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It is important to know the signs of true love from a man to be sure about finding the right person.

For women, to decipher the truthfulness of a relationship is somewhat tricky owing to the beguiling nature of men.

This makes women skeptical about love and allows a multitude of fears to party in their brains, particularly, the fear of being left heartbroken.

So how does a woman know whether he truly loves her or not? What are the signs of true love from a man that make her realize that his heart beats with her heart in harmony?

If you’re in a relationship, most likely you intend to be acquainted with the signs of true love from a man to get to know whether he loves you or not.

That’s precisely what you are about to extract from this article.

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Men are not as dubious in their actions as we deem them to be. Though most of them are introverted when it comes to expressing love for their lady still, women can feel what’s going on in their hearts without the need for them to show love with the play of words. You don’t have to be a wizard to dig into his heart to see but to pay heed to some of the obvious signs of true love shown by him.

13 Clear-cut Signs of True Love From A Man

To help figure his love out, here are some typical signs of true love from a man you wish to spend your entire life with.

He genuinely loves you if he:

  1. Shows love and affection publicly

A man true to you expresses his love in public
He Adores You Publicly

People tend to be hesitant in terms of public display but a man who showers his love upon you in the crowd is a man of your dreams. He pampers you unmindful of who you are surrounded by. Holding hands, finding excuses to embrace you, or giving you a light peck are subtle yet convincing signs of true love from a man.

If you ever find such a man in your life, dote on him because he is worthy of it.

  1. Introduces you to his family

A man has to muster up the courage to introduce you to his family but if he does so, you are absolutely in the right hands. He will never play with you and leave you wondering putting aside all his vows. This shows his commitment towards you and indicates that he is a one-woman man visualizing the future with you.

Among all the 11 signs of true love from a man listed here, this one is out of ordinary.

  1. Makes you feel special

True love is about making your girl feel out of the world
His Love Makes The World Go Round

Your partner goes extra miles for you just to bring a smile on your beautiful face making you feel the luckiest and the happiest woman ever.

He shows small acts of love like bringing you your favorite ice-cream, taking you for shopping or dinner, mesmerizing you with surprises, etc. Your better-half go out of his zone just to make you comfortable.

Always cherish such a man if you find him at any point in life.

  1. Always have you on his mind

You are everything for him. He never hurts you by choosing his friends over you. Whatever decision he makes; he always counts you in. Sometimes, owing to professional commitments, if he postpones a promised event or a date, he makes it up to you in such a way that you instantly get pleased.

  1. Stands by your side in rainy days

Life is not a bed of roses. Lots of ups and downs come along the way. The real test of love ensues through times of discomfort. Nail down that at some point in your life you might have to go through tests, face rejections and losses which would, perhaps, turn you into a pessimist but the right man will be there for you on rainy days.

He loves you infinitely is one of the big signs of true love from a man
He Backs You Up During The Rises And Falls Of Life

The right man will enlighten your path with his ray of hope and lift your spirit. He will always be there to provide protection, support, and a shoulder to rely on. If he loves you unconditionally, bear in mind, it’s one of the obvious signs of true love from a man.

Sure-Fire Signs of True Love From A Man

  1. Answers your calls and messages at his earliest

He is too quick to answer your calls and messages because you’re always at the back of his mind. Even if it’s something not of prime importance, he will answer thereupon just to not hurt you. One of the sure signs of true love from a man is that he reckons you inseparable and sees his world with you.

  1. Misses you when you are far away

Does the love of your life miss you when not together? Does he acknowledge that you miss him when he’s not around? A man who never plays with the love emotion will always try to extend his deep feelings for you even if it’s a distant relationship. At his best, he will fill the space generated by being far just by connecting with you whenever he finds the time.

  1. Appreciates you on your achievements

True love is about appreciating each other on achievements
A True Man Acknowledges You And Your Efforts

A man who celebrates his girl’s achievements and himself feels triumphant is a real keeper. He pays a token of appreciation and also supports her wild and crazy ideas. He prays for her success in every walk of life. Never leave such a man who doesn’t suffocate or dominate you.

