How to Shut Someone Up In 7 Different Situations

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Shutting someone up is an art, that anyone can learn.

The trouble with an argument is that they never work. It is because an argument gets people personal and tension is raised. And you go in spiraling worries without getting anywhere.

Usually, it all starts with a light conversation but then the situation heats up. It turns into criticism, blame and hostility. Have you ever faced a situation when you are right but the person next to you does not understand?

In this article, I have listed many ways by which you can learn how to shut someone up.

How to Shut Someone Up Nicely – 5 Effective Tips

The first thing we can try to make someone silent is to talk to them nicely. It helps most of the time. Below, I have list down 5 effective tips for shutting someone up nicely.

1. Give visual gestures

If someone comes to you, don’t take a long pause. Greet them and continue working. This gives them a message that you are not free. If this doesn’t work you can put on headphones to give them a visual gesture that you are trying to concentrate on your work. If you are in the office you can also place the “Please Do Not Disturb” sign on your door.

do not disturb

2. Make an excuse 

When someone approaches you, listen to them for a while and then simply excuse them “I would love to talk to you but I have a deadline to meet” or “I will catch you up later”

3. Set another time to meet

Sometimes we don’t disturb the relationship with the person who is bothering them at a certain time. So the best way is to ask them for a meet-up. Later, take them to a coffee shop or lunch and have a conversation with them. This will be a kind gesture and it will strengthen your relationship.

 4. Listen with divided attention

When someone wants you but you don’t have time. Listen to them with divided attention. Give half attention to them and a half to your work. Give them answers like “hmm”, “ok”. And distract yourself by looking back at your desk or your file. After a few minutes excuse them saying “I am sorry I would love to talk to you with my full attention but I have to complete my work today”.

 5.Pull another person in conversation

If you are trapped in a conversation, pull another person to join. Tell him the topic of conversation and when both of them engage in conversation, politely excuse and focus on your work.

How to Shut Someone Up in an Argument

If you are having an argument with your colleague or partner, it’s really important to note down the following points. With these effective ways, you can tackle an argument like a pro.

1. Take some time

When we are arguing with someone, our body prepares for fight-or-flight mode. If it’s the fight mode, our heartbeat goes up, blood pressure increases or starts sweating. Our mental focus narrows so we become defensive rather than finding possibilities. 

So the best thing is to take some time and get yourself in flight mode and then rationally think about the conflict that was going on.

2. Tell the other person that he might be right

Telling someone that they might be right because it shows a willingness to compromise. This is an efficient strategy to calm down someone and eventually they also step back. For example:

If someone says to you that red color does not suit you. You can simply reply “you might be right”

Saying this to another person does not mean you are giving them the upper hand. This is a gesture of acceptance that they can have their perspective and they might be right.

you might be right

3. I understand your point

Saying to the other person that you understand them is a sign of empathy. These are powerful words. This changes the course of arguments. Ultimately, this helps you instantly resolve the matter. 

4. I am sorry, I apologize

These are perhaps the most powerful and beautiful words in the English language. Unfortunately, we are unable to understand the depth of these words. Many people are reluctant to apologize. They think that apology is the acceptance of guilt and taking complete responsibility for the conflict. 

Whereas in reality, it is the expression of sympathy and care. It helps us to immediately solve the matter.

How to Shut Someone Up Rudely

If you get caught in a negative and unpleasant situation, this is what you can try:

1. Ignore them

Sometimes the rude person is doing so because they are getting attention. So the best thing you can do is to simply ignore them. If you don’t want to answer the rude person, you can simply ignore them. If that doesn’t work either, you can crack some jokes or just simply walk away. It works well because they are not getting the attention they need. They might be having fun teasing you and your reaction gives them satisfaction. That’s why just ignore them and walk away.

to shut up annoying person just ignore him

2. Respond to them in a similar way they are speaking

Human beings have very complex behavior patterns. It is very difficult to understand them completely. There exist individual differences. Sometimes an individual may think that you got terrified that’s why you ignored them. This is why some situations can only be resolved by replying in the same manner as the rude person. As it is said:

“Desperate times desperate measure”

When the other person realizes that you are not a silent spectator, they are more likely to check their behavior and take a step back.

3. Puzzle them with sarcasm

Witty replies are a great way to put people within their boundaries. When someone gets out of their limit, they deserve an equal and parallel response. Do you remember Newton’s third law of motion? 

           “For every reaction in nature, there is an equal and opposite reaction”

So, you can also retaliate with a statement like “sorry I don’t understand your words because I don’t speak sh*t”. 

How to Shut Someone Up over Text

We are all stuck in a situation when we want to end the conversation in a polite way but the other person is so annoying that they don’t stop and keep on texting. I am making a list of things you can try to take you out of such a situation.

