Unethical Life Pro Tips – Devil’s Ultimate Guide

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We all love useful life hacks, which are ethical too. But there is a dank and comic side to Unethical life pro tips. We can all agree to the usefulness of life hacks.

Life hacks offer us valuable insight into new hidden features that help us improve our quality of life. Based on the discoveries of other people who had unusual ways of approaching life.

Usually, I am not amazed by the likes of hacks, which tell us that we can use a towel hanger to dry meat. I appreciate the hacks, which help me save time, spend less, and make my life easy.

There is always a fine line between ethical and unethical life pro tips, which is up to you. Anything that deprives someone of their right to something is unethical).

10 Unethical Life Pro Tips – Devil’s Ultimate Guide

 So if you are intrigued about the devil’s ultimate guide, then read-on to these funny and unethical ways (reader’s discretion advised). I hope these will cheer you up.

1. Transport Your Luggage For Free

Do you want free transportation of luggage? If yes, then unethical life pro tips have got you covered.

All you have to do is to put your items into a suitcase, find a bus to that city and place the bag in the baggage trunk. They only check the ticket while boarding the bus. Your friend has to be there to collect the luggage when the bus arrives.

Transport your luggage for free - Unethical life pro tips
Transport your luggage for free with unethical life pro tips.

2. Escape From The Boring Meeting – Unethical Life Pro Tip

Have you ever been in a meeting which is boring as hell? If yes, then unethical life pro tips have brought an escape idea for you. If your meeting is getting too dull, get up suddenly and walk out of the room while strangely staring at your phone.

They will never stop you from going out and exiting like that. You will have the time to think about an excuse before you are asked. Your justification should be flimsy. Just make sure it’s believable.

You might not want to declare your granny dead because it won’t stick and its third-grader excuse.

Escape smartly from a boring meeting with unethical life pro tips.
Escape from a boring meeting

3. How To Shorten The Stay Of Your In-Laws

I am sure we all love our spouses, but in-laws are different. Nobody wants to have two pairs of judging eyes around them.  Unethical life pro tips are here to help.

When buying home furniture for guests to sit in, buy something a little uncomfortable, which is not suitable for prolonged sittings. They would want to leave sooner than later. If you are at a get-together and partying, try removing chairs one by one until they are forced to stand up and eventually leave.

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How to manage your in-laws effectively - unethical life pro tips
Manage your in-laws

4. How To Get Free Books:

If you are in a university program and books are expensive, then here is the tip. Ask your professor how to drop the class at the start of the semester.

If they ask for a reason, tell them you cannot afford Textbooks/Study materials, and they will give you one.

5. How To Avoid Guilt For Less Money

Have you scratched someone’s car by accident and feel guilty? On your way to Walmart or in the parking lot? If yes, then write a shady note in shaky handwriting telling you are a 5-year-old and fell off your bike. Then leave $5 saying that’s all you got.

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6. How To Draw In Customers – Unethical Life Pro Tips

Our next unethical life pro tip is obviously for brick and mortar restaurant business. It’s hilarious, and your cheeks might hurt at some point. If you are a new restaurant manager and your joint is not filled with customers, then buckle up. You are in for a treat.

All you have to do is make a fake tinder profile upload a stunningly beautiful picture of a hot person. Start swipe right on everybody you see appearing in your app.

Inevitably, you will get some matches and upon scheduling a date, ask them to meet at your restaurant. When the time comes, you tell them to order something expensive and then do not show up. Tell them you ran into your old aunt, who needed a ride to the hospital.

They will have to pay for both of you guys’ meals. Rinse and repeat, guys. And do not forget to change the picture every other week to keep things lit. It’s highly unethical, but hey, sex sells. And it’s hilarious.

7. How To Trick Your Boss

Have you tried asking for leave and the boss won’t give in?? Well, if he would give you leave just like that, then probably he is not an efficient boss at all. What to do? Here our unethical life pro tip comes in.

Winter is just around the corner, and hey, If COVID-19 is making cash rain on pharmaceuticals, then let’s get it cracking for you too. Now everybody is conscious about having any flu or runny nose.  Boo-ya, you found a person sneezing and coughing in your organization, then it’s the moment to seize this opportunity.

All you have to do is call your boss and tell them you are not feeling well, and there is shortness of breath or nasal congestion. Not letting everybody get that cold boss will surely be letting you off for a day or two. Of course, you will probably need to use some of your PTO.

Please don’t put any selfies on any social media with your buddies while you are on your fake vacation hanging out. Many people cannot figure out what to do with this newly found time-off of your hectic routine.

trick your boss - unethical life pro tips
Trick your boss

8. Cash In Your Accidents

Most of us all are not satisfied with the pay from the job. Shit happens to anyone, and accidents are an opportune moment where you can get money from insurance companies. Most of the insurance companies pay for the expensive things which break or sabotaged during an accident.

Based on that theory, this unethical life pro tip is that you keep a broken Led tv or flat screen, a stereo system. Or other items within your car all the time (psst! things must be delicate and breakable with any sudden jerk).

If you get into a car accident, you can claim the broken item on you in your insurance and get higher compensation.

Since these things are already broken, and you might have found them at the junkyards or side of the roads, there is the least concern that someone would break into your car and steals them.

But before you go on this hack, make sure your insurance covers these kinds of damages; otherwise, the whole effort is in vain.

Cash in your car accidents

9. How To Get Free Perks At Your Hotel Stay

Frequent traveler, eh? All the good quality hotels quickly offer compensation for any discomfort caused by their establishment on your stay. So the trick is to bring a dead lizard (not sure how would you manage that, I can only imagine). Now lay it down under the dining table.

If you are a freak like me, then you would go pro all the way to put it under the table cloth or in the bathtub. Now call the front desk that it smells bad here, and there is a dead reptile in your room in a complaining way.

Most hotel managers would be amazed and will change your room or at least give an extra perk for the inconvenience. And if you are staying with your partner, ask them not to Instagram it while speaking to the front desk.

This would make them rally for sure. And if you know someone who can arrange dead lizards like in a few hours, I do not want to know about him.

Lizard saves the day - Unethical life pro tips
How to save the day – Lizard works

10. How To Overstay At The Hotel- Unethical Life Pro Tip

We all can relate to sleeping in late. Everybody knows the struggle of checking out of the guest house on time; what a bitch!

This is # 1 in our unethical life pro tips.

Well, do not try to rush guys; book an extra night at the hotel. Then your checkout will be prolonged to the next day. Then, call them back after you have left and cancel the extra night entirely.

Usually, hotel managers know better to retain the customer by not making it an inconvenient stay. They would not charge you for the night you never spend, so they would probably waive off any applicable charges.

Final Thoughts:

So, if you have enjoyed these unethical life pro tips, then you might be interested in some more. Do keep in mind that these have been shared on an informational basis; we do not urge you to try them. Please share and let us know in the comments.

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