12 Proven Steps For Learning To Be Fearless

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For many years I let my fears dictate how to live, yet learning to be fearless was impossible. Even a point came when I stopped doing anything new, and it was very comforting to me.

As time passed, I learned that this fear is the mental restriction that is stopping me. The feeling of fearlessness is amazing and not that hard to achieve.

Do you remember your childhood? We were so fearless when young and the time when we used to climb trees. Trying new things, playing every sport we like, and most of all, being curious about everything.

It’s quite sad that we get older, and we carry the fears along our way. Fear that we may fail, fear rejection, fear of sickness, and many other fears.

Proven Steps for Learning To Be Fearless

Some of us have learned the hard way how to be fearless and believe in ourselves, and dream like a child.

If this courage is not there in your life, you would not have succeeded in many things. Turning your first lead into a long-lasting customer, or how to swim and face the waves of the ocean.

Learning to be Fearless
Learning to be Fearless

1. How Fear Limits Us

We may experience the best things in life, which came with a part of the fear in it. Think about when you want to ride like the Ferris wheel, but it was terrifying but still very fun.

So, all the fun is worth experiencing if we have some courage and the world works.

If we look at it, even the little things get us scared. Our life is full of challenges and decisions that we don’t want to take, making us comfortable, whether it’s a business meeting with a high-profile client or a commitment with our loved one.

For those of us trying to live life to its fullest, fear may come as a big obstacle. Despite every effort, we refrain from opening ourselves to new ideas.

Meeting and trying to mingle our ideas with new people is also a hurdle. It’s like a serious illness that paralyzes us, and we know that too.

Our fear can limit our thoughts and true potential. Whenever a challenging time comes, the fear presents us with the worst-case scenario. That causes us not to see the fine lines and give our best; instead, we panic and choose to retreat.

Living in fear is like disregarding your capabilities. Many of us who are living a life of low self-esteem are facing the same problem of courage. We never appreciate our capabilities and our instincts.

How fear limits us - Learning to be fearless
Trying to live life at its fullest

2. Be Aware Of Fear In Your Life – Learning To Be Fearless

Before you start to overcome this fear in your life, you have to accept it. It is normal to fear something you don’t have any control of. Start with writing aspects of life with fear; it’s important to get them on paper.

Only thinking about your fears will not solve the problem until you write them and plan to overcome them.

3. Fearless In Love

Relationships are a means of safe havens where we seek security and comfort from every bad thing in the world. But sometimes these relations become our greatest fears. Just learning to be fearless is not enough without decision-making.

Relationship fears have many faces; for some of us, it’s the fear of commitment. While for some of us, it’s fear of rejection. But either way, it makes the relationship and loves less pure and more complicated.

The relationship looks like a prison where we lost the feeling of security and liberation. Instead, we are anxious and caged.

It all starts when we start to think that trusting is dangerous and love is a weakness, so stop and learn to be fearless.

4. Connect With Fearless People

You have to fill the idea of where you want to be in the future and your self-image. Start connecting with role models in your field by physically meeting them through a book or online.

5. Be Objective – Learning To Be Fearless

Try to investigate your fears; ask yourself about the fears you face and the thoughts behind them. Make a good practice of observing your own life.

Be Objective - Learning To Be Fearless
Start to Overcome this Fear

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Look Stupid

Don’t be afraid of the horrible performance that can lead you down. Once you learn the art of risking emotional pains, your fears will be decreasing.

You will gain the information and correct your behaviors while making mistakes. And everyone who is now successful has many failed stories.

7. Have A Gratitude Mindset – Learning To Be Fearless

It’s not easy but practice it, as you feel the fear first and foremost, and might have to work to feel the gratitude. I have been experiencing this while practicing for performance. I struggle with the fear of crowds, but still feel a great amount of gratitude that I am able to have the role I have.

8. Try To Find Teachers

We are never too old to have a teacher for our self-learning. This journey never ends until we accept this. You can seek a teacher who tells you the fears and scare you.

It will not be someone who makes you feel warm and guide you that learning to be fearless is not enough. A teacher who watches you very close and is quite honest with you.

He will give you the best and clear direction for your improvement to remove your fears.

Never Too Old to Have a Teacher
Never Too Old to Have a Teacher

9. The Struggle Is Positive – Learning To Be Fearless

A point comes when we all try to avoid struggling for anything because it feels like a failure. This feeling scares us, but when there is no pain, then there is no gain.

To have the skills, it’s necessary to be positive and consistent. We must embrace the outcome, and while doing it, the fear diminishes itself.

10. Start Reading – Learning To Be Fearless

Develop a habit of reading, and once you will do, it starts making sense and will open new horizons on how to be fearless.

Once I developed the habit, I collected many best sellers and inspirational books.

11. Visualization Is Important

Learning to be fearless is important. You can start by visualizing yourself in a scary situation without fear.

Watch the people who do the things that scare you. Then try to visualize yourself taking the same scary actions. Imagine yourself as a brave soul without any fears.

12. To Succeed You Should Give Permission To Yourself

Without learning, learning to be fearless is not possible. You can create a scenario by putting yourself in a professional situation.

You are already overworked and take on a challenging project, but it requires a lot of effort as you are a person of a high standard and expect the project to complete with grace.

The project started with high aims, but before you know it, another deadline gets missed. You are falling behind your schedule, and that isn’t good.

It’s that high expectations always give insecurities, and there is no room for them at all. Permit yourself to succeed, and you will not be a terrifying person, after all.

Learning To Be Fearless – A Final Word

If you always feel safe and never take any risk, you will always have a safety mindset, leading to a boring life. You will feel bored at some point in time.

On the other, you can take a dangerous job you always dreamed of and put your best effort into achieving it. Believe me, if you succeed in it, you will be successful in many other areas of your life.

You will start learning to be fearless. The possibilities have no end, but it’s up to you to take a leap of faith in yourself and try.

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