  • Stop replying to them and do your work
  • Read messages but do not reply. Later make an excuse internet was not working
  • Send HAHA or LOL after everything
  • Show your unwillingness through sleeping emoji
  • Send them a GIF or emoji after every of their text
  • Send them thumbs up

How to Shut Someone Up with Sarcasm

There are people who do not understand direct communication. Like if you try to tell them directly that they are bothering you, they take it for granted. So, if you are stuck in an inconvenient situation like this, you can try avoiding that with sarcasm like:

  • Two wrongs do not make a right, take the example of your parents
  • They: you are so quiet you do not talk. You: ”Oh I talk, just not with you”
  • They: HAHA you failed. You: Yeah so did your dad’s safety
  • If someone always says bad about you. Say: My name must taste good cause its always in your mouth
  • When someone comments you are short. Say: I am glad you are tall, it gives me more of you to dislike
  • When someone keeps on talking about your past. Say: I don’t look back, I am not going that way
  • If anyone calls you ugly. Say: A pretty face is nothing if you have an ugly heart
  • When someone calls you stupid. Say: Unless your name is Google, don’t act like you know everything

Savage Ways to Tell Someone to Shut Up

Savage replies always rock and they maintain your swag as well. Below is the level up savage ways to shut up someone:

  1. I am sick and tired of your words so just shut up
  2. Be careful you might choke on those words
  3. And I thought Beiber was boring
  4. Can you shut your trashy dustbin, please?
  5. You look pretty with your mouth closed
  6. Shut up or I will kill you
  7. Zip up your mouth
  8. Shut up
  9. I am sorry, did you say something?
  10. Stop talking, your voice is worse than Bieber
  11. Do you know? The smartest people stay silent for a longer period
  12. Do you know? Your voice pitch is horrible
  13. Go die
  14. Shush 
  15. I will give you $10, keep quiet
  16. Is there any point of this shi*t?
  17. Is there any mental asylum nearby?
  18. I hope you get a cramp in your mouth
  19. Blah, blah, blah
  20. Have I annoyed you before?
  21. Do you even talk when you are asleep?
  22. Did you get the constitutional right to speak?
  23. Other than talking! What do you do for a living?
  24. So you wrote this script already?
  25. I wish I was a deaf
  26. I would love to hear you in your sleep
  27. I need a favor!! Can you do this in front of my enemies?
  28. Is this Guinness world record for talking?
  29. You should get an honorary degree of Ph.D. in talking

How to Shut Someone Up in Meeting

Meetings are professional conversations and some people keep on poking their noses in meetings as well. You can not shut up them casually. You have to maintain your professionalism too. Following are the useful tricks to shut someone up in a meeting.

  1. Listen to him but do not encourage him. Give them non-verbal cues to keep silent
  2. Change the topic of conversation
  3. Let your body language speak
  4. Point out that person and say the meeting is arranged for everyone to communicate. 
  5. Emphasize that everyone’s participation is encouraged
  6. Ask for feedback from someone else
  7. Meet the person out of the meeting room
  8. Set clear rules for meetings
  9. Follow the meeting agenda
  10. Give them a clear warning

How to Shut Someone Up Online

No matter how hard you ignore, still you find some dumb and annoying people on the internet. They stalk you online and disturb you out of nowhere. Are you looking for tricks to avoid this unpleasant situation? Try these:

1. Block them

If the other person is totally unknown to you, the best way to is to simply block him. If you don’t they will find a way to ruin your mood.

2. Reply with a kind message

If you have followers you put down your happiness with their creepy messages, give them a shut-up call with the kindest message. In this way, you will win everyone’s heart. It leaves your persona as a very kind person, so the other person keeps silent afterward.

how to shutup someone online

3. Put your feed on custom settings

Every one of us has a friend or relative who comes into our news feed to knock us down. In my opinion, the best way is to put your feed on custom and relax!!

4 Things that Don’t Work to Shut Someone Up

Before learning about the strategies that would help you to shut up someone in an argument, let’s know about the things that won’t help. So, whenever you are stuck in such a situation you should be mindful of not trying these things.

1. Speaking loudly or shouting

If you start shouting even when you are right, there are 90% chances that you are already losing it. This strategy doesn’t work because a louder tone sounds like an attack. And the person next to you psychologically feels attacked. He becomes defensive even if he gets that you are right.

how to shut someone up

2. Angry tone

An angry tone gives a perception of hatred and stubbornness. The other person in the argument becomes defensive and refuses to settle down the problem in this way. So, whenever having an argument do not try this way of handling the situation.

3. Refusing to get silent

When you are right in the argument but you continue to shout and use an angry tone, this definitely heats up the situation. It’s because you do not get silent. In this situation there are chances you are not using your brain to think, thus you say irrational things. That is why having a silent moment can help you settle the argument in a more appropriate way.

4. Bringing up proofs

Sometimes, the other person in the argument internally realizes that he is wrong. But his ego does not allow him to confess. It’s the time when he needs a while to think and reflect. But bringing up facts and figures or proofs makes him self-justifying and he keeps up the hype of the argument.

So, to win an argument and shut up someone you need to try other strategies.


I hope you found a way out to avoid and resolve an unpleasant situation. Remember that try your maximum not to harm someone mentally or physically in any situation or argument. Calm down the situation in the best possible manner. if it does not work then look for some other solution. Have you ever caught in any such position? How did you manage it? tell us in the comment section below.

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