What Is Wrong With Me? – 9 Answers to Get You Back On Track!

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Do you wonder, “What is wrong with me?” Let me answer.

Since I have gained momentum in life, I have realized that nothing is wrong with me, any negativity is in the mind of the people who choose to view me negatively.

I’ve always thought of myself as a strong person. Because I have been working from the age of 20 where most of my fellows were still enjoying their life. But I was sidetracked for a bit by caring too much about the views of others.

I would get overly emotional any time someone questions my thoughts or actions. I would hear their ideas or opinions and wonder, “What is wrong with me?” when I had a difference of opinion.

But there was never anything wrong with me. I finally came to the realization that it was only my fear and doubt that made me wonder what was wrong with me. In this post I will give you nine answers to the question, “what is wrong with me“, that will hopefully help you get back-on-track and show you clearly that there is nothing wrong with you.

9 Ways to Answer “What is Wrong with Me?”

So the list has some in-depth points to check out and fix your feelings of “what is wrong with me.” I would recommend going through each of them, and if you want to escape, you only go and check your related struggle.

1. The Feelings Like You Are Drowning:

Life can be tough. We can get overwhelmed by the obstacles life puts in our way. Life’s obstacles will wear us down. Your brain may demand a reset, and you are not giving it the rest and recuperation it needs, it may rebel with negative thinking and feelings of self hatred.

These habits of not sleeping and engaging with your thoughts lead to the breakdown of the brain. And this can also make a person feel the detachment. 

Suppose this is happening to you, then you need to adopt a technique to calm down. You can talk to someone immediately, which can help, but it’s important to be alone.

So, there are three simple steps to follow to get you back on track. 

Step No.1

First, select your calm-down step. You can select anything that gives you a break from the over shattering thoughts. It could be a shower, a walk-in your near garden, or letting it out to a close friend.

Step No.2

It would be best if you had a plan to execute your chosen step. Find a time and engage in your calm-down step after doing to be consistent in your activity. Great ideas for this phase are: meditation, deep breathing and calming affirmations.

Step No.3

If you are going out for work or any other place, keep the calm-down step written in a diary and keep it with yourself. You can also set a phone reminder to keep reminding yourself.

The main problem in keeping calm is you forget that you have some steps that will help you.

Now, as you have gone through the steps, it will be easy to calm-down. You know what to do when there is any stress, or you are feeling pressured.

The Feelings like you are Drowning
The Feelings like you are Drowning

2. What If You Sleep 12 Hours In A Day – What Is Wrong With Me

We always feel good and relaxed in our beds, making sense of why no one wants to leave it.

It also makes it even harder when you have to do the work after getting up. It develops pressure in your mind, and your eyes get closed, and you fall back asleep, spending a half-day in bed.

After you wake up even then, it does not feel good. You are avoiding all the important tasks, and your to-do list has compiled into a big mountain.

So what’s the solution when this type of feeling is hanging over you, but you need a solution to get rid of it.

1. Have The Motivation:

When you decide to move on, then it will be easy to follow the chain. It will represent the concept of activation in your behavior.

It will act as a domino effect, and as you do one thing, others will follow. Start your daily routine with a good morning, and be consistent. Make a goal and then follow it, whether making tea for yourself or going out and stretching.

Once you started the routine, then it will be easier to follow.

2. Be Consistent:

Don’t be inconsistent in your sleep as it increases the tiredness. Go to sleep and wake up at the same routine each day.

Also, make a habit of sleeping around 8 hours a day. If you sleep very little, it will make you tired, but sleeping more will do the same.

Try to do those things which make you feel good and avoid whatever it takes back to bed.

Once you are out of bed, you can also read the guide on how to get out of the house

What if you sleep 12 hours in a day - What Is Wrong With Me
What if you sleep 12 hours in a day – What Is Wrong With Me

3. You Can’t Think In A Straight Manner – What Is Wrong With Me

When you feel like it’s fog everywhere around your brain if you try to focus on work but your thoughts overcome. Even you try to relax, but the thoughts keep coming. You can’t even think straight after trying a lot and say that what this problem is and what’s wrong with me.

