7 Reasons Why Life is So Hard [and What to Do About It!]

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One always thinks at some stage of his life that why life is so hard. At a point when life disintegrates around us and we are left with some messed up pieces of it, life be difficult.

It is actually like a war where we are continually fighting the army that attacks us from every point of our life. What’s more, as this feeling of loss and uneasiness increases, all we need to do is run and shout.

However, here’s what a great many people don’t understand. Sure, Life can be hard here and there. Nobody at any point said it would be simple.

Despite all the troubles life has, one should always remember that these troubles are always worth it.

7 Strong Reasons of Why Life is So Hard

Here are the top seven reasons why life is so hard.

1. Why Life is So Hard – Emotions take a toll on us:

When we study about why life is so hard, we see that emotions are part of our lives. Sadly, mostly when we are making a decision, we look for the emotional reasons to do it.

Keep in mind, the hard emotions apart from everything else can consume you for a lifetime.  

Obviously, life is a struggle when we are essentially in reactionary mode. The emotions make us over-spend, indulge, and over-drink in pretty much anything.

Also, big companies feed on our emotions and play into our psychology in places like gambling clubs where oxygen is supplied into the air and lively hues are utilized to cause you to spend more.

Most advertisements are of an emotional nature, asking us to buy the product by appealing to our emotional needs.


We can certainly restrict our emotions by looking at the original thing behind a product. Always look for a basic reason why someone is selling a product to us and do we really need this product in our lives.

This will clear the air and we would be able to make a sound decision on a logical basis.

2. Why Life is So Hard – We Place our happiness on others:

Life will consistently appear to be hard when we pivot our satisfaction on the others. In answering the question of Why Life is so Hard, Regardless of whether that is our spouse or a friend or another person, happiness isn’t sourced from others, it originates from inside.

Obviously, that is more difficult than one might expect. It is difficult to be happy when one has placed his whole presence around the nearness of another person in his life.

Surprisingly more dreadful, when that individual makes our life increasingly troublesome, it’s difficult to keep our sound mind and thus the happiness turns into sadness.


So how would you free yourself from a circumstance like this? It is difficult if it’s become ongoing conduct. In any case, we need to discover joy from inside. That is the main offspring of happiness.

No individual or cash or thing is going to satisfy us. It just won’t. It may give us adrenaline rush for a couple of days. But, from that point onward, when the inclination dies down, one will need something different.

Instead of just asking ourselves why life is so hard, we need to figure out how to break free and discover genuine happiness throughout everyday life.

3. Why Life is So Hard – Hypocrisy works for us:

If one thinks that he lives by his promise, however, later he backpedals on his promise, either to himself or somebody he knows, at that point he will see that his life is not as good as it could be.

The significant explanation individuals backpedal on their promise is a result of uneasiness. We promise ourselves that we will go to the gym in the new year, yet it’s extremely hard for us.

Truth be told, it’s not hard by any means.

What’s hard are the difficulties we have in our mind about going to the gym. We say that we will accomplish something and afterward we don’t. That is the sign of a hypocritical person.

That is the thing that makes life harder than it should be.


The simple solution of all of this hypocrisy is if we do the things, we said we would do, we would carry on with a lot simpler life.

In this way, we could get rid of some hardness of our lives.

4. Why Life is So Hard – Not Everyone is Good:

Another big reason that makes us ask “why life is so hard” is we think of every person as a good one which is actually not the case every time.

In fact, if we look at this very closely, we would find out that every person is working for himself whether you find him in school, college, or even in your workplace. Everybody wants to win and to win they will try their best to get rid of every obstacle they would find in their way.

Mostly, it happens in the workplace where some ambitious people try their level best to beat others and get a big promotion for themselves. The worst effect of this politics is the new hires and they are slowly crushed so that the seniors would easily make their way.


Do not trust anyone quickly. Try to neutral in your approach and always beware of the fact that people can be dangerous and they can certainly cause harm to you. Also do not be overcritical about the people as well.

This will help you ease up your life.

5. Why Life is So Hard – Finding Long Term Relationships:

Today everyone needs an attractive, lovable, and healthy life partner. These individuals exist yet they are uncommon, which makes them highly sought after and, thus, difficult to get.

We are stuck so much in today’s glamorous lifestyle, that we do not even try to see the real character behind a person. Instead, we go only for looks and lifestyle, which is causing issues in our lives.

This is the primary reason why we keep asking ourselves: Why life is so hard?

When we prioritize superficial beauty instead of true love, later we have to deal with some hard realities of life and thus this makes your life very hard.

The same goes for friends as well. It’s difficult to have best friends who are always there for us in the time of need. As these types of people are not common, one will prefer mostly to spend his time in loneliness.


The only solution to that is we look for the inner character of a human whether we are looking for a long-term relationship or we are looking for qualities of a true friend.

This will ease up our lives and we can live a happy one.

Look for character to avoid answering why life is so hard
Always look for Inner Character while Searching for a Relationship

6. Why Life is So Hard – We Lack Patience:

Patience is the key while we discover the answer to why life is so hard. It is indeed very important to disclose to you that things are hard and they take quite a while.

Nothing is simple. Nothing comes easy. It requires work and exertion.Are you still thinking why life is so hard?

Hard work does not even simply define the time certain things take. Have we at any point seen that image where there are two excavators burrowing, and one just quit before he struck gold or precious stones or whatever?

That is only the manner in which life regularly goes. We buckle down and afterward we surrender, despite the fact that we could have been so close.

Indeed, things can appear to be highly troublesome when we’re continuously hopping starting with one project item then the other.

How can we hope to have any true peace when we accept one opportunity after another, believing that they’ll prove to be fruitful, yet still we surrender too early.


We need to invest years and every bit of our energy to see the general results of our work. Achievement requires significant investment, yet as long as you don’t quit.

Anything including our success is very much possible. That’s how we can reduce some hardships of life.

7. Why Life is So Hard – Our Fears Overcome us:

Fear is an important feeling of everyone’s life and that also has the solution to why life is so hard.

We’re all scared of something. Regardless of whether it’s the dread of being with no money, losing your friends and family, or whatever else so far, every one of us is tormented by fear.

In many cases, we dread things that we realize will be troublesome to us. This is absolutely normal. In any case, how would we defeat something of that kind? Clearly, life is repetitive.

Terrible things occur even to great individuals. Does that make life any simpler to know? Obviously not.


When talking out the solution to resolve question of why life is hard, we have to really liberate ourselves from fear, one needs to acknowledge that there are things that are outside of our control.

In any case, we need to move our core interest. Always keep in mind that like attracts like. In the event that you think of negative thoughts, you will pull in real negative issues.

The power lies in our minds. So, in the event that we keep your contemplation’s clean and have an inspirational point of view, fear won’t overrun your psyche so much.


Living, all by itself, is a struggle for the man of today. If you are not in the top 5% of the minority of men who enjoy the good life, we will battle in all fronts of life, be it money, relationships, Success, and Happiness.

Gone are the days when the normal man had a steady family with little fear of separation and a steady job that one would retire from. Today, why life is so hard is all that a normal man can think about. 

As today’s man, we should either leave the normal behind or carry on life with little in hand. Clearly, this is more difficult than one might expect.

If that turning into a top 5% of men was simple, each one of us would have done it. But the reality of the situation is most men will always be unable to rise above average quality.

So, the answer to why life is so hard is that life is the best teacher and whatever hardships we face here are teaching us something that can make our future better.

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