When a Girl Calls You a Dude! – 4 Reasons & 7 Tips for Men with Images

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When a girl calls you a dude then this can become a real concern for you if you’re into her. You want to read between the lines to make sure what does it mean to be called a dude. Being called a dude by the girl you like can indicate numerous things about her feelings for you.

We often call other people with different names. Sometimes giving someone a pet name means you want to feel closer to someone. Sometimes we call names to pick on or push away someone. It can be merely a friendly gesture, too, especially if you guys are frank enough with each other and like teasing.

Calling you a dude may mean teasing you - When a girl calls you a dude

Men often use “Dude” for other men. However, this is a gender-less term, and you need not be surprised if someone of the opposite gender calls you a dude.

Before looking into what does it means when a girl calls you a dude, let us look into the meaning of this word i.e., dude.

What does dude mean?

The word dude is a fashionable term- When a girl calls you a dude

People started using the word “dude” as far as the 1870s. At first, this slang word was used to refer to someone who is dressed fashionably. It became a slang word for a dandy. Over time many other meanings were also attached to this word, such as “city slickers,” which eventually became a term for cowboy and redneck cultures.

In the 1960s, it became popular among those who were beach surfers. This was the time when it was perceived as a word for men. However, in the 1970s, the word dude was popularized in mainstream media. It was used to refer to a friend casually.

Now, as we have looked into the meaning of this word, let us take it further by discussing what it means when a girl calls you a dude.

5 Mysterious Reasons Why a Girl Calls You a Dude!

1. You are in a Friend Zone:

Knowing that you are in a friend zone is the last thing you may want to hear, but probably it can be one of the main reasons behind being called a dude. This fear of being in a friend zone urged you to search “When a Girl Calls You a Dude.” 

Being in a friendzone- When a girl calls you a dude

This is not mainly a hopeless situation. Nowadays, women use this word even more than men. You can call anyone a dude, and it would not be considered offensive. She might think that you are a part of her inner circle, as one of her pals.

Finding you as one of her pals means you are among the exceptional few whom she trusts. This shows that a certain level of closeness exists between you since it is a word of endearment, so hang tight and hopes high!

2. It’s a Habit:

These days whether you are friends with someone or not, it is a cool way to call people dude. It is a sort of harmless and fun nickname you can use for everybody. People even call their parents and coworkers dude. It doesn’t mean much.

She might be so used to this word that she may not even think twice before calling you a dude. Calling a dude can be a one-time thing. You may have to wait around to see how often it comes up to accurately assess its ‘hidden’ meaning.

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3. She Wants to Keep it Casual:

When she calls you a dude, this might means that she wants to stay in her comfort zone by remaining relaxed around you. She may not want to attach any exclusivity. This can be a reason of why she calls you a dude.

4. She is frustrated:

When a girl calls you a dude in an angry or upset way, and she sounds exasperated, it indicates that she might be pissed off with you. This especially applies to you if she is your girlfriend. While fighting with each other, she may call you a dude in a sarcastic tone.

When she is frustated she may call you a dude

This is a way of letting you know that you stepped over the bounds of relationship, and now she is feeling more like a friend than a girlfriend. She may deliberately use this term to upset you. The same goes if she calls you any similar word like buddy etc.

You don’t have to worry about it, especially when you know it’s occasional, and it expresses negative feelings at that time, only not what she meant as a whole.

5. She is Trying to Hide Her Feelings:

Calling you a dude may indicate that she has feelings for you, which she wants to hide. This means that she is a complicated woman, and her expression wouldn’t come off as easy as you want it to be.

Sometimes a woman will become playful and make it appear casual while liking you. She might be deliberately using this term to see your reaction. Maybe she is very shy and wants to figure out first.

A girl hides her feelings under the facade of calling you dude

What to do when a Girl calls You a Dude?

As we have discussed the reasons behind calling you a dude, now let’s talk about how to deal with it. Here are three essential things to do in this situation which are as followed:

3 Things to Do When a Girl Calls You a Dude!

1. Do not overthink:

Overthinking will urge you to make desperate attempts. Avoid it at all costs. Sometimes what we see or hear is not necessarily true, so go with the flow! Don’t try to read too much between the lines. 

Do not overthink

2. Don’t take it offensively:

Being called a dude is not a clear-cut sign of being in a friend zone. Learn to differentiate. Don’t take it as an offense. You can use it as an opportunity to learn more about her behavior and feelings for you. 

3. Play along:

If you feel like she is deliberately calling you a dude to see your reaction, then play along and give her subtle hints. This can be an exciting step. Chances are she is waiting to take the next step once you make it clear to her.

We have looked into reasons for being called a dude and ways of dealing with it.

Now the question arises what if this means you are friend-zoned? To help you, here are a few signs that will help you to decide better. It can save you from all the hassle of making desperate attempts or hoping too high and feeling embarrassed afterward.

6 Signs That You are in The Friendzone!

1. There is no Romance:

There is a lot of difference between the intimacy of a platonic and romantic relationship. If there is nothing romantic about your existing friendship, then it is meant to be that way. You are not headed towards a romantic relationship, and this is a clear sign. You cannot rekindle romance or aim towards a romantic relationship when you are particular about the purely platonic nature of your interaction.

2. You are Her Favorite Buddy:

Girls love their best friend. A girl’s’ best friend is her go-to person. If you are in the early stages of your friendship and you think that this might be the foundation of a potential relationship, then think twice. A person who is very much into you would want to impress you. If she doesn’t care about giving you any impression and discloses details of whatever goes down, her stomach indicates two things 1): She is your girlfriend for three or more years, and that’s the level of comfort you guys built together. 2) You are her favorite buddy, and she is not that into you. She only sees you as her go-to person.  

Being her fav buddy

3. She Never Touches You:

Having romantic feelings for someone and being intimate with them are entirely different things. Romantic feelings need two to tango to survive and develop into a relationship. If there is no intimacy shown by the other person like occasional brushing off or any such gesture (apart from a friendly handshake or patting), then it clearly shows you guys are better off as friends only.

4. She Tells You about Her other Romantic Interests:

If she tells you that she loves someone else or has a crush on someone else, then this is a clear-cut sign. No one will ever discuss their romantic feelings for other people with someone who they see as a potential partner.

5. You Guys only Hang Out Casually:

If you guys always go on random hangouts with other people accompanying you both more often than it means you are officially in the friend zone.  

6. She Tries to Set You Up with Someone Else:

If she tries to find a date for you, then this shows she only thinks of you as her buddy. If she thought about you as a potential partner, then she would’ve never told you about her hot friends you should date.

All these reasons, tips and signs add up to one thing that does not jump to conclusions or over-assume anything. Try to look into it objectively but don’t overthink it or sabotage it before it even starts.

Difference between boyfriend and boy friend

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on when a girl calls you a dude

What does it mean to be a bro?

It was initially an abridged type of the word sibling, however, started to accept non-familial undertones in the twentieth century. During the 1970s, brother came to allude to a male companion as opposed to simply one more companion. The word became related with youngsters who invest energy celebrating with others such as themselves.

Is dude a Friendzone word?

The dude shows the friendship between individuals. But that doesn’t mean someone taking you to friendzone. If someone calls his friend dude then its just a way to show friendship.

What does it mean?

Dude is a way to show pure friendship towards your friend. It’s not categorized in bad words. If a girl calls you dude she must though you are her true friend.

Can you say dude to a girl?

Yes! It’s a great way to express your feeling about strong companionship. If a girl and a boy have a strong friendship bounding then they might call each other Dude.

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