To recover from this phase, you need to examine the brain. Step one is to self-check; you need to take a break and see what’s going on in your brain.

  • Notice your mind as it wanders around; it isn’t easy to keep track of every single thought. What if you cannot separate one thought from another, but you can try to divide it. You may be thinking about work, your family, friends, or your future?
  • You need to identify what’s the problem causing your brain to feel foggy. Once you have addressed the issue, then think of the practical ways to get rid of it. Now you can do calling someone close or changing your daily routine. You can also check other career paths that give you peace.

If you want to organize your thoughts, feel stress-free, then start taking action and try to clear your head first.

4. You Feel Your Body Is Not Good Enough – What Is Wrong With Me

When you feel that there is something wrong in your body and you feel it’s not in your control.

But aside from going to the doctor, there are other things you can do for your self-care. You can do it to feel less bad. It’s the time when you love yourself and care. 

Sleep: Make a consistent routine of sleeping and waking up and follow it. When you sleep, try to avoid unnecessary lights and sounds from yourself, use limited phones and laptops, or avoid it.

Eat: It’s not easy to change the diet immediately, but small steps can help toward healthy eating. Increase in your fiber intake and eat food with protein. Avoid eating anything before going to bed.

Exercise: You can’t be a gym maniac but start small. Go for a stretch in the morning. Go for a walk daily and do a few sit-ups and pushups.

Mindful Exercise: Take some time off your every day and practice a little mindful exercise. Try long breathing, muscle relaxation, or kindness meditation.

5. Even With Many People, You Feel Alone

It’s not that wrong, but you need to understand where your loneliness is coming.

But our brains don’t work in that way, so what can we do?

Understand the root cause of your loneliness and ask yourself. 

1) Do I have enough people to talk to within my friends and family list. 

2) Are there any quality connections in my list. 

3) Still, the feeling of loneliness is there even when others are present? 

 You may start meeting new people or increase the quality of the relationship. It’s a focused approach.

Simultaneously, you can think that the people in your circle are not enough to care about you. In this situation, you need to focus on fulfilling yourself and adopt the self approach.

Even with many people, You feel alone
Even with many people, You feel alone

6. Hating Your Parents – What Is Wrong With Me          

It’s not easy to adjust, but some of us have self-obsessed parents.

But a harder truth is if your parents were self-centered, they might have brainwashed you. So you think good about them, and if something bad happens to you, then it’s only your fault.

Your parents have always build a wrong system of messages in you right from childhood.

7. I Am Unable To Forget My Ex – What Is Wrong With Me

Many of us can move on, but you can do a few things to help the process. You can focus on self-care, listen to your favorite music, or eat ice-cream. Do whatever you feel good.

You have remained in your grief for a time, and the sad part has shown your mind; now, it’s time to think about the positive personality development that could potentially happen after a breakup. 

It’s time you can finally wash up your partner’s abusive words, which they always used to tell you that you are not enough. 

You will feel the sensation for a new relationship as soon as you find someone better. And have more time for the things you like, and you can spend more time with your friends and family.

8. Work-Life Balance Makes Me Anxious

Suppose you are the one who always feels the stress while doing a job and feel that it makes you anxious. You have to adopt the anti-stress techniques. You can do them while at your job, in your car, and anywhere you feel stressed.

  • When you are at work, do the muscle relaxation technique. Have some screen-time break and use essential oils that can make you feel relax.
  • When you drive, listen to your old music album, play the podcasts, or audiobooks. Sing out loud and remember to wear comfortable clothes.
Work-Life Balance makes me anxious
Work-Life Balance makes me anxious

9. Nothing Works My Way

When we feel disappointed in many things, we start to feel that life is unfair. We start searching the questions and asking why this happens.

We start looking for solutions and ways to change things in our way. But as time goes by, we come to know how little control we have. Everything is wrong because of us.

What is Wrong With Me? – Nothing!

The truth is we have to accept when something wrong happens and feel okay if something goes out of control. What we can do is to let go of our fears and anxieties.

Let’s close your eyes and dream of a beautiful place. Call a friend and talk about anything funny. We cannot be perfect, but we can make peace with ourselves.

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