I Suck at Everything – Read These 10 Things & Win Life Again

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“I suck at everything” when we hear someone saying this it sounds like a nagging statement. But so often we encounter some situations in our life that make us think the same: “I suck at everything”.

It is not just a pessimistic approach while looking at real-life scenarios neither it is only about feeling clumsy. The kind of thoughts that make us believe that we are not good enough or we are not how we appear like is known as the “Imposter Syndrome”. 

For some people suffering from such thoughts is a part of everyday life and that’s painful for them. If you are one of those people, chances are that’s what brought you here.  

Why I Suck at Everything.

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I Suck At Everything: 5 Reasons Why

1. You don’t have a Set Goal:

You don’t have a game plan. This means that you have not set a fixed goal. Instead of working on a plan, you want things to work out magically in your favor, and when they not, you start self-loathing. You react to what happens instead of acting to make things happen. 

What to do? 

Nothing is going to come to your rescue. Don’t become a victim of your circumstances. Set your goals and work on them. Plan in advance. 

2. You Don’t Commit:

You cannot dabble on things. Fully committing to something is necessary. If you are fully immersing yourself into something then it means you are giving your 100% to it.

Things that are the fruit of your hard work barely disappoint you when it comes to fulfillment. You cannot invest your energy into everything. Deciding your focus area is necessary. Commitment not only boosts good self-esteem but also maintains a balance between what you want and what you are capable of.  

Remaining committed is the key

What to do? 

Be considerate of your goals. Develop a work ethic and remain committed. 

3. You Fear Failure :

Fearing failure is going to urge you to remain in your comfort zone. It will not let you take any risks. As we all know, growth is where risks lie. If you are not taking bold steps in your life you are hindering your growth.

No one can be successful in just one go. That depends entirely on luck. It is totally up to you whether you want to rely on your luck or take matters in your hands to achieve something in life. 

You fear your failures

What to do?

Go after what scares you the most. Overcome your fears. Know that failure only means you tried once and your that attempt was unsuccessful. But trying, again and again, is the key to accomplishment. 

4. You Don’t Want to Stick to One Thing:

This point pertains to point number two. When you do not stick to something you are not unleashing your full potential of achieving something. You will never be able to employ your capabilities for greater outcomes if you are not focused in one place. Not being focused on one place also means that there is no one fixed goal. 

What to do? 

Be fully aware before starting something new. You need to be sure and fully confident about what you are going to do. Once you have started something, do not become desperate and wait for results.

Often, people have highly motivated at the start of something, and over time that motivation disappears. Your level of commitment is going to decide how motivated you will remain by the end of something.

5. That’s Not Your Passion: 

This pertains to all the aforementioned points. If you haven’t found your passion yet then you cannot fully achieve anything. One can only remain committed and stick to what they find as their passion. 

Finding your passion is most important thing

What to do? 

Explore different things in your life and find out where your heart lies. Think about that one particular thing you always dreamt of doing then pursue it fully. 

I Suck At Everything: 5 Ways To Deal With It

If you believe that you suck at everything then this is self-loathing. We are here to dish out the ways of dealing with such thoughts that urge you to self-loathe. Here are five ways that can be very helpful for you:

1. Try Entertaining a New Thought: 

If you want to live a positive life then you have to start thinking positively. When you will keep telling yourself that you are a suckhole then that’s how it’s going to turn out to be. The mind is a powerful thing. What we manifest, we get.

If you start thinking positively rather than focusing on negative thoughts you will be able to achieve positive outcomes. For example instead of telling yourself that “I suck at everything”, tell yourself that “no matter how hard it is I will still achieve it”. A positive attitude is going to change everything in your life. 

2. Don’t Indulge in Negative Reinforcement: 

If you are in a vulnerable position, do not seek validation from other people about what you think you know about yourself. When you go around looking for people to confirm your self-doubts then you won’t feel any better. You will indulge in self-loathing even more than before.

For example, if you are unsure about the success of your new startup and you seek similar advice from others, people are going to tell you that “yeah it was a bad idea”. This negative reinforcement is not taking you anywhere. Surround yourself with positive people. It is going to help you in a long way. 

When you indulge in negative reinforcement

3. Recognize the Pattern of I Suck at Everything! 

You suck at everything is an epic lie that your mind wants you to believe. It is a constant process of self-loathing. No one can ever suck at everything. There is always a thing or two which you might be good at. It is all about understanding your true self.

Remaining in your comfort zone by giving up immediately, once things get hard is very easy. Whenever you encounter a similar situation, try to recognize your feeling. Self-loathing will not just make you lazy; it will also make you a coward.

Try to find out the origin of such thoughts. Self-discovery is the first step of self- improvement. 

4. Get rid of Useless Things/Thoughts such as I Suck at Everything!

What doesn’t serve you doesn’t need to be consuming your time and energy. Get rid of all the useless things in your life. This doesn’t necessarily mean the utilization of such things but rather the purpose of them. If you waste your energy on purposeless things you are only going to exhaust your energy. Remember that our energies are not infinite. We only have a limited amount of energy. Be considerate about where you invest it. Declutter your mind. 

Get rid of negative thoughts - I suck at everything

5. Follow Your Heart & You Will Never Think “I Suck at Everything”:

The heart never lies. Trust your instincts. There is always a message. Once you start giving weight to your gut feeling, a lot of negativity is going to vanish. Do not give benefit of doubt to things that appear as a danger to you. Believe the sign and refrain from negative, meaningless indulgence. 

I Suck At Everything: What Does it Mean? 

Believing that you suck at everything means that you are unsure about yourself. Nothing you ever did turn out to be the way you wanted it to be. You seek inner validation from outer sources.

Your expectations might be too high (depending on your present condition in life) and you are being hard on yourself. Instead of looking for what satisfies you, you might be looking for what is a ‘normal’ definition of being successful. Maybe you are trying out stuff just for the sake of doing something big or cool rather than for passion.

FAQs on I Suck at Everything:

How do you feel when you suck at everything?

There are days where you feel top of the world and ready to take on everyone. On the flip side, there are days where you don’t feel like getting out of bed because you feel like a fraud. you feel like I don’t even deserve to share my ideas with the world. These are some thoughts when you suck at everything.

Why do I suck at everything?

I am a loser in life too. I wasn’t good at my studies. Never had a straight career path, still don’t. I have no social status among friends and family, hunting for jobs 7 months out of 12, barely making ends meet and I have a whole list to tell.

How do I stop thinking like this?

Well, life is not the bed of roses rather it is the bed of thorns. Not only you everyone in life is struggling to survive it in either way. You should have to look around you and be grateful for what you have.

How do I find the motivation to move on in life?

This phrase will help you to get some motivation, there are WINNERS. Winners don’t win just like that. They win because someone loses, someone like us mates. So next time be with winners.


Remember those self-loathing thoughts are not your inner conscience. Self-loathing can have numerous reasons such as negative past experiences. If you want to overcome this entire process you have to first acknowledge and then follow some of the above-mentioned ways to self-improve.

We often indulge in self-loathing when we set our goals lower to decrease the risk of failure

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