Why Am I Alive? – 11 Reasons & 8 Quotes (With Images)

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“Why am I alive?”. Why?

Every one of us has gone through this thought at some point in our lives. Some of us choose the state of depression to be in, and some of us find answers. All in all, it is a very interesting phrase, and one needs to find the answers himself if he doesn’t want his way into depression and think of suicide.


In our quest to find the answers to “why am I alive?” We came up with these sound reasons, and here they are.

Why am I alive in this world?

11 Sound & Valid Reasons to “Why Am I Alive?”

1. Family Matters:

The first and foremost reason for being alive is the love of your family. The family acts as your support system, and they are your go-to people when there is any problem.

Even if you do not have that connection with the whole family, one or two members might have that love for you. Therefore whoever is struggling with the thought of “why am I alive,” look at your family, and you might know the answer. 

2. Growth:

Here, growth refers to learning from mistakes and doing things better the next time. Therefore, If you ever think “why am I alive?” again, think of the glorious chances of your growth. 

Remember, mistakes are the reason we learn new things, or else, we won’t be existentially doing that. So, cherish who you are because of your mistakes and keep working on yourself.

3. Education:

If you have the privilege of getting a good education, then please don’t think, “why am I alive?” again. There are many people out there who don’t have this advantage, and in turn, they end up destroying themselves. 

You are lucky enough if you got the chance to learn formally. 

4. Nature:

God has created a beautiful world, so don’t waste your time being stressed. Look around to see the beauty of nature, and you will feel a calming effect,

For instance, when it’s a calm winter day, and you walk through the snow wearing a furry coat or a beautiful summer day hiking through the woods. There is a lot to experience out there, starting from these small things.

So start from today, and take a walk outside when things aren’t going well for you. It will give you a calming effect, and breathing fresh air will provide you with a clear perspective of things.

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4. To Spread Laughter:

Researchers say that laughing releases hormones which combats stress. So when you think, “why am I alive?” again, think about all the events that life gave you to laugh. It is even more fulfilling if you make people laugh or bring a smile to their face.

We all acknowledge that life is not a bed of roses. It is a mixed bag of good and bad things, and laughter is undoubtedly one of the best. Therefore, live your life to the fullest and laugh out loud. It is your right and will act as an antidepressant for you sometimes. 

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5. Food:

Poverty and hunger are the biggest evils in the world today. If you are lucky enough to eat good food and eat whenever you want, then be thankful. You are alive so that you could enjoy all these delicious eatables and live your life to the fullest. 

Therefore, next time you think “why am I alive?” think about all the yummy food you get to eat. 

6. Endless Job Opportunities:

If you have a good education, then you have the key to some exciting job opportunities. Having a job makes you feel competent without having to depend on others. 

So even if you don’t have a proper job and you are struggling, you are lucky enough to strive for what you want because you have the guts and the positive approach towards your life. So don’t even think about the negative aspects of “why am I alive?” again.

7.  Why Am I Alive? For Self-Love:

Loving others is beautiful, but loving yourself is the ultimate state of happiness. If you love yourself, you won’t be thinking, “why am I alive?” anymore because there are various reasons for you to live. 

Love your body and yourself. Find your hidden talents and polish your skills, and you will be surprised by how amazing you are. Never degrade yourself by your distorted perceptions. Just hang in there and give it time. 

If you remember that “YOU MATTER,” everything will be okay for you. 

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8. Why Am I Alive? For Staying Healthy:

If I ask myself, “why am I alive?”, I would say that because I get a chance to enjoy my good health. Getting the opportunity to take care of yourself and maintain your health and lifestyle is a gift from God.

So don’t waste your time in thinking why are you alive and delving into depression. Instead, look at yourself and work on your health, body, and lifestyle. 

9. Why Am I Alive? For Friendship:

Life is an amalgamation of different relationships. One of the best relations is of friendship. Be thankful every day because you get the chance to meet new people and befriend them. Not everyone is right for you, but they give you the lessons that you ought to learn in life

You can enjoy things with your friends and just be yourself. Therefore, shun the negative thoughts if you think, “why am I alive?” again and remind yourself about all the beautiful people you have met and known. 

10. For the Love of your Passion:

If you are pursuing your passion or anything which holds your interest, then you are fortunate enough. You don’t even fit into the criteria of thinking, “why am I alive?”. Why? Because life gave you a golden opportunity to do what you love, and very few people get that. 

