11 Reasons Why Women Complain So Much! [Pro Tips with Images]

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Why do women complain so much? It is a universal phenomenon now, and every man presents his reasons to answer this question. Some men say women are emotional; that’s why they are complaining. Others say that their obsession with make-up makes them complaining.

Therefore today, we bring you a guide of universal reasons as to why do women complain so much. 

Why Do Women Complain So Much?11 Universal Reasons

1. If The Make-up Isn’t Right

So we all know how vital a make-up is for a woman! I can’t live without it practically speaking. Therefore, if the make-up isn’t right or the products women buy turn out wrong- they will complain.

Women can have issues with salon services too if they don’t get the results they want. So there is no more arguing on this matter as we all know that women will complain if there is an issue with make-up.

A Woman’s Source Of Complaint is Her Make-up

2. Shoes Must Be Perfect

Yes, that’s right! Shoes must be perfect at all costs. Why? Because shoes are women’s best friend after diamonds. Therefore you will hear them whining if there Manolos or Jimmy Choos are not the right color or the heel cracked accidentally! Need I say more why do women complain so much?

A Woman’s Shoes Need To Be Perfect

3. Why Do Women Complain So Much? Insecurity

Insecurity is the reason why women complain so much. Uncertainty in their behavior might be the cause of your actions or any other external factor. An insecure woman will demand all the time of her man, and she will doubt him now and then if he goes out with his friends. 

Even in a family dynamic, a daughter can feel insecure if her parents won’t support her dreams or welcome her boyfriend. The point is that insecurity can occur anywhere or in any relationship. 

To deal with this kind of woman, you can easily spend time with her, give her access to your privacy and show her that you have nothing to hide.

Listen to what she has to say, and soon you will not be surfing Google on why do women complain so much?

4. Why Do Women Complain So Much? Because They Are Hurt

If a woman is hurt, she will complain. Therefore, one must be upfront and straightforward with their woman, so there are no misunderstandings whatsoever. 

If she holds grudges, she will become a constant nag. So take some time out for her and make her understand how much she means to you; this will help in making her happy again.

Women Complain So Much Because They’re Hurt

5. Why Do Women Complain So Much? It’s Their Reaction To Intimidation

If a woman feels threatened by her man, then she will complain a lot. Why? Because she instills the “complaining” as her defensive weapon. Women complain and nag to show their man that she is equal to them.

Therefore, it is essential to let her know that you are on her side. Also, avoid being aggressive towards her. If you fail to win her trust, then don’t even try thinking, why do women complain so much because you missed analyzing the situation here. 

6. To Get Her Way

A few women have tormenting characters; they attempt to whine and bother to get their way. This is all a piece of their arrangement and strategy. To deal with this lady is to consent to what she says when she is feeling great; along these lines, she won’t differ when circumstances become difficult. So this is one solid reason why do women complain so much!

If her complaining is posing a threat to the relationship, then the best advice is to talk to her. Ask her why is she complaining so much and what are her insecurities. Maybe, you will get to complain to you woman less with time after building up proper communication levels with her. 

7. Why Do Women Complain So Much? Because Of Her Fears

Why do women complain so much? Because they have fears which are lost and scattered. In other words, women who are mildly paranoid tend to complain a lot. For instance, if their man does not attend their calls, they will think something terrible is going to happen. 

A woman will constantly contact her man, and she will look at this as care. When things don’t go according to her plan, she will nag and remain scared.

Talk to her about what causes her to be afraid, and your caring attitude will contribute to removing her fears for the good. 

why do women nag about so much?
Misplaced Fears Are The Reason Why Women Complain So Much

8. High Expectations

It is evident if a man does not fulfill a woman’s expectations, she will be angry and might become a complaining nag. But the problem is, the high hopes of a woman make her mad in the first place. 

A piece of advice for women is to keep their expectations in moderation. In this way, women will not get hurt in the future.

I also know that most women will not bother with this advice because they can’t help it. Therefore, for men out there, sincere advice will be that they plan and execute everything with their women. This way, they will not get the chance to be angry, and they will not complain so much. 

