Kicked Out Of The House? Read 13 Reasons Why + Effective Tips

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Ever been kicked out of the house? Because that’s a typical story which at least 75% of the kids share here. They are kicked out of houses by their parents for numerous reasons. Because everyone has a different story to tell, today we gather some authentic reasons as to why kids get kicked out of the house in real?


13 Logical Reasons To Why Kids Get Kicked Out Of House

1. Indulgence Into Drugs

Most kids are kicked out of their houses because of their unwanted indulgence in drugs. Drugs are wrong for every age. Kids aging 15-19 are more prone to becoming drug addicts.

Drugs affect kids not only badly, but dangerously! It affects their growth, their nervous systems, and other bodily functions. What psychologists suggest is that instead of kicking them out, parents must talk to their children. They must build up the right communication level with them so that their kids confide everything in them.

It is better if the kids tell their parents with whatever problem they are going through instead of seeking help from the outsiders or outside elements. 

Nonetheless, drugs by kids is a strong enough reason for parents to kick them out of the house.

If Kids Get Into Drugs, They Get Kicked Out Of The House

2. Kicked Out Of House Because Of Sexual Activities 

Yes, that’s right! I mean, sex is the requirement of every human being. But for kids, there should be its proper education, so they don’t go astray in that regard. 

I heard a story about a kid where he got two girls pregnant! Therefore he was kicked out of the house!

3. When Girls Get Pregnant

The same is the case with the girl children. If they indulge in sexual activities and get pregnant, they get kicked out of the house. Why? Because parents are unable to dispense proper sexual education to their children.

As a result, they seek refuge in p*rnography and other adult sites. 

Therefore, if parents do not teach their children about sex and sexuality, then they will learn about it from somewhere else, and they will do so without any family values.

4. Being Violent

Violence is something that can take the shape of madness if it keeps growing. Violent behavior in children can include a wide range of behaviors: explosive temper tantrums, physical aggression, fighting, threats, or attempts to hurt others (including thoughts of wanting to kill others) and cruelty toward animals. 

And here are some factors which increase the risk of violent behavior:

  • Previous aggressive or violent behavior
  • Being the victim of physical abuse and sexual abuse
  • Exposure to violence in the home and community
  • Being the victim of bullying
  • Genetic (family heredity) factors
  • Exposure to violence in media (TV, movies, etc.)
  • Use of drugs and alcohol
  • Presence of firearms in the home
  • Combination of stressful family socioeconomic factors (poverty, severe deprivation, marital breakup, single parenting, unemployment, loss of support from extended family)
  • Brain damage from a head injury

Many cases show that kids get kicked out of the house because they display violent behavior to their pets, parents, and peers. 

Violent Behavior Is The Reason Why Kids Get Kicked Out Of The House

5. Kicked Out Of House Because Of Theft

Some kids were kicked out because of theft. Children steal because they have poor impulse control and want instant gratification.

A child’s real understanding of the concept of stealing occurs between the ages of five and seven. By this time, children can understand the idea of ownership and realize that taking things that belong to others is wrong.

Therefore, kids do get kicked out of the house when they are involved in a theft.

Behavior Of Stealing Occurs In Kids When They Get Aggressive

6. Kicked Out Of House? Because of Selling Crack

For those who don’t know, crack is the modern-day slang for cocaine. If the children are prone to drug usage, then they are also very active in selling them. Therefore, most children get kicked out of their houses because they are engaged in drug peddling.  

Got kicked out of the house? Here is why and how
Selling Cocaine Is The Reason Why Kids Get Kicked Out Of The House

7. Religious Differences

For instance, if a kid’s parents are religious and he gets to like a girl out of the religion and what’s worse, he even has some physical relation with her! Then that is enough for parents to get angry, and the kid can get kicked out of the house. 

8. To Make The Kids Responsible

Mostly parents kick their children out of the house so they can teach them a lesson. They may be involved in all the above evils or even more than that, but at the heart of ousting the kids lies the lesson which parents want to teach them.

It is the sense of responsibility that they want to teach them. Getting a new house, a job, and being independent all come from a sense of responsibility.

9. Kicked Out Of House? Kids Get To Pawn

For instance, if a parent kicks his kid out of the house because he is a takes heroin and has the habit of pawning our valuables, then it is correct to do so. Again it is right if parents want to teach their kids a lesson and want them to be good human beings. 