Therefore, if you get the chance to do anything that you like, embrace it with open arms, and be thankful. 

We also gathered some quotes which are most relevant in today’s world concerning the thought of “Why Am I Alive?”

Why Am I Alive Quotes – 8 Quotes to Add Spark in Your Life

1. This quote emphasizes the power of trying. Keep trying is the reason for one’s never-ending drive and passion for achieving what you want. Therefore, answer your question f “why am I alive?” with the strive to do better.

Why am i alive?Because i keep trying
Constantly trying is the reason why am I alive

2. This Why Am I Alive quote demonstrates the power of your will. If you have a strong will, you will fight with anything which comes I your way.

Circumstances might break you or even damage your health and mind beyond belief. Even then, getting up every day and facing the world defines your iron willpower and stands as the most crucial factor that you are alive.

What is the reason of my life?
Finding strength every day is the reason why am I alive

3. Reading makes your life meaningful. It is to the mind what exercise is to the body. It enhances creativity and provides numerous gateways to knowledge.

Why am I alive in this world?
I read to learn why am I alive

4. To live your life with your creative juices inflow is the best way to do. You will not be asking yourself the reason to “why am I alive?” anymore if you know you have the ability to create something unique every time.

Creativity gives you the power to discover your hidden talents and bring them in light. For instance, if you accidentally draw something with the purpose of doodling, then you might have an ability for sketching.

This quote among the “Why Am I Alive Quotes” urges you to create, as long you are alive.

Why was i born in this wold?
I create and that is the answer to why am I alive

Inspiring Quotes for Everyone – Why Am I Alive Quotes

5. Being healthy in today’s world is a blessing. If you are enjoying robust health, then you should be thankful that you are alive. Life will become beautiful and enjoyable for you if you are healthy; therefore, live your life the healthy way.

Reading this “Why Am I Alive Quotes” will motivate you to become and stay healthy throughout life.

What was the reason behind my birth?
A healthy life is a reason why am I alive

6. Life is not a bed of roses. There are times when we feel lost and dead from the inside. Situations of these kinds might make us sad and make us cry. But if you have a positive approach towards life, you will not let sadness overwhelm you. Instead, you will find one most significant reason to smile; the fact that you are alive. If you are alive, everything else can be sorted out.

Why am i still alive ?
The fact that I am alive is enough

7. If you have positive thoughts upon waking up, then it is enough to make you feel happy, energized, and stress-free. A positive attitude towards life is the answer to the question of “why am I alive?”. A positive approach makes you find solutions rather than complain and makes you look on the bright side of things.

Why am i still living in this world?
Positive approach towards life is the reason why am I alive

8. An overall optimistic approach to life makes you live most of what life has to offer. A pessimistic attitude welcomes unwanted stress, depression, and anxiety. It makes you ask a question your abilities and develop thoughts like'”why am I alive?”.

Why my life is not ending?
Optimistic thoughts are a reason why am I alive

Why Am I Alive? How to look on the Brighter Side

It is not that you will never encounter severe or unusual circumstances that will make you lose your grip on life. The quest is to find your reason, which will keep you hanging in there. That can be anything; your passion, something which holds your interest or your hobby.

Remember, if you give your reasons to be alive the importance they deserve to get only then, you will live your life clean of depression and anxiety attacks. So, next time, whenever the thought, why am I alive hits you, just fill in the blank with whatever you deem is correct and crucial for you.

FAQs on Why Am I Alive:

Why Am I Alive?

Such absurd thoughts happen to come in your mind when you are taking your life for granted. You should keep in mind that you are here for a purpose and you need to figure out that in order to live a happy life.

Why do you think that why you are alive?

You have such negative thoughts when realizing both your parents really don’t care. They are taking care of you because you were born and they can’t give up on you. You don’t have friends or maybe don’t have people who love you.

Can you tell me a reason to keep living?

Well, life exists for its own sake and not to give us any particular feelings, circumstances, or events. But that doesn’t mean that you have nothing to live on. Go out find a purpose and live your life.

What makes life worth living?

There are many things in everyone’s life that make life worth living such as your family, your country, and your progeny of whom you’re but a custodian, continuing the traditions and preserving the ideals of those who came before you.

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