43 Sober Date Ideas for Non-Drinkers or Dry January

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Whether you’re taking a short break from alcohol to celebrate Dry January, you’d like to quit drinking completely, or you simply don’t drink… you might enjoy going on a date that doesn’t involve alcohol. In fact, being sober can be more fun than drinking.

Sober dates can give you a chance to be clear-headed and appreciate true experiences, without alcohol getting in the way. In this post, I’ll give you plenty of sober date ideas to try. 

Why and When Can It Be a Good Idea To Avoid Alcohol on a Date?

It can be a good idea to avoid alcohol on a date for many reasons. Beer goggles prevent people from knowing each other’s true selves and cultivating a real relationship that’s meaningful. Additionally, you run less risk of embarrassment and/or being sloppy in front of someone you’d probably rather know on a deeper level. The benefits of avoiding alcohol are numerous – and can even be life-changing. 

Benefits of a Sober Date:

  • Make Real Connections
  • Truly Be Yourselves
  • Have More Self-Control
  • Waste Less Time on Pointless Dates
  • Avoid Awkwardness 
  • Go to a Sober Bar or Anywhere Else
  • Have Fewer Regrets the Next Day
  • Gain Self-Confidence

What If Only One of You Don’t Drink?

According to research, if one of you drinks and the other does, the quality of your relationship is more likely to be negatively impacted in the long run… although, initially, the idea may seem appealing. Being in this type of relationship can set up a classic “opposites attract” scenario. The person who doesn’t drink has a chance to be with someone who they likely view as more outgoing or exciting than they are. 

On the other hand, the downside is that you might argue more often, becoming concerned about the drinker’s health and well-being – among other things.  This will translate into spending less time together, making it difficult to forge that meaningful connection.

Sober Date Ideas

Going on sober dates regularly could improve your relationship, provided you’re both in agreement about avoiding alcohol. If one or both of you drink, you can start by agreeing to one non-sober date per month. This way you can compare the differences and truly appreciate the benefits of avoiding alcohol to forge that deeper bond. This can be especially true if you quit completely. 

Staying sober on your date can make you appear more attractive to the other person. Chances are you will come across as smarter and more genuine. You will be living in the moment and focus on getting to know him or her.

You can have a creative date at home or go out and do something else. Whatever floats your boat, I’m certain that a few of these sober date ideas may be just what the doctor ordered to make your time as a couple special. 

1. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon

Almost nothing could be more romantic than riding high in the sky with your date. You can talk about everything from the beautiful clouds to your possible shared fear of heights. And you can let the moment inspire you to maybe steal a kiss or two. 

2. Have a Board Game Night

Playing board games isn’t necessarily only for nerds. Indeed, it seems nearly impossible to me that anyone wouldn’t want to play Scrabble, Monopoly, or Chess. Although I’m no Chess master, I still play the game from time to time. 

3. Learn Something New

Gaining knowledge can make you both smarter and give you something different to do together. You can learn a new language, how to play the guitar, how to make pasta or something else. You can use an instructional book, follow an online tutorial, or join a class online or locally.

4. Partake in Birdwatching

Watching birds all day might sound a bit dull, but you can make it more interesting. For example, you can check out a book about local birds from a library or buy one and use it to identify the ones you see. You can have fun by having a sense of humor, but try to be quiet so you don’t scare them away.

5. Cook a Meal

Cooking can be enjoyable because you can use your hands and get playful. For one, you can bake a cake or cupcakes and decorate your sweets with sprinkles and food coloring. And if you’re a vegan like me, you can make everything from delectable brownies to chocolate salted caramel cups. 

6. Go for a Bike Ride

If you don’t have a bike, you can rent one.

first date ideas without alcohol | date ideas that involve drinking | non date activities
Sober dates can give you a chance to be clear-headed and appreciate true experiences, without alcohol getting in the way.

This means there’s no excuse for not doing this activity, which can be surprisingly fun. Just pick an interesting destination and head there together. 

7. Visit a Museum

At a museum, you can talk about the historical significance of artifacts or, if you don’t know much about history, just talk about what you see. You can visit museums that feature art, archeology, science & technology, natural history, and more. Take a virtual museum tour from home or head to a local one. 

8. Go to a Trivia Night

Without alcohol, you can use your brain and show everyone how knowledgeable you are in different subjects. You could score additional points for being smarter than ever and be proud of your intelligence. Plus, you can learn more facts and impress your date with your smarts. 

9. Walk Your Dogs

If you both have dogs, you can take them for walks together so everyone can get some exercise. Try heading to a dog park, dog walking trail, or down the street in your neighborhood. You and your date can have simple conversations while your dogs have the chance to become friends.

