Is it a Date? The Final Guide with 25+ Signs & Images

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Life gives us numerous situations in which we find ourselves thinking, “Is it a date? As this is a 21st-century dating realm so every question mark or sign has a completely different meaning than its actual sense. Therefore, if a text just says “What are you up to?”, then it leaves us in confusion!

It is hard to decide whether is it a date or just a hangout in his mind these days. Everyone picks up hints along the way and hopes to step on the key that opens the door to less confusion and that is what we will do too.

Is it a Date or Not? – 25 Explicit Signs with Images

1. It is Carefully Planned:

Meeting at a bar for some drinks or going camping together are two different scenarios. Also, one of them takes a huge amount of effort. If you see that the guy has organized the meetup very thoughtfully. then just don’t dwell on the confusion of, “is it a date?” because you are sure it is!

Of course, the notion of qualifying or disqualifying a certain activity as a date is completely subjective.

It can be based on any number of varying factors: budget, time, likes and dislikes, etc. But the teller here is not what you’re doing together; it’s why you’re doing what you’re doing and when you’re doing it.

Therefore, if he plans a camping trip together, then it is likely to be a date as it is an effort to spend some quality time with you.

Is it a romantic meet up?
Is it a date if there is attention to detail in everything

2. He will Never Call You “Hey dude!”:

Is it a date if he calls you “hey dude” or “buddy”? No, it is not. Although many guys just use these words conversationally and they might be having different feelings for you. But the chances are that you might not be his date if he addresses you like this because you are just a general friend to him. 

3. You are the Focus of His Attention:

If you are the center of his attention then it is a date! If he looks at you, talks to you, devours his full attention into you then doesn’t even think” is it a date or not?”, because IT IS!

Men have different ways of making you feel important and loved and one of them is making you the center of their attention. If he is intimately engaged with you in a conversation or making all gestures of love then you are on a date for sure!

Is it a date or a non-date
Is It a Date If He Makes You the Center Of Attention

4. It is a Date When only You Two are There:

If he does not invite you along with his friends or colleagues then don’t keep wondering if is it a date or not because it sure is. If you two are alone and together then it marks a sign that he is interested in you.

5. He Will Be Nicely Dressed Up:

Don’t be confused about whether is it a date or not or if he comes up nicely dressed up. Playing dress-up is not always a women’s specialty but it is also a privilege for men. Therefore, if you see that he is nicely dressed, coiffed hair, and has a spritz of cologne then he is there to impress you.

Men mostly don’t make an effort with their physical appearance so if they do then it is an absolute sign that they are into you and they want you to like them.

6. He will be Flirty Throughout!

Apart from being engaged in a good conversation, he will also flirt along with it. A playful remark, a comment on your clothes or just a sign through his gestures that he is into you all are enough to answer your question of is it a date or not. 

Therefore, check out next time for lingering eye contact or playful smiles. 

6. Touching Game is On:

Is it a date if he didn’t touch you once throughout the whole meeting? because men have a way of making their partners feel loved by touching them affectionately or with some other gesture. 

For instance, if he puts a hand over yours or just brushes your arm in conversation then it is likely to be a date. 

is it a date or just another friendly meeting?
Is It A Date if He touches Me Affectionately

7. He is Chivalrous:

Whoever said that being a gentleman was out of fashion! It is never out of fashion and women love it when guys casually open the car doors for them or give them their jackets on a cold evening walk. 

If he is being courteous with you then don’t get puzzled in the thoughts of is it a date or not, because it is!

8. His Phone Stays in His Pocket:

Is it a date or not if his phone remains in his pocket? The answer to this question is yes it is. Why? because he is giving you all his time and has shut off all other interruptions completely. As I wrote above, You will be his nucleus of attention and therefore, no room for any disturbances.

9. He will be Slightly Nervous:

If the guys slightly freak out on the day of your meet up then the chances are you are on a date. He might do this if you don’t reciprocate that eagerness back or if something planned does not go accordingly. 

If he seems confused about what to say at first then don’t get disoriented about whether is it a date or not because it is. 

10. He Won’t be Keen for a Hookup:

if he’s looking at you in a true, romantic light, he’s not going to press for sex immediately. He’ll take it slow and easy. He would want to know you first; about your personality and your likes or dislikes. 

Sex will eventually come at the end but if he doesn’t push for it then it is a sign that he likes you. Therefore stop going all perplexed with thinking like is it a date or not.

Is it a love call?
Is it A Date if He seems Keen on Hooking Up?

11. He Won’t Talk About Other Women:

It is not a fair warning if he asks you about your perspective on females or dating other women. The point is his way of asking the question will let you know that is it a date or not. 

For instance, if he asks casually then it is not a date. Firstly, he just wants to know your opinion and secondly, he does not know the impact this question will have on you. Therefore, weigh every detail of your meetup before going on a thought-parade of Is it a date? 

12. He Brings a Small Gift:

This does not even require much saying. If he brings you a small gift at your first meet up then it is a date for sure. The gesture of bringing gifts cannot be mistaken for his casual attitude.

It is clear that by bringing a gift, he has made an effort for you to like him. If you are still stuck with “Is it a date?”, then break free from that thought because it is. 

Is it a date like meeting?
Is It A Date if He Brings Flowers for me

13. He Pings Back after The Date:

If he texts you back after the meetup then know that he liked the time spent with you. For instance, if he texts you that he had a wonderful time together and he would want to go out again means that he likes you already and would love to spend more time with you.  

14. He Compliments You:

Admit it or not, it feels the best when a guy compliments you. Therefore, it is not a date if he hasn’t said once about how good you look or stuff like that. Complimenting you means that he is interested in you and checks you out from head to toe in person. 

