Top 17 Funny Things To Tweet – To Gain More Followers

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Twitter is a very handy social media platform these days and everyone wants to create unique content by finding new ideas and funny things to tweet.

Similarly, you want some unique ideas on humorous tweets to make your followers laugh and to gain some more followers as well.

Top 17 Funny things to Tweet:

You must know what type of tweets can help you to get more engagement among your competitors. Among various things, humor is always on the top to engage people & to help them lose their defenses.


Making fun on social media through memes or trolling someone can help your tweets for trending fast.

People will show more interest to read your content and start retweeting them like wildfire.

They will start resharing commenting and like your post. And if you are used to giving such type of humorous content, they will surely help you to grow by following your account.

Funny things to tweet
Funny things to tweet


It’s more fun to read a quick and funny single line on Twitter. It takes less time which is really attractive for a reader. A single short-line tweet is easier to make fun of someone or something on Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, and all other social media platforms. Here are some funny one-liner tweets.

Funny things to tweet
Funny things to tweet
Funny things to tweet


Age is just a number and some people never grow up. They really want to make fun with similar types of people.

They amuse other people and also love to laugh out loud. Twitter gives a chance to everyone to make new friends, keep up with old friends and have some fun with these friends new and old.

funny thing to tweet

Funny things to tweet

Funny things to tweet


Some funny jokes about random people who are not good at balancing their anger and mood swings. This type of tweet rapidly go viral because most of the readers and audiences are dealing with such people in their life. They will start following you but if your content is all about humor and fun. There should be nothing offensive in it.

Funny things to tweet
humorous tweets


People love animal jokes all time because their fun memes and tweeted videos& pictures are really fun to relate to someone’s situation. You can tag your friend or anyone with who you want to connect in some specific situation. An animal’s funny jokes make everyone laugh and most people relate some situations with animal’s cuteness. That is more engaging for relevant Twitter posts.

funny jokes to tweet - letterkenny

Funny tweet example

Examples of humor tweets


Awkward moments always created curiosity for the viewer to watch the content more attentively. You can use various clips of awkwardness from time to time to engage your followers. People really enjoy this type of enjoyable reading and watching other’s awkward situations. You can get more likes and shares by tweeting such humorous content.

Keep in mind not to post anything too sensitive, particularly related to religion & politics.

humor tweets

photo of home funny tweet


Life hacks trend because many people use them in their daily life. And if there is something funny about life hacks then what else anyone can wish to laugh?

These tweets can boost your viewership because many people who want to have fun with life hacks, can give you a thumb for their required content. Additionally, people start sharing this type of content rapidly as you post it on your account.

humor tweets

parenting funny tweet
Funny hack tweets


Relationship jokes, quotes, and funny lines are always top-notch content for social media. Tweeting something really funny about your loved ones can make them smile. However, other people can also comment on that post just to share their experiences about that post.

Dating someone or being in a relationship always has many ups and down. It’s a fact that people love to read relationship tweets just because there are so many funny relationship tweets to which they can relate themselves.

Funny things to tweet.

funny zoom tweet

Funny first date tweet

Funny dad tweets


Romance can be fun to express your feelings. People love to read tweets about funny romantic things from their loved ones. Dating someone or being in a relationship always has many ups and down. It’s a fact that people love to read relationship tweets just because there are so many funny relationship tweets that they can relate to themselves.

Funny man of the house tweet

Funny nuetered tweet

Funny long distance relationship tweet


Everyone follows fashion trends and wants to stay hooked up with the latest updates. What fun? If you tweet about the latest fashion but in a funny way. posting pictures, and videos and making memes on fashion trends are always likable stuff for a reader.

funny fashion tweet

funny fashion week tweet

funny fashion tweets


If you are good with your appetite then you must know how to have fun with food. Most foodies love to click on food posts. They love food and that is why they love to think, read, and watch about food all the time.

This can be really good stuff for anyone who is always tempted to eatables.

funny cooking tweet

funny delivery tweet

coffee maker tweet


You must often find funny tweets to tag your friends in different life situations that can be truly relatable to them. This idea is the best one to make your profile popular among people where they can find the best content according to their requirements. They will surely follow, like, share and retweet your post with friends because tagging a friend, cracking a joke about them, and making fun of their situation makes people laugh all the time.

funny strong woman tweet

funny tweet about friends
funny 30s tweets


Jokes are always a fun thing to do. people who love cracking jokes are often searching for some interesting stuff to make a new one. They love to find new ideas and relatable content to make a funny jokes. Therefore, they follow more funny jokes accounts on social media to make or read something really interesting and funny which can make them laugh out loud.

lol tweets

funny grandpa tweet

14. Funny Things to Tweet About Your Ex:

People love to relate their life moments with their ex. And most of the time they highlight them with fun. It is not bad to make funny moments without hurting others. So making a tweet with such ideas can be a source of fun on Twitter which can make people attract to follow, like, & share your content. More people become used to visit your profile regularly for having some fun time in their daily hectic routine.

Funny Things to Tweet About Your Ex

funny tweets about an ex

funny ex boyfriend tweet

15. Funny Tweets About Money: 

Money is something that everyone needs and wants. So this can be the most amazing idea to make others laugh whether they have money or not. They can relate them with the given tweet situation and tag that to friends. More often, people who want to promote their business, love such kind of content to advertise their product in a humorous way.  For instance branding, a product by creating a meme or funny tweet can help them to increase its product sale and popularity. And you can get more followers too.

Funny owe money tweet

Funny Tweets About Money
Funny broke tweets

16. Funny Tweet About New Year:

New Year’s day is always an exciting day to celebrate. People celebrate it with new resolutions and wishes for starting a brand new year. Most new year resolutions are only for the day when the new year started. it is funny itself to say happy new year with new resolutions. You can make people laugh by telling them their funny realities and making fun of their funny weird new year resolutions. 

Funny Tweet About New Year

resolution tweet
funny new years eve party tweet

17. Funny Memes to Share On Twitter :

Memes are often jokes that make people laugh. This is one of the ideas that can make your Twitter profile more attractive. Usually, people love to read and tag memes to their friends & family. In fact, many people spend a lot of their time creating memes. Sometimes, they relate them to current issues or sometimes is just about humor. By tweeting those memes you can make your profile more engaging and generate more traffic to gain followers on Twitter. 

kid meme tweets

Funny parenting meme tweet

Funny dramatic kid meme tweet

Fuzzy dog meme tweet

A Final Word On Funny Things to Tweet

Numerous ideas can help you to make others laugh through your Twitter account. Tweeting regarding your life-related things can be one of the best things that can increase your followers in months because people like and follow that stuff which reminds them what they are doing in life. 

Don’t feel hesitant in sharing something you have not found funny for others’ sense of humor can be the funniest and most relatable. 

Fun and humor are great things to create high-quality content. And it is the best source to expand your audience and make new friends. You should make relatable humor for the best response from your audience. That’s why you need to figure out the best funny things to tweet that goes viral and you got more followers overnight.

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