls Like to Hear? – “You are Right.”

Sometimes it is better to let go of an argument. Acknowledging that she is right (when she is) and telling her that she will save you a lot of energy. Most women appreciate humility. Being sorry or accepting your mistake wouldn’t hurt. 

3. What Do Girls Like – “I am with You.”

Women like to feel that you are committed to them. The sense of affirmation pleases her a lot. It gives her confidence. Telling her that you are there for her will create a sense of security. She could easily rely on you.

The best thing in life is to hold onto each other- What Do Girls Like

4. “I am listening to You.”

Don’t just say this but act on this. assure her that you are emotionally invested and available for her. Tell her that you are ready to listen to whatever she wants to tell. Listening to someone is one of the biggest expressions of love. It will boost your friendship with her. She will be able to trust you more

5. Articulating your Feelings

Women love to talk and hear about feelings. When you tell them how you feel, it creates a sense of intimacy. Try to open up with her and share your vulnerable side. Women do not like men who hide their feelings. 

6. What Do Girls Like? – Asking her Suggestions 

Show her that you value her opinion. Make her feel important. Chances are, you are going to get some handy suggestions. It increases affection. Asking for opinion will also develop a mutual interest

7. “I Love You.” 

This one is most-wanted in the list. Telling her you to love her, is going to take her on cloud 9. Nothing makes a girl happier than a simple “I love you.” This is something which you should say to her regularly. 

8. “I Miss You”

This one phrase shows them that you were thinking about them. It shows that you crave their presence. Telling that you missed her, shows your level of emotional involvement. Girls like men who are emotionally attached. 

9. “You Are The Only One For Me”

This phrase indicates that you are devoted. It makes clear that you are not looking for a fling. This creates a sense of affirmation that you are ready to commit and settle with her. It is an expression of genuine love

10. What Do Girls Like? – “You Are Beautiful”

Don’t tell her that she is beautiful, for the sake of compliment. Be honest about what you find attractive about her. Tell her that she is beautiful inside out. Don’t just emphasize on physical features. A compliment about her other traits like intelligence, accomplishments, etc. 

Now, as we have looked into what they like to hear, let’s talk about what girls want to talk about. 

What Do Girls Like to Talk About? –  5 Favorite Conversation Topics 

1. Hobbies 

Hobbies define a lot about a person. Girls like positive and upbeat conversations. Discussing hobbies and mutual ideas helps one to bond better. It allows finding common ground. It informs you about her likes and dislikes. Ask her about her hobbies and share yours too. This can turn into an exciting conversation

2. Experiences 

Our experiences shape us. Talking about experiences provides an insight into the other person. It allows you to understand them better. Share your experiences with her. She will love telling you her experience too. This will enable you to see what you can expect from a relationship

3. Family 

Talking about family is an endless topic that will give you plenty of stuff to talk about. When you talk about family, it creates a sense of closeness. We do not talk about our family with just any other person. Family matters are discussed with only closed ones. Girls like talking about family and wanting to know your family because it creates affinity and bonding. It shows that you are active participants in each other’s’ life. 

4. Goals 

Dreams describe our aspirations. They show what we want from life. If you’re going to know someone, ask them about their dreams. Girls are fascinating when it comes to talking about dreams. They have elaborate plans. It reflects their thought process. Ask her about her dreams. Do not make it sound like an interview. Share your dreams with her. 

5. Emotions 

Girls not only crave emotions but also they like to talk about emotions. This is how they bond with others. They are sensitive to the feelings of others. They want to talk about their feelings as well as know about yours. This creates a good understanding and allows both people to learn about each other

Feeling with heart is best thing in life- What Do Girls Like

What Do Girls Like to Be Called? – 10 Cute Names to Call Them 

Following is a list of cute names to call girls. They adore them. 

  1. My love
  2. Beautiful
  3. Honey Bunch 
  4. Sugar Plum
  5. Baby bear 
  6. My Lady 
  7. Cuddle Bunny 
  8. Munchkin 
  9. Sweetheart
  10. Babe 

What do Girls Like in a Man? – 5 Things Girls Wants in Their Man!

