14 Practical Ways For Moving Out For The First Time

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When you decide that you are moving out for the first time, it feels fascinating. It also feels like a responsibility when it’s the first time you are taking such a step. Between the feelings of excitement and commitment, the process can’t be as seamless.

Leaving the comfort zone and going to a new place will be challenging and require a list of complete things.

14 Tips For Moving Out For The First Time:

The good news is that we all have done this at some age in our lifetime, whether it’s moving alone or moving out with roommates.

And in the process, we all have to decide many things on our own, like how we will manage our bills. How will we adjust to new people and new places? What sort of security issues can we face.

Is it a safe place? Are we going to survive on our own? Who will cook the food and who is going to do our laundry. All these questions become a big list before you want to move out.

But as now you have decided to move out and finally want to take your step ahead, so read our essential tips and advice. It will help you in a smooth transition.

14 Moving Tips for People Who Are Moving Out For The First Time
14 Moving Tips for People Who Are Moving Out For The First Time

1. Managing Your Finances – Moving Out For The First Time

It’s the most stressful part of moving out and managing your finances for the first time. Some of us will think that’s easy to manage while doing jobs, and some have student loans.

But it’s worrisome and stressful at the same time to bring the home you left behind. It will have the food you love to eat in your fridge, the electricity bills. The internet you use to work and have fun. From monthly home rent to managing your friends alone is a big task.

So first, you should have your budget plan. For this, you have to make a list of expenses that will minus your total income. As a rule, you should consider that your rent should not exceed 30% of your income.

So suppose you have a total income of $1000 per month, and if your rent is around $300 or less, then it’s OK. Otherwise, you will find yourself feeling stretched between the income and expenses.

If the above situation is ideal at 30$ rent on income, we will move further with your utility costs. The utilities will depend on which area you select to live in and, most important, what’s included in rent. Will your rent be covering the electricity, gas, and internet, then it’s a fair trade for you.

But it will always be better to research on your part that how much the gas and electricity will cost in separate.

And after what’s left you will spend it on the other essentials like food and transportation. You will also need to plan for your home furnishings as its a major one time cost.

But don’t get frustrated by this step as it’s a part of the succession plan. Otherwise, you will be stuck in a bad financial situation.

2. Decide Whether You Can Afford To Live Alone

If you decide to live with a roommate, it’s a good idea to save some expenses, and you can share it. It’s also useful to share the living space and have company as it’s your first time living alone.

But the reality is that not everyone can manage to live with a roommate. You have to see the pros and cons of living with a partner.

There are many ways to look for a roommate. If you decide to look for a partner online who is in the same position as yours, you can hunt the apartment together.

The other option is to look for an apartment where they already have a tenant. Either way, it’s better to check before so you don’t have to live with someone with you who doesn’t get along with.

And if you have decided to live alone, then make sure that you can afford it.

Decide whether you can afford to live alone
Decide whether you can afford to live alone.

3. How You Will Manage The Basic Tasks – Moving Out For The First Time

When you decide to move out, it is easy to blame your parents for not teaching you the basic tasks. Some of the tasks are laundry and cooking food, but it’s frustrating to know that you cannot manage.

You can learn this stuff but have to spend some time on it. You don’t need to be a master in all the tasks, but at least you can do all by yourself.

4. Figure Out Moving Plan

Before you decide to move on and live alone, you have to do all process practical. It’s that you have made your move and do the real world, let alone is stressful.

So it’s suggested that you make your plan and have some time to think. Some of the tasks you have to do.

  • Decide whether you want to hire movers or need a truck for all the loads. The chances are if it’s your first time moving, then your stuff will not be that enough, and you can manage it alone. But if you plan to hire movers, then get it done from professionals in your area.

  • You can calculate how many boxes and packing supplies you will need.

  • Organize your stuff. As you’ve lived in your house for many years and there will be much stuff you can get rid of. Check your drawers and pull the items you don’t need or want. Then get rid of the things you don’t need and give them away.

  • Pack your belongings. The packing is a hectic process, so give yourself a good time to plan this. Take more time to pack the delicate things and label your boxes, so it’s easy to unpack. You can also read about how to pack.

5. Prepare Yourself And Expect Lower When Viewing Places

When you check the places, you will have an image of what your ideal place be like. But in reality, it will not be a perfect place.

In the end, you will find a place which will be in your budget and that matters the most.

6. Be Sure To Ask Plenty Of Questions – Moving Out For The First Time

You have to open up all the drawers and cupboards. Check the water system is all well, and if the electricity is separate and how they pay bills after you move in.

And make sure to check if there are any restrictions because it’s better to check before.

7. Buy The Essentials As You Plan To Move

So as you plan to move out and your decision is final, start buying things like kitchenware and linen. These things are expensive, and you can start to buy them weekly.

It will burden you less if you have planned before and buying before.

8. Don’t Buy Everything Before – Moving Out For The First Time

Consider it as your investment if you plan to buy furniture like a bed frame or even a smart table. You can use all this stuff for a long time, so it’s better to buy good quality.

Don't Buy Everything Before
Don’t Buy Everything Before

9. Pack In A Smart Way – Moving Out For The First Time

What you can do to save your time and energy is to label your containers and boxes. It will help you figure out what’s inside each pack and save you a lot of time.

10. Pack A Suitcase That You Are Going To Need As Soon As You Reach

Put your medicines, documents, and all other important stuff in a suitcase. You will know that this stuff is important and you will need them after reaching.

11. Take A Note Of Every Problem While Moving

If you are facing any issues while moving, then taking notes. Write down the problem you faced after you move. It’s better to take pictures, so you have proof that you do not make any destruction.

Take A Note Of Every Problem While Moving
Take A Note Of Every Problem While Moving

12. Build Relationship In Your Neighbor And Community

Moving to a new place can be lonely for some, especially when it’s your first time, and you are feeling low. But if you try to become a part of the local community and make relations with a neighbor, you will feel at home.

13. Learn To Cook Simple Dishes When You’re Tired

This is a simple process where you can cook some dishes at home. It will not only save your money from costly takeout but also save your stomach from unhealthy food.

14. Buy Groceries You Will Use In One Week – Moving Out For The First Time

Make sure only to buy the groceries for the week; fresh products do not last very long. Don’t fall for the sale and be smart.


In the end, keep in mind that moving out for the first time is an emotional task. It will twist you between excitement and massive joy and can give deep anxiety.

It feels good that you will be independent, but you come to know that you are missing something after a while. That amount of guidance in every little step and care will be a great miss. And moving out from the parent’s house is not as easy as it looks.

But many of us will go through this process, and there is no assurance of what life will teach us.

Some of us will have a bright life, and some of us will learn about life. The steps discussed in this article will help us with a smooth transition.

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