How To Save Yourself From A Dead-End Job

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When thinking about our job we often think about our job security. After all, the reasoning goes, your job might suck, but you are comfortable and employed, so the job can’t be THAT bad.

Job security is all well-and-good but it is important to sometimes consider where you might be in five years. If the answer is “exactly the same place” or some reasonable proximity of the same place, then you might be in a dead-end job.

Do you picture yourself sitting at the same spot, working for the same manager? Or doing repetitive work that anyone could do with a few hours of training. If that type of dead-end-job satisfies you, then good luck to you. But most of us would like at least some growth in our professional careers.

 3 Step Guide To Save Yourself From A Dead-End Job

To make sure you are on the right path to grow and avoid jobs with no future, it is important to understand the signs of a dead-end job so that you can compare your own employment. To help you compare your job we have compiled these three signs of dead-end jobs.

1. You Need A Big Event To Showcase Your Skills To Ask For A Promotion:

If you are already in your dream job and things are working pretty fine for you being in charge of a department, working towards a senior position with more responsibilities, then it’s fine.

You have to make sure that you have the opportunities needed to reach those goals and potential for growth. If you are unsure of those opportunities with that employer, then you might be in a dead-end job. Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.

To clear the grey area that you might be in a dead-end job, look to your seniors and their time with the organization. For example, if your boss has been in this position for the last five years and his boss has been in her job for seven years, then they seem very happy in their seats.

They are not going anywhere unless something more interesting shakes them up. Only heaven knows when that happening is, and there is no sign of it at all.

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Time is what
Time is what we want most, but what we use worst

Your Next Steps – Save Yourself From A Dead-End Job:

If you work for a big organization that’s open to horizontal shifts, you may move to another division if there is more opportunity for growth.

Don’t give up winners never quit and quitters never win. If you can’t move to another department or another position with more growth potential. Try asking for more responsibility or a title change.

Distance between Manager to CEO is about wits, not hard works. Work your way around and identify any needs of the company and tackle them. This may get you a new seniority level, which was not there before. 

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Smart people make their own map
Smart people make their own map

 2. Your Work Hasn’t Evolved:

As you have gained experience in your current post, you should be able to take more charge. As you fulfill your responsibilities, you should start exploring opportunities to move up the ladder in more Official ways i.e. Promotions with a new title and higher pay.

So if the picture won’t change and you are still doing that monkey job for the past two years then it’s plain to see that you are not getting a promotion at all.

Without finding time to improve your skills, even if you did get the chance at a senior post, you may not have the marketable skills to get it. In other words with the absence of new opportunities, your career is at a halt.

Your Next Steps To Make Progress:

Don’t be shy about asking for more responsibilities. For example, If you see your subordinates need training, then volunteering to develop alone will put you in the spotlight. And if you find the organization’s social media presence behind, ask it if you can manage it as a pro-bono.

If you take on new challenges and fulfill them, then you shall get an appraisal for being an all-rounder and a valuable asset to their organization. But remember, nobody likes jack of all trades and master of none.

If your job is still the same, then it’s time to look for a better opportunity elsewhere.

Not everyone can face the fact that they are in a dead-end job, especially when you have to find another which is a frustrating job in itself. But staying put is not a good alternative.

If your job is not satisfying, then be smart and chase your dreams. Smart people make their own maps, pave their own roads to success.

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Distance between manager to ceo
Distance between Manager to CEO

3. An Opportunity Comes, But You Would Not Take It:

If you are offered a new role but you are already satisfied with the previous one then you would not want the new responsibilities. Because you are delighted and your future career goals are well met, so you do not consider moving up the ladder.

Let’s suppose you are a manager who is good and fair with his subordinates and is content with it now, but you cannot foresee yourself doing this for the coming five years.

Eventually, you would like to move into another field. So if you were offered a higher pay with fringe benefits and high maintenance clientele as a senior manager, you would not be ecstatic about that.

Or truth be told, you do not like more responsibility and going the extra mile for the clients and give up your social life. So you don’t consider it because you lack motivation

OK, so you’re probably thinking, why don’t I take a promotion offer? But consider this, depending on your current level of satisfaction and your future career goals, you may not want to move up the ladder in the same organization.

Or, maybe you are easy going and do not care much about your organization’s goals. Whatever is your reason, if you do not want to take that opportunity, then it’s a red flag for you.

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Steps To Get Motivated:

It’s time to rethink your career ambitions. Does this job give you a purpose in life? Why are you spending time in a career you are not excited to get ahead and make it to the top level where the actual game is?

You may be satisfied with finances, job security, or skills, but you may want to look somewhere else to grow unless you plan to stay here for a lifetime.

 So look around more, compare your options. Even if you’re not ready to jump the boat, take some baby steps. Arrange some casual interviews with contacts in other organizations or in other roles.

Take training in a discipline you like. Look into some other people’s profiles, find out how they are doing, and what steps they take. You might be surprised at what you’d find. Which could motivate you to find new horizons and lit a new spark to do more.

Winners never quit
Winners never quit and quitters never win


 In order to save yourself from jeopardizing your career in a dead-end job, you need to take all these measurements yourself. no one would take them for you. You are the sole responsible party for your own life. Make use of the time you got. Change the situation yourself.

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