This is a very tricky question. There are a few traits that women highly appreciate. These traits make men more attractive to them. Here we are going to discuss qualities that make her fall for you:

1. A man of Action 

Girls like men who walk the walk. They appreciate guys who take action. This doesn’t only apply to date but also to other aspects of life. Practical guys appeal to them. A guy who will not hesitate or make excuses is a big turn-on. Guys who lack social skills and are complacent with their lives are very unattractive to women. They like men with active interests in life. 

True love never hides or seek. Girls like the True Love

2. Bravery 

Women appreciate courage and boldness. Show her that you are not intimidated. Women want to feel safe and secure. They like men who stand up for themselves and others. Being occasionally shy around women wouldn’t hurt. It shows that their beauty paralyzes you, and it’s an endearing gesture.  

3. Care

Tenderhearted men are beautiful. Girls want a man who assures them that he is there for her. Be sensitive and caring towards her. Being supportive can win hearts. Apart from caring for her, women want a man who is capable of caring for himself self too. 

A loving heart is truest wisdom

4. Attention 

Men who are in-attentive appear rude. Women crave attention. One of the biggest reasons for breakups is that enough attention was not given. This shows that attention paves the way for affection. Spend enough time with her and give her the necessary attention. Maintain a balance and display your love. 

5. Manners 

Good manners and respect go hand in hand. It is not only essential to have good manners around women, but people in general. A man who is rude to waiters and respectful for superiors is not respectable. 

What do girls like in Gifts? – Best Gift Ideas for Women

Here we are going to list down things that any girl would adore:

1. Thoughtful photo album or frame 

Collect favorite photos of you and her. Paste them on a cute album. Give captions. You can also frame it in some cute or adorable frame. These materials are easily available on a local crafts store. Photos are a very sentimental gift. She is going to love it. 

Two hearts can win the game of love


2. Flowers 

Flowers are a girls’ best friend way

 Before diamonds became trendy. This is a simple but cute gift. Girls want flowers but wouldn’t ask for them. Don’t wait for special days. Keep giving her flowers occasionally even if it’s a single rose. 

Every girl likes to receive flowers - What Do Girls Like


3. Promise ring with birthstones 

Girls might shy away from public display of affection, but a promise ring can bling on the message. Promise rings are beautiful as well as meaningful. Personalizing it with birthstone will show her that you put thought into it. 

4. Perfumes 

 Gifting someone your favorite fragrance is a sign of affection. It will remind them of you whenever they will wear them. This gift can brighten up her mood instantly. Choose a perfume to gift her according to her personality or style. 

Here are some other non-conventional gifts she is going to adore: 

  1. Chocolates 
  2. Kylie Jenner Lip Kit
  3. Something she is planning on to buy already 
  4. Books 
  5. A cute puppy or cat 
  6. Bracelet
  7. Matching t-shirts 
  8. Arrange a spa for her 
  9. A nice handbag 
  10. A beautiful watch 
  11. Scented candles 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On What Do Girls Like

How Can I Impress A Girl I Like?

If you want to impress a girl then just simply Make her feel special. Do not ignore and neglect her or play tough to get. Try to understand her feelings, If she sends you a message, reply to her instantly, to help her go out of your way.

At What Age Can A Girl Get Turned On?

Mostly girls get turned on when they are around 11 or 12. As all grow at different rates, there is no right or wrong age limit for a young woman or girl to get turned on.

How Can I Win A Girl?

You can win a girl’s heart by using these ways. Be Confident and Chase Her, Give her a Compliment daily, Show your interest towards her and try to be honest with her, Show her That You Care for her, try to become her best friend, trust her and always make her feel special.

What Should I Ask To A Girl?

Here are some of the best questions to ask a girl. Ask about her interest, ask her about unrequited love is she experienced it or not, ask her how she knows when she is in love, and ask about her passion.

Conclusion – What Do Girls Really Like?

In this guide on what do girls like in men and in all other things, we have discussed and shared many secrets and effective tips with all of you. But if you want to know what do girls really like? Then we have the one-word answer for you as well:

Genuine Honesty!

Yes, every girl wants her man to be real and genuine with her. She does not like it when he fakes some act or pretends to be someone he is not, but she really loves it when he opens up and shares his inner, true self with her.

Therefore, if you really want to make a girl like you, then be honest, transparent, and genuine with her. Ultimately, the right girl will be yours.

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