How to Heal Your Soul? 18 Methods For Spiritual Healing

Depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, anger, self-neglect and mental sickness; all of these are signs of soul that needs healing. Spiritual healing is possible and can reconnect you with the best version of yourself. Learn how to heal your soul. It does take effort to get such toxic feelings out of our soul. Many people simply … Read more

13 Warning Signs of Stupidity

Know someone who seems stupid? In our daily routine, we have to meet people with the symptoms of stupidity. Whether we like stupid people or not, they exist in our lives. We have to deal with them, so let’s look at the warning signs of stupidity So in order to recognize the stupidity of the … Read more

How to Deal With Guilt & Guilt Tripping

Guilt and regrets are part of your life. Somehow you make wrong decisions about life, relationship, money or more. These inappropriate decisions & mistakes become a cause of your guilt & thus you regret. In this guide, I’ll help you in dealing with guilt & spotting guilt trippers as well. I have also laid out … Read more