How To Deal With Confrontation – 12 Productive Steps

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How to deal with confrontation? Because we always get into a situation where we confront others or others confront us. Both cases have one element in common: the element of confrontation. And it is not easy to master the art of confrontation! 

Most people forget what to say and it hits them later that they should have said this and that. Others find themselves in a confusing situation where the blame is put on them. Nonetheless, confrontation is an art and you must master it to ensure success in all adverse and non-adverse aspects of your life. Therefore, today we will dive into the info about how to deal with confrontation.

How To Deal With Confrontation? 12 Productive Steps

1. How To Deal With Confrontation – Don’t Wait

The key on how to deal with confrontation is that you must not wait. If you want to confront someone, then do it without wadting any time. If you are the one standing in the “confrontation box” then tell everything that you know. The point is: do not waste time in confrontation. 

The more time you waste, the more complex the situation becomes. Therefore, stop wasting time and acknowledge the issue in front of you. 

2. How To Deal With Confrontation – Plan and Prioritize

Not wasting any time doesn’t mean jumping into a situation without any preparation. Like every other thing, confrontation also requires deep thinking and planning.

It requires your attention to detail and you must learn to prioritize. Planning prior to confrontation will give you time to use effective strategies and use words in a way that will win you the argument. 

Therefore, always plan prior to the confrontation. 

How To Deal With Confrontation - Plan and Prioritize
Always Plan And Strategize Prior To Any Confrontation

3. How To Plan Prior To Confrontation?

How to deal with confrontation? As I wrote above, plan out everything before the main deal. Like a lawyer, argue both sides of the case. Understand the pros and cons of the situation and then set out to deal with the confrontation.

But how to plan effectively? For the simplest of situations, you can write it all down. You just jot down whatever comes to your mind and you can do an in-depth analysis afterward.

Writing down your thoughts is the best way to plan, strategize, and confront every kind of situation. Whether you are a lawyer, entrepreneur, or a wife, writing down points will be a HUGE help. Plus, writing it all down is a powerful way to vent out all your anger before the confrontation so all you have is the skillful performance in the act of confrontation. 

how to deal with confrontation
Write Down All Your Thoughts For Effective Planning

4. How To Deal With Confrontation – Recognize Your Motivation

You must always recognize your motivation prior to any argument or confrontation. Did you confront to make the other one feel bad? Or are you trying to reach a real practical solution? Remember, any confrontation should be about respecting each other’s opinions and having the patience to understand the other side of the story. Only this attitude will make you reach a practical solution that ensures mutual desires and needs. 

If you don’t have a clear picture of your motivation, then you may have to re-plan and re-frame the whole situation before getting into the act of confrontation. 

Work on defining the issue and try to build a conversation that will benefit all the parties involved. 

confrontation motivation
Always Recognize Your Motivation Before Confronting

5. Confront – Make The Deal

So on this point, you have to confront. You have to speak up and face whatever the issue is. Therefore, here are some things to keep in mind;

  1. Keep your anger aside and think logically
  2. Speak clearly and to the point. It is better not to elaborate on your point of view as this gives the chance to the opponents to strike against you.
  3. Speak according to your plan and strategies.
  4. Use words skillfully because words have the power to win or lose an argument.
  5. Keep your tone firm and show assertion in your demeanor.
  6. Do NOT give away your emotions

If you master these steps on how to deal with confrontation, then you won’t be needing any help in any case of your life.

6. Listen To The Other Side For Effective Communication

We all know that effective communication ensures great and beneficial results but we don’t act on it. How we don’t act on it? When we don’t listen to the other side, we create obstacles ineffective communication. 

Therefore, always listen. If you will not listen to what others have to say, then there is no point in confrontation at all. You NEED to listen to the other side and their views. By doing this, you will develop better skills to observe and analyze and it will give you a better insight to think beyond the situation.

