How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself (13 Key Methods)

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Awful things occur. Unfortunately, this is an unavoidable truth. When something terrible occurs in our lives, it is natural to fall into a negative feeling of frustration.

But frustration is a negative emotion. It only hurts us and keeps us from making the proper decisions that will actually improve our lives. Frustration often leaves us stuck in a negative rut in life, which can lead to even more frustration, It is a vicious circle.

If you want to improve your life, it is important to take steps that actually will improve your circumstances. In this post, we will share thirteen different approaches that will help relieve your frustration in a positive manner where you can subsequently learn and grow.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself – 13 Pivotal Approaches

It is our own fault when we let frustration make us feel out of place, angry, or dejected. We cannot control the things that hurt us but we can control our reaction to these negative moments in our lives.

Here are the most ideal approaches to quit feeling frustrated about yourself and figure out how to proceed onward with life.

1. Find Your Gratitude

When you feel frustrated by life it can be hard to feel gratitude for the blessings in your life. But that is when you need to feel gratitude the most.

Numerous studies in positive psychology show that having an attitude of gratitude is the number one indicator of life satisfaction and happiness.

When life feels like it’s overloading you more than usual, rather than getting frustrated, depressed, or angry take a few moments out of your life to think hard about all the things in your life that are positive. Your health, family, and having a job, caring relatives. Even if these things are sometimes a source of frustration they are hopefully a net positive when you think hard about how they can positively impact your life.

The most practical way to bring more gratitude into your life is to start a gratitude journal, where you try to list (every single day) three good things in your life you are grateful for.

By doing a gratitude journal you will be surprised how much this decreases your feelings of frustration and helps you stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Discover The Benefits of Gratitude

2. Work Selflessly:

Another lesson of positive psychology is that our own problems are often relieved when we make an effort to help others. By working selflessly, volunteering your time, doing random acts of kindness, or simply trying to make a positive difference in the lives of others we can actually relieve our own frustration.

Making this positive effort to work selflessly will help you to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

3. Never Compare Yourself with Others:

Want to stop feeling sorry for yourself? Then stop trying to compare yourself with other people.

I am sure you have heard the old adage, “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” This old phrase has lasted for so long because it is true. You may be jealous of what other people seem to have, but you do not know what they are going through. Also, you may not realize how many people are also jealous of you and what you have. (and may ignore)

So, if you want to stop feeling sorry for yourself, you need to only compare yourself to yourself. Stop being jealous of what you believe other people have and learn to be happy with the things you do have in life.

4. Embrace your Feelings:

Intellectually resilient people permit themselves to encounter feelings like pain, frustration, and sadness head-on. They don’t divert themselves from uncomfortable feelings. They address their issues. They take action with the intention of making things better.

The smart thing to do if you want to stop feeling sorry for yourself is to realize that the most ideal approach to managing inconvenience is to simply work to get past it.

5. Focus on Positivity

When things go wrong in your life it is easy to focus on the negative. But when you dwell on negative thoughts it can send you into a spiral of negative thinking it can be hard to break free from.

When trying to focus on positivity it is important to take a hard look at the people you surround yourself with. Jim Rohn famously stated that “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” Meaning that if you spend time with negative people you will also become more inclined to be negative, but if you try to spend time with optimistic and positive people you will become more positive.

So, if you want to stop feeling sorry for yourself, it may be important to take a hard look at your friends and coworkers. If they embrace negativity, you might want to spend a bit less time around them and more time around positive people.

6. Know your Worth

You have value and worth. If people are putting you down it is important to stand up for yourself, or at least not let the negativity of others personally affect you.

If you let the opinions of others bother you and make you feel sorry for yourself, you may want to take some action to improve your confidence.

Here are some articles that may help you build your confidence and self-worth, which will in turn help you to stop feeling sorry for yourself.

7. Develop Fortitude to Get Through Tough Times

There is one thing you can depend on in life, it’s irregularity. There will always be good times and bad times. No amount of effort can make your life a constant a progression of good times. Life will always present obstacles and hinderances. You need to stop feeling sorry for yourself and deal with these setbacks.

Difficulties come and become hindrances. Opening the chance to turn them into triumphs.

The one common factor is you, and how you manage all the change. People who develop fortitude can endure any hardship.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Want to stop feeling sorry for yourself? The most noteworthy victories have come when when you struggle to overcome major challenges.

8. Shape your Future:

Oour modern world is full of distractions. Interruptions and disturbances can work on your last nerve. Making it hard to focus and concentrate.

You should set aside some “me time” to rest and restore.

Perhaps try to put aside one day a month to totally unplug everything. That implies no email, music, TV, or interruptions by friends or family.

