What is Soul Searching? 7 Meaningful Ways to Find Yourself

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What is Soul Searching? Why it matters and how soul searching can help you to find yourself and improve your life.

When we are kids we know who we are. We are full of joy and passion. We know what we want from life: to have fun.

As we get older and get responsibilities we lose track of this knowledge of self. Responsibilities, duty and time conspire to make us do what we must rather than what we want. Given time we lose connection to our needs and our inner self.

This lack of self knowledge makes us feel hollow and lost. We become frustrated and agitated. But actually, it is a good sign.

You must be thinking how? Why? How is feeling lost good?

The emptiness and discomfort you feel are like signals. It tells you that something is missing in your life. It leads to soul searching and finding what you need to retrieve happiness and joy to your life.

What is Soul Searching?

Soul searching is to connecting with your inner, raw, and fundamental self. It is a spiritual journey that one embarks on to find the answers relating to life’s problems.

Soul searching begins when you feel that you have lost the purpose in life.

What Are Some Signs that Tell You Need Soul Searching?

Every individual has their own individual journey on the path of soul searching. There is one big sign that everyone gets. That lets them know they might need to do some soul searching. They feel lost and rudderless. They are sad or upset and don’t know why.

People in need of soul searching will also start to feel unhappy, experience a lack of passion and have no motivation to get things accomplished. They may even feel like something is missing that they need to find.

What is Soul Searching?
Should Searching Begins

9 Signs You Need Soul Searching:

  • Lack of motivation
  • Exhaustion
  • Being on the edge
  • Wanting something more
  • Unstable mood swings
  • Dissatisfaction from life
  • A feeling of missing something
  • Becoming stranded
  • Desire to find meaning in life

7 Meaningful Ways to Soul Searching:

If you are looking for connecting with your true self and diving deep into getting to know yourself. Here are a few steps you can begin with:

1. Self-Reflection:

Begin with asking yourself:

When you are all by yourself for a minute, do you hear a voice from within you?

Most of the time, due to internal conflicts, one is not aligned with the inner-self.

It leads us to either not knowing who we have turned into or completely unaware of who we are.

To deal with this problem, self-reflection is necessary. It would be best if you spent some time in solitude. Let your inner-self whisper to you.

Set aside time daily to reflect on yourself.

Reflect on Yourself for Soul Searching
Reflect on Yourself

2. Connect With Nature:

Nature roots us to our origin. It possesses numerous amount of healing powers.

As children, we use to spent uncountable hours out in nature. Playing, exploring new places, and letting nature amuse us.

Connection with nature becomes somewhat lost as we get caught by the responsibilities.

Connecting with nature has soothing and calming effects. It also reminds us of what matters and makes our problems seem insignificant.

Few things you can do to connect with nature:

  • Go to the park
  • Try meditation
  • Get plants at home
  • Listen to sounds of nature rather than high beat music.

3. Explore Unfamiliar Places

Soul Searching is associated with traveling to a distant country. Where you will undergo a complete spiritual transformation.

In reality, you only need to go somewhere unfamiliar as the purpose of traveling is not to escape yourself. But from what you are comfortable with.

4. Have a Break From Social Networking Sites

We spend a large chunk of our daily lives on social networking platforms. Yet we don’t realize how it influences us.

The social media sites flood us with life events of others from all over the globe. We end up comparing our self with others.

If you are spending more time on social media. Then there will be less opportunity for you to listen to the whispers of your inner self.

Taking a break from social media will help you make an uninfluenced decision about What you want to do? Who are you?

You don’t need to quit social networking sites altogether. But taking breaks off and on will help you on the path of soul searching and healing your soul.

Reflect inside to Know What is Soul Searching?
Whispers of Inner self

5. Ask Yourself Some Questions

Asking yourself questions is an effective way to connect with your inner-self.

Some question that you can ask yourself are:

What is the real purpose of my life?

What is happiness to me?

Is ego a hurdle for me somewhere?

What legacy will I be leaving behind?

Is there anything artificial about me?

6. Reestablish the Link with the Child in You

Reconnecting with the child in you is a way to finding your soul. The inner child is the carrier of your real qualities.

It may seem hard to connect with your inner child. But it is relatively easy.

Few simple ways to tap into your child self are:

Try to do activities that you loved to do as a child.

Write a note or letter to your child self.

Reflect on how your present self is different from your child’s self.

Be gentle while practicing these activities, as you may find them hard initially.

You can also make the following observation about your child self:

Did he/she smile more?

Was he/she more explorative?

Was he/she more genuine?

Inner Child Will Lead You to Finding your Soul.
Inner Child is a Carrier of True Qualities

7. Focus on Holistic Development

Instead of focusing on a single aspect of development, take up a holistic approach.

Explore different activities for restoration that will help you connect with your inner-self.

Try practicing meditation, breathing exercises, sound bath mediation. You can also try any other activity that interests you.

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To Sum It Up:

Try to implement the following seven things in your life for Soul Searching:

  1. Self-Reflection: make a habit of reflecting on the actions you take.
  2. Connect with nature: try to reconnect with nature as much as you can.
  3. Explore unfamiliar places: don’t wait for a fantasy escape to a new country. Explore the unfamiliar places around you.
  4. Focus on holistic development: practice meditation and different exercises focusing on holistic development.
  • Ask yourself some questions: don’t shy away from asking your question. It will help you connect with your inner-self.
  • Reestablish the link with the child in you: re-cherish the child in you. It is a window to your Soul.
  • Have a break from social networking sites: take a break from social media. Spend some time with yourself in solitude.
  • Stop feeling sorry for yourself; connecting with your inner-self will help your let go of self-pity.

So, do you now know the real meaning of sour searching? Let us know in the comments section below.

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