Pawnshops have laws regarding their loans, such as keeping a driver’s license for safety, but kids are still in this practice. Many child psychologists are of the view that children must be taught the importance and necessity of earning money through a proper job. This is possible by coaching them, talking to them, and teaching them the value of things. 

Thrown out of your home? Here's why
If A Kid Pawns Out Valuables, He Might Be Thrown Out Of The House

10. Kicked Out Of House? Permission Issues

Parents who are strict practice the reward-punishment rule. It means that they reward their children when they do something good, and punish them if they do something wrong. 

The punishment can also be in the form of kicking their kids out of the house. 

For instance, my neighbor kicked her son out of the house because he used her car without permission and got his fourth DUI.

11. Parents Want Their Freedom Too 

In some rare cases, kids get kicked out of the house because the parent(s) are not in a position to keep them. The factors can be:

12. When Parents Find Out Their Kids Are From LGBT

Parents are not very supportive if their children show affinity with LGBT people or claim to be one of them. For instance, when the parents know of their children having this symptom, they tend to kick them out of the house. 

They believe by doing so, they will solve the matters, which isn’t the case in reality.

13. Difference In Opinions

Kids often get kicked out of the house because of having different opinions from their parents. Many parents find this offensive, and they throw their children out. 

But this is not right. Instead, parents should develop communication skills with their children. They should watch for communication pitfalls and be an active listener.

This method helps your child open up and enables you to avoid the most common mistakes of parent-child communication. And remember, once the connection with your child improves, all things are possible.

But the real quest is to find ways to survive if you get kicked out of the house. And here’s how:

4 Helpful Ways To Survive If You Get Kicked Out Of House

1. Contact Your Extended Family And Friends

If you have family members or friends who you think might be willing to let you crash on the couch until you can go home or find a place of your own, call them. Do this, whether you’ve been given a deadline to move out or had to leave right away.

Even if you can’t stay with a family member, get in touch with them anyway. They might suggest youth empowerment programs and support organizations.

2. Kicked Out Of House? Contact The Police 

It is always safe to contact the Police if you are kicked out of the house. You can go to the Police, let them know what happened, and ask them to help you. Be aware that once you talk to them, you may end up facing some less-than-ideal options, like being placed in foster care. Nonetheless, reaching out to the Police will prove helpful for you.

Got kicked out of the house? Here's why
You Must Contact The Police If You Need Help Of Any Kind

3. Research Your State’s Resources

Many states provide resources to people who are homeless. These programs may be run by the state government or by a private organization and can include free or low-cost meals, shelters, and even some health care programs.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recommends that you look into food stamps, find out where your local food bank is, and contact homeless assistance or a housing counseling agency in your area if need be.

Therefore, the state will get you covered f you are homeless for the time. 

4. Keep A Positive Outlook

Although it might seem nearly impossible in the face of such a stressful and unhappy situation, keeping a positive outlook is one of the most important steps you can take. This doesn’t mean you ignore the unhappiness in your life; instead, it means that you approach hard times with a positive, can-do attitude.

A positive attitude is a useful part of stress management and will help you keep up your physical and mental strength as you look for a job, a place to live and get back on your feet.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Kicked Out Of The House

Is It Illegal To Kick A Child Out Of Your House?

Yes, it is illegal if a child is under 18. Kicking under 18 children out of your house, without your juvenile being emancipated, can frequently be regarded as child abandonment, which is a criminal offense.

Can You Get Kicked Out Of Your Own House?

No never. You will not be able to legitimately kick somebody out who holds and owns the property. We all have the right to possess it.

Can I Kick My 19-Year-Old Out Of The House?

Yes, you can. When your child turns 18, parents may, indeed, legally evict their juveniles. Also, kicking your adult kid out without any warning might open you up to legal responsibility.

How Do You Get Rid Of Someone Living In Your House?

Certain states accept a guest as the occupant if they have stayed in your house as little such as 15 days. The legislation is not completely clear about how to eliminate guests from your house. You Begin by asking them to leave your house, then include a third party to deliver a notice to your guests to leave your house, and if they not then finally call the police or change the locks of your house.


Getting kicked out of the house is a really painful experience in one’s life. Have you ever or your loved one experienced this unfortunate experience? What are your thoughts about getting kicked out of the house? Let us know in the comments section below.

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