How to Heal Your Soul? 18 Methods For Spiritual Healing

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Depression, anxiety, negative thoughts, anger, self-neglect and mental sickness; all of these are signs of soul that needs healing. Spiritual healing is possible and can reconnect you with the best version of yourself. Learn how to heal your soul.

It does take effort to get such toxic feelings out of our soul. Many people simply live with the mental scars these bad emotions leave on their soul. How to heal your soul is therefore, an important task worth the undertaking.

This article contains powerful approaches to dealing with depression, anxiety, and other mental chaos. It gives you the tools for spiritual healing by giving you 18 ideas on how to heal your soul and get rid of your soul wounds.

What Is a “Soul Wound” – When Does Your Soul Need Healing

Before we get into the specifics of how to heal your soul, lets take a quick look at what actually constitutes a soul wound.

If you want details on the different type of soul wounds check out our full article: Types of Soul Wounds where we explain all the different types of soul wounds and how you can tell if you need some spiritual healing.

List of Soul Wounds

  • Abandonment
  • Injustice
  • Betrayal
  • Humiliation
  • Self-neglect
  • Inability to be “present”
  • Rejection
  • Negative thoughts
  • Depression
  • Recovery After a Loss
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Recovering From Physical Abuse
  • Anger issues

The soul wounds listed above make life difficult. They make it hard to interact with and trust others. They hold you back from being the best version of yourself.

What is a Soul?

So before we dig into the the specific methods on how to heal your soul, lets take a quick moment to define what a soul is.

Saying you have a soul wound and need to heal it sounds very “new age”. It can be that. But it can be more. This is due to the fact that “soul” means different things to different people.

According to Webster’s Dictionary a soul is, 1.”the immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life. 2 : the spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe.

If you are religious, regardless of the religion, a soul is the immortal part of you that continues on after you die. It is the core of who you are without regard for your physical body.

For an agnostic or an atheist, a soul may also exist. for the agnostic or atheist there might not be a spiritual connection, but your soul will be the core of what makes you, you. You could also call this a core personality.

Regardless of your religious beliefs, if your soul has been wounded, you will want some methods for healing your soul.

9 Steps to Heal Your Soul

The task of healing a soul is as tricky as searching your soul. People who do not search for their soul and do not know how to feed their soul most often do lack in the process of healing it. They only try the traditional approach to alter their feeling that possibly left scars. And these scars become their identity one day.

Fortunately, since you are reading this article, you have an understanding of the power of soul and are willing to take the steps for spiritual healing.

1. Develop the Understanding of Your Soul

It is necessary to cope up with the emotions that diminish the power of your soul. For this, first of all, you need to understand the power and the nature of your soul. The strong soul is full of passion, creativity, positivity and contains a solid connection to the divine.

To identify your soul, it is not essential what religion you follow. In all types, you need to create access to your soul to make life beautiful. If you balk at connecting to the soul as a form of religion connect to something you think of as “higher” – justice, art, science. Whatever higher value you find essential in life.

2. Support Your Energies

Many people are energized by their goals, dreams, and desires. Your soul promotes these energies. In a hard times, these goals, dreams, and desires encourage you to move ahead and provide support to heal your soul.

How to heal your soul- by building inner happiness
how to heal your soul – heal it with inner happiness

3. Believe Your Intuitions

In childhood, we focus on our soul’s need. Unconsciously we try to do the things our soul wants. But over time as we grow, we adopt the personality that others want us to be. We begin to follow the desires of our parents, teachers, friends and spouse.

This is the core of the problem. We stop realizing who we are. LAyer on the soul wounds from mental trauma we may have experienced and we may need spiritual healing to help us heal our souls and find who we want to be.

To heal your spirit, that is necessary to rely on your intuitions, the subtle cues that make you feel satisfied. This satisfaction will help you in recovering all your wounds and scars on your soul.

4. Explore Your Satisfaction

Since we are young we learn how to perform the duties and responsibilities required of us. This duty and responsibility replace our primary goal of satisfaction.

If you want to heal your soul, you must find the things that satisfy you. Learn to practice all those things that give you happiness and peace daily. Try new ideas that boost the passion for your goals. It is the best way to heal your soul when you learn and work for it.

In a following section we will discuss some of the specific methods you may be able to use to find your daily satisfaction.

5. Learn How to Relax

Our lives are busy. We don;t often have time to relax, and our souls feel this. You can heal your soul by managing some quality time for yourself. Do meditations, listen to you your intuition, talk to yourself, ask your actual problem. All you need is to give yourself and proper time to make a strong connection with your soul.

6. Enjoy All Your Feelings

Somehow people deny some of their strong feelings, and they keep on ignoring them. Ultimately these feelings make them feel tired and frustrated. Always remember our senses have a direct connection without soul. If you neglect your inner surface, it means you are neglecting your soul.

This ignorance of your soul weakens your passion, creativity, and imagination. All you need to practice is to pay proper attention to the feelings, accepting and expressing the emotions that make you feel happy and satisfy. It is the way you can heal your soul stronger than before.

7. Feed Your Soul 

Just like we feed our body and brain, our soul needs some stuff that helps it to grow progressively.

See and analyze those acts that help you feel that you’re doing something good. The best way to practice this is to serve others. Make those things possible for others that seem impossible. This unconditional love will help you in restoring your soul in a better way than before.

But do not hope for the return of being kind, loving, and supportive for others. It is itself a reward.

8. Make Deep Connection to a Higher Power

Defining your spirituality is the most vital part of healing your soul. Whatever religion you follow, spirituality makes your relationship with your God or higher power. It is an undeniable fact no one is with God. Even an atheist has this dysfunctional relation, whether they accept it or not.