Also, you will be able to express empathy in situations that demand it. Therefore, always act like, “I am all ears”! I bet this will help you a lot and is one of the best ways to deal with the confrontation of every kind. 

effective communication
Always Listen To The Other Side For Effective Communication

7. How To Deal With Confrontation – Identify Your Goal

After the confrontation, it is time to identify your goal. For business professionals, it is important to look beyond the situation and identify your real goals. If the goal is still unattainable, then strive for it. Even for normal people like us, it is important to look beyond a situation and identify what we want out of the confrontation in real.

Therefore, It is crucial to keep an open eye and to know how do you want things after the confrontation. 

identify your goal
Identify Your Goals Of Confrontation

8. How To Deal With Confrontation – Make Friends With Adversity

If you know that you will deal with confrontation then your life will be easy. You have to have a positive attitude here and you have to make lemonade when life throws lemons at you.

Therefore, make friends with adversity. Welcome it and be prepared to deal with it. Having this attitude will help you decrease your mental and physical toil and will keep your mind active in the act of confrontation.

Also, remember that problems and adversities are a part of life. They will keep finding a way to come back. Therefore, you must always plan and prepare to avoid extra hassle and trouble. You get the importance of planning here right? Because planning prior to any big thing is LIFESAVER! It is what makes you a perfectionist.

So start the habit of planning for today and you won’t be reading these write-ups like how to deal with confrontation, anymore!

9. Take All The Stakeholders On Board

Another point of communicating effectively is to take all the stakeholders on board. That means to let all the relevant people involved in a situation know about your point of view. You need to be painstakingly CLEAR and straightforward in your point and meaning over here! There is no room for long stories here.

Even in our day to day issues, we must always involve the relevant people before starting a quarrel by embracing this technique you will say bye-bye to bad news. How? Because bad news travels really fast. If the relevant people already know your story and point of view then they won’t trust any false rumors. 

Therefore, always tell everything to the relevant people and save yourself from all the extra trouble!

10. How To Deal With Confrontation – Try Smiling

It is not easy to smile every time you get into a worst-case scenario. But you know a smile can do wonders I am not saying to laugh like a fool but to keep a soft face would be a good way to start. 

Therefore, try to maintain a faint smile and it will actually help you to maintain a positive outlook about the whole confrontation thing. So please note that the best way to deal with confrontation is to keep smiling! It sounds funny but it is practical once you imply it. 

11. Always Take The Lead

How deal with Confrontation like a pro? Always take the lead. It means you should never fear what the situation will turn out if you take charge. Instead, you should be confident with whatever you are equipped with and must show it with confidence. 

It also means to be available in the time of need. As the head of a group, your team will feel confident if they directly communicate with you on an issue. Therefore, your proactive involvement in the fairs will make you stand out as a great leader. And by doing so, you will not have a hard time to deal with confrontation or any other issue. 

Always Take The Lead With Confidence
Always Take The Lead With Confidence

12. Set Boundaries In Consequences

If you deal with confrontation then the results are bound to be fruitful. Yet, you need to set boundaries around the consequences so a similar situation should not occur in the future. For instance, if there’s an employee, you will have to let him know that he will get fired if he chooses to stick with his unprofessional ways. 

Similarly, if there’s a friend then let him know that you value his friendship but he should start treating you in a correct manner. By defining boundaries, you will ensure less outcome of future conflicts and will deal with Confrontation like a pro.

So follow these steps and never fail at any confrontation!

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question On How To Deal With Confrontation

How Do I Stop Being Scared Of Confrontation?

Here are some ways to overcome the anxiety and fear of confrontation.

·        Identify the issues with being a pushover

·        List what you may achieve by speaking up

·        Reevaluate your assumptions about confrontation

What Does It Mean To Be Afraid Of Confrontation?

You are afraid of conflict because you worry about failure. You do not want to be wrong in front of other peoples. You are scared you may not be liked. You are afraid that the other individual will stop loving you after a confrontation.

How Do You Deal With Confrontation At Work?

Start out calm, explain the problem, select a neutral space, request to chat, address the issue, to search for a resolution, say thank you for hearing from you.

Why Does Confrontation Make Me Cry?

Usually, we cry in high-intensity circumstances because we are feeling some heavy sentiments such as sadness, resentment, or frustration to mention just a few.

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