Funny Things To Do In A Walmart To Have a Great Time

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Think Walmart’s are dull and boring? Well, guess what? You can have a good time at Walmart, too. How about a bit of fun in a Walmart? You can do numerous funny things in a Walmart. Let’s find out more.

Walmart is a store in America that sells just about anything to anyone. Walmart has affordable prices and a wide range of different products they have according to their people’s basic needs.

19 Funny Thing To Do In A Walmart

You are getting bored from your life and daily routine? Do you quickly lose interest in what’s going on? Maybe you want to have some fun in your life. Here is the best idea to have some fun you can go outside or to a Walmart.

There are several funny things to do in a Walmart. In this guide, we provide you some unique ideas to have some fun in a Walmart.

1. Play With Automatic Doors:

In all large stores in America, they use automatic doors. To have fun in Walmart, you can plan with the automatic doors.

When you come closer to the door, it will be open for you, but at the same, you go back, and when the door is about to close, you can go again. In this way, you can play with automatic doors in a Walmart.

2. Show Weird Behavior:

When you go to a Walmart, do some funny and weird act. Like if somebody asks for help from you, start crying loudly and shout like why people didn’t leave me alone?

Ask help from them to show like you are a sane person. But after doing all this, you should apologize to that person and speak the truth that you are doing a prank with him.

A girl with a crockery on her head showing funny things to do in a Walmart

3. Hide In Clothing Rack:

There are numerous ideas of funny things to do in a Walmart. 

Like you can hide in this clothing rack, and whenever a person comes closer to the stand to try some clothing, you can shout out, that buy me, please purchase or try me, please.

In this way, you can have fun in a Walmart and make pranks with other people.

4. Walk With An Empty Book:

You can do another funny thing, like purchasing an empty book and going into Walmart with that blank book. Say to people that it is a guest book, please sign the book.

But after doing all this, tell them that it’s a prank. It will amuse the other people in the mart as well.

5. Walk Around with Stickers:

Walk around with stickers that say radioactive and put them on the food corner randomly.

6. Fake Checks:

You can have fun by purchasing some fake checkbooks, going into Walmart, and signing those checks on behalf of your neighbors.

And then distribute them to the customers of the store as a lucky prize. That’s the craziest thing you can do in Walmart.

7. I Am Batman:

Funny things you can do in a Walmart like you wrap a blanket around your shoulder and run fast in the Walmart and shout out that I am a batman I can fly everywhere.

This act will help to amuse other people, and you can create a funny movement in Walmart.

8. False Advertisement:

You can do funny things in Walmart by spreading false news or rumors about Walmart, like they sell a lot of products with poor quality.

Tell the people that you purchase something from there and it has many issues, so you are going to sue Walmart for false advertising and poor-quality products.

9. Get Items As Much As You Can:

To act funny in a mart you can pick different items from the store and put them into your trolley.

Put as many products in your trolley as you can, and then go to the bill counter.

When the cashier rings the bell to make a bill for your items, ask him that you want to buy chew gum for yourself, pay the bill for bubble and return all other items.

10. Welcome To Walmart:

If you tired up from all of your daily routines, just go to a Walmart, and stand up on the entrance gate with the greeter.

Whenever somebody is coming in Walmart, say “welcome to Walmart” before the greeter saying. 

Hence in this way, you can have some fun with the people in Walmart.

A girl image paint her hands like a face and put them on her face elaborate some Funny Thing To Do In A Walmart

11. Hide And Seek:

If you want to have some extraordinary fun in Walmart just pick up your friends from their places and go to the Walmart with them.

On reaching there, play hide and seek with your friends by using different items if Walmart. By doing this, you will have more fun.

12. Fight With Stuff Animals:

Whenever you go shopping in Walmart and want to make some fun there, you can fight with the stuffed toys.

Just pick up a pillow from there and throw it to the stuffed toy you want to have fun with. It can be a joyful act for you.

13. Play With Alarm Clock:

A perfect idea of having fun in Walmart is playing the alarm clocks. Set all the clocks on alarm after every 10 minutes interval and run away from the store.

This is the funniest thing ever you can do in Walmart.

14. Put The Items On Wrong Place:

While doing the shopping, you can have fun by placing different goods in different places.

You can take a pack of biscuits and take them to the bathing section and place them on a rack, same as you can take some bottles of shampoo and put them into the freezer of soft drinks.

These kinds of activities will refresh your mind and also become a source of other people’s smiles.

15. Talk In A Bad Accent:

You can have fun in a Walmart by talking to someone weirdly. If somebody talks to you, answer him in a bad accent or in a language that you cannot speak well.

Sometimes, it seems funny when you usually speak wrong sentences to someone in a language that you are not familiar.

16. Look Astonish:

There are some other funny things to do in a Walmart. When you entered a Walmart, you should look wholly astonished and pretend like you are entering the first time in your life from automatic doors.

Or behave like you are a dumb person and never go to a mall like this Walmart.

Express some funny actions and behave like an uncivilized and uneducated person. It will be beneficial to create fun in Walmart.

17. Try Pair Of Gloves In Fitting Room:

You can have fun in a Walmart by taking a pair of gloves with you and ask the Walmart boy that you want to try those pair of gloves in a trial room.

Then go to the trial room and try those gloves and come back say to the shopkeeper that you can’t purchase these because these are a little bit loose and a walkout from the store.

18. Ask People About Their Gender:

The most hilarious thing you can do in a Walmart is by asking people about their gender.

Be Happy is written on a wall describing everyone should be happy in any situation or there are several Funny Thing To Do In A Walmart that's makes you happy

Whenever somebody entered in Walmart, go to that person, say greetings, and then ask what gender you have. This will make some people confuse or make someone happy as well.

19. Page Yourself:

Another funny thing you can do is go to the checkout queue and page yourself and then go back to the mart. After some time, come back again and said to the other person that you were paged here.

Do this task again and again until the management kick you out of Walmart.


There are numerous funny things you can do in a Walmart just be confident and keep yourself and other people happy.

Your small act can help to smile on others, but if you did something wrong or annoying to anybody, don’t hesitate to say sorry.

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