The 15 Exclusive Right Signs A Guy Never Had A Girlfriend

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Being in a relationship is lovely, but checking the signs, a guy never had a girlfriend. If a guy broke up with his girlfriend and now you two are dating, then it’s easier to judge.

Why they broke up in the first place? And what made him let her go? Usually, guys are not fond of having a control freak and ride them all the time kind of girlfriend. But what happens when the guy you meet does not have clear signs of ever being in a relationship? Does he even have a dating history? Has he ever been in one? Let’s answer these questions.

15 Signs A Guy Never Had A Girlfriend

In this guide, we will explore 15 obvious signs a guy never had a girlfriend.

1. None Of His Hobbies Involve Much Interaction With Women:

Having hobbies is fantastic. Most people take up a hobby to socialize and meet other people, especially women, which helps them in dating and scoring one.

If a guy does not have hobbies like fishing, astronomy, and motorsports, he probably never planned to meet girls. 

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2. He Still Wears White Boring Briefs Or Underwear:

Women in a relationship like to wear raunchy undergarments to entice up things with their guys. They expect a little in that department from the guy too. If a guy wears white underwear that seems like his mom bought it for him, then it’s apparent that he has never slept with a woman. That’s why he does not have any idea about that.

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3. He Knows How To Cook Everything:

If He has cooked his life throughout and he knows every recipe like the back of his hand. When the master chef is his top favorite TV show, then it’s plain to see that he has spent years of his life going through and through with cooking. He has many hours to spare for cooking; then he has to be nowhere after the meal. Say, bed, or cuddling.

4. He Does Not Have A Side Table

Side table sure is suitable for an alarm clock, cell phone, or tablet for headaches. But I think we all would agree that the side table is also where your weapons are stacked up and at the ready during intimacy. Literally, who wants to get out of Juliet’s arms or the legs to look for the rubber from their sock drawer or medicine cabinet for worse? A guy who never had a side table is like he never had a girlfriend long enough to know the proper use of a nightstand.

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Men who cook
Men who spend more time in the kitchen with their partners enjoy more intimacy.

5. He Has No Wine Stacked Up

It’s pretty standard that you offer wine after a date. No rum, cheap beer, or vodka would do what wine would do. Anyone who plans to have ways with women would know better to keep a wine bottle in their cribs. At the ready. No wine, no women guys. Wine & dine always.

6. He Does Not Know What A Lemon Drop Or A Cosmopolitan Is:

A woman likes womanly drinks. If he has no idea what those are, he probably has not spent much time with this loving species and drinks unless enrolled in AA. It’s like he has lost interest in everything.

7. He Is Not On Social Platforms

We all can agree that our time at any social platform is 60% stalking our exes or potential partners, and 40% is random scrolling. No exes and crushes to stalk mean no use for Facebook or Instagram.

8. He Brags About Shooting Pool Both Left & Right Hand:

If a guy had the dedication to study the physics of shooting pools with both hands, he does not have much time for a girlfriend. On the brighter side, if he could spend the time to make himself ambidextrous, suppose how dedicated he will be under the sheets, ooh!

9. None Of His Furniture Accommodates More Than One Person:

Most single guys out there do not have the most excellent furniture. If his table includes a gaming chair or an odd folding camping chair, then it’s evident that he has never had to share this space with anyone. Watch any movie or play a game with anyone else. 

He probably never realized that he needs a pair of every piece of furniture to sit down and cozy up until he met someone.

No wine, no women - Signs a guy never had a girlfriend
No wine, No women

10. He Orders A Spicy, Stinky, & Most Fibrous Item Off The Menu:

Chicken burrito with red beans and on top of that garlic and onions?? Curry so hot makes the waiter wince? He has never considered the consequences of his actions. His order would come down to milk and Pepto-Bismol.

He might be looking good with the nutrition side ordering this risk platter but not on an early date where guys want to impress. This is a sign that he does not care and is not in the habit of considering his food choices might affect other people in 20 feet radius.

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11. He Has Loads Of Female Friends, But They Are All Online:

If a guy has loads of female friends and all are miles away, he does not keep well with the opposite sex in real life.

Sure he can talk to them after hours online while playing Pubg or Fortnite but, he does not have much experience asking a girl about her day, friends, or family or what kind of movies she goes to. These topics don’t pop up when you are chasing ammunition drops in a game, do they?

12. He Has Never Heard Of Desperate Housewives, Mean girls, Project Runaway, Or Twilight:

Most boyfriends decline to watch TV shows and movies on principle. It does not mean they have not heard their girlfriends long for Bella’s hair color or Alice’s hairstyle from Twilight. And any guy who is not familiar with the phrase “that so fetches” or “make it work” has not spent much time with the ladies.

Perfume quote
Need to be transported to another time

13. There Is No Extra Bed-Sheet 

If you never had intimacy with someone at your cribs, then it corroborates with the absence of extra bed sheets in your closet. No extra bedsheets, not intimacy, no girlfriend ever, this guy is no good. 

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14. He Has No Taste In Cologne – Signs A Guy Never Had A Girlfriend:

Say you are going to see a guy for the first time after matching up on tinder. From the get-go, he looks like a fine gentleman. You sit down with him, and you realize that his cologne is too strong or he is not even wearing one at all, then it’s an alarming situation.

Most of the guys going on a date think twice before wearing a cologne is it wild or mild. Is it going to sit well with the first impression is the last impression vibe?

If the guy does not have any sense in this department, he is oblivious that cologne is compulsory. It needs to make her want you in the first whiff.

Your cologne needs to make her want you under the sheets doing things she thought was taboo.

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Perfume quote - signs a guy never had a girlfriend
Perfume is a story in odor

15. He Cannot Keep A Conversation Going Or Meet Your Eye:

To impress a woman, one has to be able to hold a conversation for some time. This is one of the most common signs a guy never had a girlfriend. And on top of that, he must speak with his eyes too. If a guy lacks all that, he is not experienced or is too shy to take you on.

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The eyes of men - Signs a guy  never had a girlfriend
The eyes of men converse as much as their tongue.


So If a guy shows all of the above signs, then you need to stop seeing him ASAP. Better try experienced guys who would know how to treat women. You get life once, so why waste it. Be a responsible person and choose wisely.

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