9. Restless Nature

 Women complain so much, sometimes, due to their impatient nature. It is safe to say that if your woman is complaining over the board, it might be a part of her nature. 

To handle this lady, you should bring attention to the fact that you love her and work on her weaknesses. Teach her to pray more, exercise with her, and be patient. 

10. When They Don’t Get Attention

Okay, so this is the universal fact. If you do not give adequate attention to women, then get ready to hear her complaining. 

Some girls are attention-hungry, and they nag to be noticed, they speak loudly so that you focus them. To handle this girl, you can give her your time and attention and make her feel incredibly unique. 

11. Inequality

If you treat your woman with the slightest element of inequality, then don’t even ask why do women complain so much because every woman will voice her opinions in this regard. Also, they will be logical in their arguing, which happens quite a few times.

Therefore treat them with quality and let them enjoy their female privileges. The same goes for the workplaces and organizations where women work. The organizations must embrace traditional feminine virtues, But they should also learn to recognize the individual differences among women. 

For instance, plenty of women are assertive and competitive, and that does not mean that they are trying to emulate their male colleagues. That’s just who they are.

Therefore, everyone should take advantage of the distinct strengths women bring to the workplace, but should never expect them to fit neatly into defined gender roles.

Inequality at workplace pisses off women
Inequality Makes Women To Raise Their Voices Against Males.

After knowing the universal reasons to why do women complain so much, let’s bring you two coveted ways of fixing the complain factor once and for all!

Why Do Women Complain So Much? How Can Both Partners Work On It?

Everyone knows that to make a relationship secure doesn’t happen overnight. Both partners have to work and contribute to the relationship equally to keep it healthy and formidable. So here are two fully proven ways on how to keep your relationship working smoothly. 

1. Embrace Each Other’s Emotions

When you embrace each other’s emotions, you are validating and accepting each other for who you are. It can be uncomfortable to embrace anything we deny in ourselves. The more we can embrace emotions, the more we can learn to accept and embrace them in others.

Many women say they want a man who is comfortable with emotions and is vulnerable enough to share them, but when he starts getting emotional, what do you do? Do you embrace his feelings, or do you secretly judge him for it? One of the reasons men withhold their real emotions in relationships is they fear being judged and shamed by their women for being so vulnerable.

That’s why women must also build up healthy communication levels with their men so that there is an equal pouring of feelings and love. 

why do women complain so much?
Accept Your Partner The Way He is

2. Set Boundaries When You Embrace Each Others Feelings

Relationships can get messy, and you might be thinking, why do women complain so much, and women might be thinking the same about you. Therefore, set boundaries so that you are not responsible for any wrong or negative emotions of both the partners. As a result, your woman will complain less, and so will you. 

To be clear, boundaries are your ability to understand, communicate, and make a stand for how you want to be treated in your relationships. They help you to know where you end, and someone else begins. They are incredibly essential to ensure you both take responsibility for your experience.

Making limits in a relationship encourages you to guarantee that both of you take 100% of what’s yours and no more.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On Why Women Complain So Much

Why Does My Wife Complain So Much?

If your wife continually complains, it can be an indication that she intends things to be improved. Numerous women think that by pointing out the issues and saying what they’re doing not like that their spouses will then make the changes that they want which leads to an improved rapport.

Why Does A Person Complain All The Time?

Chronic complainers whine to those around them because they seek compassion and emotional authentication.

How Does Complaining Affect Relationships?

Over time chronic griping will ruin nearly any kind of rapport. In a romantic affiliation, it eats away at it little by little as it disturbs the normal balance among partners that are required in a healthy rapport. This puts one partner as the executive director and the second as the fixer.

What Complaining Does To Your Brain?

When you make a complaint, your body release and circulates the stress hormone cortisol. All the extra corticosteroids released by regular whining harm the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and obesity. It even makes the brain more susceptible to stroke.


In a relationship with anybody, there is a 200% obligation and it’s significant this is divided similarly between the two individuals. The issue is the point when one partner relies on the other one too much (i.e., the mutually dependent) or excessively little of the duty (i.e., the person in question).

So what are your thoughts on why women complain so much? Let us know in the comments section below!

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