  1. Uses ‘We’ more frequently than ‘I’ or ‘You’

He frequently says ‘we’ rather than ‘I’ or ‘you’ which implies that he considers the two of them as a single unit. This establishes trust and brings value to life. Short-term relationships rarely lead to future discussions.

A definite sign of true love from a man is he imagines you in his future
He Visions Future With The Woman Of His Life

One of the vivid signs of true love revealed by a man is that he invests his everything to secure a bright future with his woman because you are his world he yearns for.

Each one of us longs for such a man to cross our way.

  1. Likes You the way You are

This is an attribute that doesn’t come easily and is uncommon. A man who refrains from forcing his girl upon doing anything she doesn’t wish to, values his love more than anything else.

He never restricts you is a clear sign of true love from a man
He Likes You For Who You Are

Your woman should be under no obligation to drive the relationship the way you want her to. A true lover holds a respect for his love and tries his best not to humiliate whether in public or within the confines of the house. He cooperates with you amicably and like you the way you are without trying to change you on his terms.

  1. Sacrifices for You

He makes you his priority and his every action circles around you. If he sacrifices his needs and comfort just to put his ladylove at ease and let her beam, stick to such a man because he’s hard to find.

The Ultimate Sign of the True Love from Man

We have listed many signs of real love from a male. But if you want to boil it down to the one big thing, then here is your answer.

The most important and overlooked sign of true love from Man is his Loyalty & Commitment.

Usually, men are prone to moving on to other partners after spending some time with the one they already have. If your man is loyal enough to stay with you, then his love for you is real. On the other hand, if your partner can leave you for the next more beautiful, successful, charming woman on the road, then all other signs are useless to note.

Coming to the Commitment, if your man is striving hard to improve the relationship, filling the gaps then be happy that you have found the right person.

Usually, people are not committed enough to work on themselves and the relationship. So if someone is willing to develop their personality and to improve themselves, then know that this is the sign of true love from a man.

As we are nearing to the conclusion of this guide, here are the 11 Signs of True Love from a Man:

  1. Showing Love & Affection.
  2. Introducing You to His Family.
  3. Makes You Feel Special.
  4. Always have you on his mind.
  5. Stands by your side on rainy days.
  6. Answers your calls and messages at his earliest.
  7. Misses You when You are Far Away!
  8. Appreciates You On Your Achievements.
  9. Use “We” more Frequently then “I” or “You”.
  10. Sacrifices for You.
  11. Loyalty.
  12. Commitment.


If you have already found a man with whom you view your entire life, you’re fortunate enough. Cling to him and never let him part ways. Believe that Heaven itself has sent him to you to make you understand what it feels when a man and a woman are in a glorious relationship with no chance of deceit. Love is an alluring emotion that demands more than words to be expressed and confessed to the right person.

We hope that the signs of true love from a man we’ve listed above helped you know the sincerity and purity of your relationship. Considering these aforementioned love signs, we anticipate that you’ve recognized your love who deserves to share every moment of your life.

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FAQs on Signs Of True Love From A Man To Know :

Is Jealousy a Sign of True Love?

Jealousy is not a sign of true love in most cases. It is a sign of insecurity, fear & other negative emotions. But in rare cases, jealousy can be a sign of true love.

How do you test a guy to see if he loves you?

To test a guy to see if he loves you or not, simply be original & authentic with him. If he can accept your true and authentic self without wanting to change it all, then it is one of the most prominent signs of true love from a man.

Is possessiveness a sign of love?

As with jealousy, possessiveness is not a sign of true love. Rather, it is a sign of weak emotional intelligence and a scarcity mindset. Love is fearless and courageous!

What are signs of true love from a male?

A girl gets to know easily if a guy truly loves her by the actions and the things that he would do for her in the very first place which he won’t be doing for any other girl at all.

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