During this down time you should take a long term view of your future, Make some plans and perhaps even shape how you want to change your life.

9. Self Pity Ruins Lives:

Paying attention to yourself as well, and thinking that it’s hard to chuckle at your dilemmas and thrashings is an indication of self-indulgence.

Self-centeredness is so addictive in light of the fact that it gives us the flitting delight of being upheld, thought about, and sincerely spoiled. This is a risky, profoundly maladaptive method for creating enthusiastic bonds and associations with others.

Self-centeredness is one of the best methods for keeping yourself isolated and autonomous from the companions, family, and individuals around you.

How to stop feeling sorry for yourself? A few people embrace current circumstances, others later on, and still others previously. Self-indulgence is inseparably connected to past-concentrated attitudes that harp on past occasions.

10. Stop Limiting Yourself and Feel fully Alive:

Time and again individuals confine themselves by not being certain about their prosperity.

I know numerous incredible people with immense potential who simply don’t attempt new things since they dread disappointment, who don’t feel good in their own skin, and accordingly don’t move toward new individuals or make some noise.

That is a horrendous method of life. Since we’re all similarly skilled and it’s each persons decision to make best form of their life.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you quit restricting yourself, enormous changes will begin occurring in each part of your life immediately.

11. Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself – Social Media Detox:

There’s no denying that web-based social networking has become a tremendous piece of present-day life. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter assist us with remaining associated with friends and family, getting up to speed with news, and finding both excellent goals and motivating individuals.

You may want to decrease the amount of time spent on social media. ou may find that going through an excessive amount of time looking through different feeds can leave you feeling on edge, depleted, or disappointed.

So how would you know whether you’re needing a web-based life detox?

Is it adversely affecting your psychological health?

What about your efficiency and inventiveness?

Is it taking time away from things that fulfill your life? If any of these ring true you might want to takw

How to stop feeling sorry for yourself? Note that there’s nothing naturally amiss with investing energy in online life, as indicated by Price. The pivotal approach is to utilize it with reason and aim.

 In the event that, upon reflection, you’re ready to distinguish any negative impacts that the applications have had on your life, at that point, it’s the ideal opportunity for an internet-based life break.

12. Human Nature Survival Instinct:

Boldness resembles a muscle. I know from my own life that the more I practice it the more common it becomes to not let my feelings rule me.

Numerous individuals deny their battles and disguise their passionate delicacy for dread that it would make them look feeble and weak. Thus, all the enthusiastic weights heap up inevitably leads to self-centeredness and wretchedness.

Possessing our story can be hard but not so troublesome as spending our lives running from it.

How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself? Denying excruciating encounters won’t delete them from your life.

Permit yourself to feel the agony and lament in the event that you should. It is a piece of being a human.

Resilient individuals perceive excruciating encounters in their lives yet they don’t flee from them. They face them courageously despite the fact that this may hurt their inner self.

13. Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself – Build Mental Strength:

A typical idea is that the nonappearance of a psychological well-being issue implies that an individual is intellectually fit and genuinely well. However, that is a risky misguided judgment. An individual can absolutely encounter times of pressure, uneasiness, misery, or nervousness without fundamentally meeting rules for an emotional well-being issue.

Mental wellbeing is a procedure, and simply like physical wellbeing, it’s a progressing procedure to keep up mental and enthusiastic health.

Obviously, trying or upsetting occasions can be a definitive trial of mental wellness.

Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself
Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself

How to stop feeling sorry for yourself? At the point when we are winded by a significant life occasion, having the option to recuperate rapidly requires critical mental quality and mental flexibility.

The advantages of being intellectually fit methods we can utilize our psychological capacities to our fullest degree, permitting us to be increasingly imaginative, and benefit as much as possible.

Final Words

Numerous individuals will keep feeling frustrated about themselves since they don’t get what they need or need. They can’t take obligations regarding the decisions they have made in their lives.

Therefore, they are hindered to investigate their potential outcomes and develop into a superior individual.

Share your interesting and rich approach to “How to Stop Feeling Sorry for Yourself ” with us in a comment section.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Is it okay to feel sorry for yourself?

Yes, it is OKAY TO FEEL SORRY FOR YOURSELF. Simply set a deadline and then take some action to start feeling good about yourself instead of feeling sorry.

How do I get rid of Self Pity?

The easiest way to get rid of self-pity is to positively change your identity. Once you have an empowered identity for yourself, you will get rid of self-pity for your lifetime.

How do I stop having a Pity Party?

Simply change your identity & self-image. Know that you are above such toxic behaviors and then start taking action incongruence with your empowered identity.

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