10. Go Hiking

Hiking can be a mental and physical challenge that can boost your moods. You can bring backpacks full of energy-boosting snacks and admire the landscape. When you take a break, you can have a charming picnic together. 

11. Try Volunteering

Volunteering means you can help those less fortunate and bond in a meaningful way. It can be extremely romantic to watch your date care for neglected animals, children, or the environment. For your first date, you can collect toys for needy children, participate in a game night for teens in foster care, clean up a beach, or something else. 

12. Sketch Outdoors

Sketching as a duo can be a great way to get creative and do a low-key activity. You can go outdoors and sketch whatever you may see. This could be butterflies, bees, leaves, or anything else you can think of. You can even use your imagination and make your date laugh by adding cartoon faces to everything. 

13. Go Skydiving

One of the best ways to challenge yourself to face your fears can be to go skydiving. Plus, you can support each other so you can feel confident enough to go through with it. Skydiving can give you an adrenaline rush and push you out of your comfort zone. 

14.  Watch Themed Movies

You and your date can watch themed movies all night and eat popcorn or another favorite snack. Being in a relaxing environment means you can be yourself with no pressure. Superheros, animated movies, humanity vs. technology, and others are only a few ideas for themes. 

15. See a Comedy Show

You can go to a comedy club to listen to a stand-up comedian telling jokes. Seeing someone onstage can be exciting, help you both calm your first date nerves, and laugh all night. If you’d rather stay home, then you can watch a comedy movie on the couch. 

16. Be Spontaneous at a Trampoline Park

Trampoline parks are filled with ways to stay active and amuse yourselves. Get some exercise, boost your energy and be a kid for a time. Play dodgeball, do freestyle bouncing, and much more. 

17. Do Painting and Dinner

Paint and sip classes provide participants with a painting activity and drinks, but you can do your own version of this to avoid alcohol. You can paint each other’s portraits and make dinner too. Further, you can paint without worrying about being perfect. Just express yourselves and create something to hang on the wall.

18. Make a Craft 

You and your partner can follow a craft tutorial online or in a book. Try making a crayon candle, framed leaf, dreamcatcher, or pair of paracord bracelets. Whatever you make can be a memento of your date or keep it for other reasons. 

19. Go for a Drive

You can start driving with no destination in mind and put on some music.

non bar date ideas | sober date ideas winter | first date ideas without alcohol
Going on sober dates regularly could improve your relationship, provided you’re both in agreement about avoiding alcohol.

Stop wherever you want to get a bite to eat, go shopping, and otherwise explore the area. Alternatively, plan it out first and go from there. 

20. Have a Pajama Party

Pick out your favorite pajamas and have a pajama party like teenagers. You can watch movies, play upbeat music, and dance around to your heart’s delight. When you need something to eat, try making a pizza, having a taco or candy bar, or putting together a breakfast buffet.

21. Play Video Games

You can head to an arcade and play games there for hours or play video games at your house. A few date night video game ideas are Mario Party, Rayman Legends, Wii Sports, Just Dance, and many others. Some of these games are fitness-based and entertaining, while others are imaginative and adventurous. 

22. Join a Fitness Class

Keeping your body fit can help you stay in shape and look attractive. You can take classes together, such as yoga or Zumba. And you’ll be doing an activity that’s active and exciting. 

23. Visit a Bookstore 

While reading books can be captivating, so can making eye contact with your lover over the top of these books. You can stimulate your minds and boost your intelligence levels. Afterward, try going for some ice cream or grabbing a bite to eat from a food truck. 

24. Throw a Casino Night

Have a casino date night at home and avoid the local casino crowds. Playing a card game for money or tokens can be a great idea to loosen up and be competitive in a fun way. You can even have a theme like The Great Gatsby, Star Wars, or Harry Potter. 

25. Enjoy an Amusement Park

You don’t have to be a kid to have fun at an amusement park. Do everything your childhood-self did and didn’t do. This could be riding the rollercoaster, taking photos with your date in the photo booth, or playing games and winning prizes. 

26. Grab a Tea or Coffee

Drinking coffee or tea can boost your energy levels, so you can spend all day on your date. You can meet each other at a shop or go home and sip a cup or two.

sober date ideas reddit | non bar date ideas | sober date ideas winter
Staying sober on your date can make you appear more attractive to the other person.

You can give a mug to your date as a gift and you can use your own. Another idea is to buy matching mugs. 

27. Explore the Night Sky

Stargazing can set the mood for romance. Set a blanket out so the two of you can look for constellations. The Big Dipper, The Little Dipper, Gemini, Taurus, and Orion are constellations that are usually easy to find. 