It is simple to understand everybody has a link with the mind, and that mind has linked with spirit, and this soul creates a connection with the divine. By developing this deep connection with the divine, you can satisfy and heal your soul through believes or whatever you call it.

9. Encourage Positivity

You might have tasted the feeling of being positive and assertive. This feeling comes from the acts of seeing the good in everything wrong and turns all the things as you see them. It is the power of positivity that your soul provides. The vibes and all energies help your brain to turn all the impossible ideas into possible solutions.

15 Practical Methods to Help You Heal Your Soul

In the section above on how to heal your soul. We give some generic steps on how to heal your soul. But there is nothing practical there. They are more generic steps.

In this section, we will detail many specific things you can do for spiritual healing. These are specific practical steps you can do that will help you find peace, positivity, relaxation, understanding and a connection to your soul.

How To Heal Your Soul [Practical Steps]

  • Meditation
  • Self-Hypnosis
  • Energy Healing
  • Relaxing Bath
  • Spend Time In Nature
  • Use Crystals
  • Visualization
  • Enjoy Poetry
  • Say Affirmations
  • Relax and Listen to Music
  • Practice Grounding
  • Take Care of Your Body
  • Own Your Life Story
  • Ask For Assistance

These steps will help you to heal your soul wounds. It won’t happen over night, but these forms of mental and physical self-care will help you to relax and should with time help you find connections to the things that make you feel a higher sense of purpose and satisfaction.

5 More Ways to Heal Your Soul Wounds

Deep understanding and strong connections can help your soul to heal any wound. In time, as you learn the self care methods, you will slowly come to find your satisfaction and define your soul, while healing your pain and decreasing and ultimately eliminating your soul wounds.

1. Accept Your Wounds

Humans are those creations that consist of a proper mechanism that built automatic healing of your mental and physical problems. Somehow, when you keep neglecting your pain or only make temporary solutions, it affects your soul in the form of deep wounds. And most people learn to ignore it instead of accepting it.

In healing your wounds, first, you have to accept what you are going through. It not only helps you in building consciousness even creates an appropriate soul connection.

2. Ignore Your Ego and Fears

Soul wounds can remain with your inner self for an extended period why we do not consider this first to be correct.

Simply, it is because of our fears and ego. Our ego never lets us think to accept that we are suffering from particular anxiety. To heal your inner wounds, you have to learn to beat your ego.

You might have read it somewhere that ego is the enemy of your mind and body. It encourages mental disorder that affects human behavior.

how to heal your soul wounds by giving more power to you soul

3. Do Not Let Your Ego Affect Your Perception

Human perception and intuitions are all those kinds of energies that come to you from your soul. It tells you what you about the fact of your authentic self. Whether you are taking it seriously or not, it constantly comes to you in all cases.

Most of the time, people could not cover from soul wounds and spend their whole life in a painful condition. It is just because they let their ego run their thoughts. And the ideas generated by the ego blur the vision of perception and intuitions.

4. Practice Your True Nature as Human

A human needs to practice the fundamental nature of being human. Stop being a fascinated personality. By carrying the burden of two characters, your soul got tired. The tried soul will never be able to purify itself.

5. Talk About Your Dreams

The best way to rebuild your soul is to talk more about your passion, dream, and things that give you happiness and satisfaction. By practicing this behavior, your soul will automatically feel enthusiastic and rebuild your thought into something unique.

How to Heal Your Soul after Breakup

Loving someone can be the best part of life. It makes you feel like nothing else. But when you leave a person you genuinely love or your soul mate, it not only affects your emotions even left deep wounds on your soul.

It is essential to remove such soul wounds after a breakup. Followings way can help you to heal your soul after the breakup and learn to move on.

1. Accept the Reality

Without any doubt, we can say that people in a relationship make expectations that they could not fulfill. What you need to remember that unconditional love is hard to find. Accept realities will never break your heart and soul when someone left you behind.

2. Forgive and Move On

In all mistakes, regrets, and heartbreak with someone you love you have to learn how to forgive others as well as yourself. Anyone can make mistakes, can make wrong decisions. It may break you from inside and outside, but you should not live in such pain. Learn to forgive your mistakes first because you can be a cause of someone’s soul wounds. The get rid of grudges and resentment toward others.

3. Stop Being Isolated

Most of all, usually, people keep themselves in isolation after the breakup. This action put them in a deep-down place of mind and soul. In this way, they can not manage to heal their soul.

People should act maturely after a breakup. You may go through an emotional phase but moving forward is the best option for healthy emotions and a healthy soul.

how to heal your soul- learn to heal it first

Inspiring Quotes on How to Heal Your Soul

Following are the inspirational quotes that may help you get your soul back to its healthy form;

  1. If you get tired, learn to take a break not to quit.

  2. May every morning bring you happiness. May every sunrise bring you peace.

  3. A soul that knows how to heal itself is the most powerful and brave soul you have.

  4. Always remember, the life in front of you is more impressive than the life behind you.

  5. Stop being so fancy for others. Learn to be fancy for yourself first.

  6. Maybe you cannot find all the good days, but there is something good on all days.

  7. Before helping others, help yourself.

  8. If your dreams don’t scare you, they are too small. Prepare yourself for something big.

A Final Word on Spiritual Healing and How to Heal Your Soul

Many people find it hard to get over their emotional pain, soul wounds, and poor emotional experience. It is painful, primarily when dealing with sudden unexpected loss or the end of a long term meaningful relationship.

We cannot overcome these emotional phases so quickly, but we will learn to heal our souls if we know how to treat our emotional scars.

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