By doing this he also boosts your self-esteem and lets you know about his romantic intent. So if he does not compliment you, analyze the meetup in your mind again because it might be the other way around.

15. He Introduces You as his “Date”:

Few guys introduce their date to people as “this is my date for tonight”. They might come up with more subtle manners like “this is my friend” , “we are just meeting for drinks” or “we just thought to have dinner”.

Experts say that it is in the entire body language of the guy if he wants to keep meeting you and likes you. His body language is positive and eager and this acts as a sign to decipher what kind of a meet-up that was.

16. He insists on Paying!

It is a date when he insists on paying. Mostly for casual meetups, you will pool in for the food or wherever you go. But if you are hanging between is it a date or not then see if he pays the bill for dinner. If he does so, then kudos to you for getting a good companion for starters!

17. Is it a Date if He Says Thank you at the End?

Yes, it is a date if he says, “thanks for showing up tonight. It was wonderful meeting you. “You see goodbyes are as important as the first impression because they reflect what a person is thinking directly after parting. 

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Therefore, if that thank you text comes up right after you leave for home, then it is a sign that it is a date.

Is it a romantic meet up?
Is it a date if he texts you that he had an amazing time with you

18. He will not Show His Weird Side to You:

If a guy is trying to impress you then he will probably not talk about how much his feet smell, how he never washes his bed sheets – or anything else that would make you run in the opposite direction. Instead, he will talk about all the good things and how he perceives his life and stuff like that.

Therefore, if a guy tells you about him and his friends picking up girls at a bar then it is not a date surely. 

19. His friends will not join you:

If he asks that his friends can join you guys then it is surely not a date. Whereas it is supposed to be about you two, nothing sounds more casual as a hangout with friends. 

In a Bolde article, writer Holly Riordan put it this way: “A date should only involve two people. If he invited his friends, a few cousins, and some strangers off of the street to go bowling with you, then it’s just a casual hangout session. There’s no chance for romance when there are that many people around.

Therefore, no third person is allowed.

20. Conversation Goes Deeper:

It is a must that the conversation will get deeper. Small talk is meant for mere acquaintances and colleagues but not for your date. 

The bottom line is: if he likes you, he’ll want to know everything about you, and nothing you tell him will bore him to death because he’s already interested in you. Therefore if there is no small talk at all, then come out of the bubble of “is it a date?”, because hell yeah it is!

Is it a romantic rendezvous?
Is it a date if the conversation gets deeper?

21. People who Seem “meh” don’t Improve in Person:

It is not a surprise that you will check your profile on Facebook or Instagram before meeting him. If he gives the vibes of an aloof persona then he is going to be too casual in real. Therefore, if he has an attitude of “I don’t care” then it is just your bad choice and a clear message that he is not interested.

On the other hand, if he is warm, charming, and seemingly good-natured then congratulations, it is a date for you!

22. There are NO VIDEO GAMES Involved:

As you know that guys’ favorite hobby is playing video games. So if he invites you over and there is no sign of video games then don’t get muddled up with the thoughts of “is it a date or not”because it is in fact.

23. Your first Date is Never a Party:

Yep, that is right. It is not an intimate scenario if he invites you along with his 200 friends at a party where speakers are about to burst by the volume of the songs. Therefore, if he invites you first time to a dance party then honey its not a date.

24. You Met on an Online Dating App:

If you are hanging out after meeting on something like Tinder, I would certainly hope you consider it a date. The prospect of your meetup turning out to be great or bad depends on the person. If the chemistry between you two is great then it is stupid to waste your time thinking about what sort of the meet-up that was.

25. He uses TDL Strategy:

TDL is an acronym used for time, date, and location. For instance, if a guy says, “Hey Sarah, I remember that you mentioned you’re really into craft beers. There’s a new brewery that opened up recently near your area. I was thinking that we could go on a date on Saturday at 1 pm and take a brewery tour and do a tasting there.”

Congratulations. You are all set to go with your date and there is no question of doubt about it. 

Know that is it a date or a Non-Date?

Non-dates are like dates, only no one does the “asking out,” and the whole thing must always appear casual to the point of seeming like a coincidence. Imagine a date, then remove any modicum of intention and the risk of rejection — there you go, it’s a non-date!

Watch out for these Clues to Detect a Non-date

The following are the clues that you should look for to confirm whether this meeting is a date or a non-date!

  • You make the plans with the whole group and everyone cancels at the last minute, leaving you two to deal with it.
  • The accidental coworker date is because everyone enjoys a drink after work.
  • The after-party non-date- it feels kind of dated but mostly it’s all about getting laid.

The Best Indicator to Know is it a Date or not?

The best indicator to check is it a date or not is clarity. If both the persons are clear in their actions and by their gestures then you will not have difficulty in deciding whether you went on a date or was it just a casual meet up.

Be clear in communicating your message and there will be zero confusion for you and your partner as well. 

FAQS on Is It A Date?

How do you know is it a date?

A date considered when someone asking you for hang out. But sometimes it may confuse you that either it is date or just a hangout. But it can be different by having more hangouts and the addition of something romantic.

Is hanging out with a guy alone a date?

You can say it is a date when a guy spends his time with you or invest his money on you. Time is a very valuable thing and no one invests it unless he has some feelings for you in his heart.

What is a romantic date?

When both persons are agreeing in having more than a date it just indicates a romantic relationship where you can have each other in arms, kiss, or even go beyond that.

How do you know if you are dating?

There are a few indicators to know. Such as they just told you that they want to keep things casual or he introduces you to his family or friends. He has a deep conversation with you about your future life goals.

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