28. Write a Song or Listen to Music

You can use your creativity to write a song for one another. Write something about love or anything you’d like. Another way to enjoy each other’s company is to put on some music, talk, and relax. 

29. Shop at a Farmer’s Market

Since farmers work hard to provide us with fresh fruits and vegetables, the least we can do is be grateful for these delicious items. When I prepare meals at home, I add fresh foods like tomatoes, chili peppers, lettuce, mangos, and oranges to my food. Doing so makes everything tastier and healthier, so I can focus better on work. I also have extra energy to take pleasure in what I’m doing at any moment. 

30. Pamper Yourselves

Pampering yourselves can give you a way to take care of yourselves and forget about your problems. You can give each other makeovers, put on face masks, do manicures and pedicures, and more. Additionally, use essential oils for aromatherapy, play calming music in the background, or do art therapy. 

31. Try an Escape Room

In an escape room, you’re locked in a room where you have to solve a series of puzzles to escape. Being stuck forces you to use teamwork and your brains to get out. This activity can be challenging but still entertaining. 

32. Plan a Camping Weekend

Breathing fresh mountain air, exploring the area, and using survival skills are all a part of the camping experience. Go for a weekend or only a night. You can bring a camera to take pictures of your experience and make memories. 

33. See a Drive-In Movie 

Watching a movie on a large screen outdoors while you sit in your car can be romantic. Imagine how nice it can be sitting next to the person you’re interested in while you watch a film you can’t wait to see. You can open the window, feel the cool night breeze on your skin, and think about your date.  

34. Order Pizza and Bake Cookies

While you wait for someone to deliver your pizza, you can bake cookies together. Baking cookies can be simple and once you take them out of the oven, you can eat your creation. After the pizza arrives, you can sit on the couch, watch a movie, and eat all of your food. 

35. Go to a Poetry Slam or Write Poetry

If you think poetry is too rigid of an art form, you might want to try going to a poetry slam instead. At poetry slams, poets are judged on their ability to perform spoken word poetry in front of judges. Watching this performance act can help you understand poetry on a whole new level. 

36. Amuse Yourselves with Ping Pong

Hitting a ping pong ball back and forth can keep a person entertained for hours. This game is competitive and you don’t have to make much of a physical effort. Ping pong is one of my favorite games because it challenges me mentally. 

37. Tour a City

You can stay in your own city or visit one you’ve never been to before. Try out the restaurants and taste different dishes, head to antique stores, or shop at a mall. Meet the locals or check out the local library. 

38. Dine on a Patio or Rooftop

Eating a candlelit dinner on a rooftop or patio can make your interactions more intimate. Since I’m a Disney lover, this reminds me of the scene where Lady and the Tramp are eating spaghetti at an Italian restaurant.

In my opinion, this idea’s adorable and ideal, but realistically, it can also be a trendy and modern activity. 

39. Attend a Concert, Play, or Musical

Watching a live performance can be engaging and delightful. Be entertained by actors, piano players, and other skilled artists and talk about what you saw later. You can find free live performances near you or attend one online. 

40. Take a Dance Class

Opting to join a dance class makes it easier to avoid bars and nightclubs where there’s alcohol.

sober date ideas covid | sober date ideas reddit | sober activities for couples
You can have a creative date at home or go out and do something else.

Furthermore, you can learn some new dance moves and use this as an excuse to get closer. You can also search for non-alcoholic bars and nightclubs where you live if you don’t feel like taking a class. 

41. Head to the Beach

On a beach, you can look for seashells on the sand and walk barefoot. Go for a swim, surf, or float in the water. You can read books with beach-related themes as you lay on towels. In addition, try bringing a picnic basket filled with wraps, smoothies, and pasta for lunch. 

42. Start a Scrapbook

Preserving memories can be important and allows you both to use your creativity. If you’ve known each other for a long time, you can make one together or create one each as individuals. And if you’re a couple in the future, you can look through your scrapbooks to reminisce. 

43. Rollerblade or Ice Skate

If you don’t know how to ice skate or Rollerblade, these can be surprisingly easy to learn, and maybe your date can teach you. Meet up at the skating rink or Rollerblade on the sidewalk near your house. You can hold hands and use this as a way to flirt and keep from falling down. 

Final Thoughts on Sober Date Ideas

I’m sure there are a plethora of additional sober date ideas, in addition to the ones suggested here, that can help you forget about alcohol and live life to the fullest in a healthy way! Why not brainstorm some on your own with your partner? I’m one of those people who love getting creative and coming up with new ideas. Are you? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. And if you liked this article, you might want to try reading another one on companionship quotes.

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