Why Am I Not Good Enough? -17 Ways to Stop This Feeling

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Why am I not good enough? This is a question almost everyone thinks about at some time or another.

This is a question that shows a lack of self-esteem. It reflects that you are not in a position to love yourself. You are judging yourself on some scale you set for yourself, which is likely unachievable.

This negative thinking is understandable, but it is flat out wrong. Remember! No perfect. This world does not allow perfection. All we can do is try our best and improve.

Why Am I Not Good Enough?

When you think you are not good enough, what comes in your mind? Anyone you think who is doing better than you, or any failure, or rejection?

All the factors above are do not justify that you are not good enough. 

The feeling of not being good enough comes from insecurity. The following are 17 things you need to think about the next time you think, “Why am I not good enough?”

Let’s get to it!

1- Accept Yourself The Way You Are:

Everybody is born unique, with unique traits and expertise. There must be many traits in you.

Explore yourself, find your interests and go for them. You don’t need to idealize someone else because no one is like you. Accept yourself the way you are and be confident in it.

2- You Are Good Enough:

You are born in this world for a reason. There must be something special in you that’s why you are born here in this world. Look into your past, there were many times you felt you are not able to manage the things but, you did manage them. And you solved the issues in their best way.

So, why you are underestimating yourself?

Spend time with yourself

3- The Ones You Idealize Also Idealize Someone:

When you think you are not good enough, it’s not a judgment you pass on the basis of your abilities. But it is based on the comparison you made with the one you idealize or think better than you. But what if your ideal also idealize someone?

Remember! It is an endless race. Everyone idealizes someone but it doesn’t mean to underestimate yourself by comparing with others. Be your own real self and be proud of it. No one is perfect but those who stand out are those who focus on their self-development and are comfortable in their skin.

No one is ideal or perfect

4- Love Yourself Unconditionally:

There must be unconditional love with yourself. We should need no scales or targets or reasons which are needed to justify our love for ourselves. It does not make any sense if you think that I couldn’t manage this issue so I am not good enough.

Remind you are a human; you can do anything but not everything. So, stop pocking and start loving yourself.

Love yourself unconditionally

5- Stop Idealizing Your Relationships:

This world is not created to be perfect. It offers you a continuous journey towards betterment. All the perfection you look is not actually the perfection; every person, relationship, successful businessman, marriage, etc. suffers through hardships.

The universe doesn’t allow perfection.

                                                                                                                           –Stephen Hawking

The one that seems perfect must have suffered a lot you don’t know. So, stop idealizing your relationships. Put efforts to make it more loveable and caring but stop expecting it to be perfect.

6- Talk To Your Inner Self To Answer Why Am I Not Good Enough:

If you are feeling disturbed or restless over thinking that you are not good enough then start talking to yourself. Argue with your inner self and listen to what’s the problem is? you will get to know that it’s a normal reaction of your failure in any matter.

Convince yourself on the fact that you have done your best to achieve the target but there may be some external facts that were the reason. Analyze the main issues that were the real cause of failure and start working to overcome the issues.

why am I not good enough
Talk to your inner self

7- There Is More Right In You:

The mind is a great liar, it will pinch you on the things that hurt you. Actually, these are people and society who make up our minds and shape our way of thinking. People will not appreciate you on your success but will always point you out on your failure ad so our mind is.

So, from now on train your mind that you will focus on your success and development because there is more right in you.

8- Focus On The Progress:

Focus on progress rather than perfection and on how far you’ve come rather than how far you have left to go. Try to adopt an optimistic approach in your thinking.

Remind yourself that you are doing your best and get satisfied with it. Concentrate on your growth and stop comparing yourself with others.

9- You Don’t Need Approvals:

It is your life and its only your right to take its decisions. Stop seeking approvals from others. You don’t need to bother what others are saying about you. Just do the right things at the right time and let everything go the way it goes.

Tell yourself that you cannot make everyone happy. So, stop caring about people and focus on your own.

10- Failure Is Necessary to Be Good Enough:

Failure and rejection are the much necessary things in our life to grow. If you never fail then how will you get to know about your weak points?

Failure is actually an opportunity that provides you a chance to look over yourself and find an area to improve.

11- You Might Be On A Different Path:

Sometimes you think that people are not supporting you in a particular matter. You get disappointed and consider yourself in the wrong direction. But here it is the time to uplift yourself thinking that you maybe on a different path. Not all the big personalities were supported by people on their initials, they also faced hard times to grow this big.

So, First think about your work plan then Believe in your self and start doing. Either you will earn success or learn a lesson but both will be in your support.

do you wonder why you are not good enough
Maybe you are on a different path

12- Some People Depend On You And Stop Asking Why Am I Not Good Enough:

Look around yourself, you will find that there are many people who depends on you. Isn’t it worth loving yourself? Will you still think that you are not good enough?

Absolutely you are good enough because you are supporting your beautiful family. They love you and know your worth.

13- Practice Self-care:

You need to practice self-care and attend yourself too. Give yourself some time and try to know what you want. Spend time with yourself and appreciate yourself on all the days you spent working on your growth and improvement.

Acknowledge yourself for the efforts you put in to help others it will bring peace to your heart. And stop asking yourself why am I not good enough because you are amazing.

14- Realize What Is Real Happiness:

In the world full of lies and show off, people pretend to be perfectionists. All the people on social media, media industry appear like ideals. In this era when everyone is using smartphones, they spend most of their time watching actors; movies. That depicts an ideal person having a better car, a better house and a happy relationship; but it is not the reality.

Try to realize that having a better car, getting a better house cannot give the real happiness. It’s the internal peace and satisfaction which gives you the real happiness. It’s the small deeds of kindness, small acts of courtesy that works for your soul.

real happiness comes from inside
Real happiness comes from inside.

15- Be What You Are:

Everyone is unique and so you are. So why you want to be a copy of someone? Be your real self and be proud of it.

No lifetime, no matter how successful, will be truly rewarding or happy if you cannot learn to love yourself and be yourself.

So, be your way, and love yourself.

16- Motivate Yourself:

       Don’t ever feel that you can’t do anything. You have all the potential to do anything. The need is just to focus on it. Don’t waste your time perplexing and getting nervous. Try to motivate yourself and tell yourself that you can do it. Just give your best and don’t think about the results.

16- Learn New Skills:

In the world which is evolving continuously, we need to work harder on ourselves. It’s the need of the hour to learn new skills to match the human race. Don’t think that if you don’t know something so you are dumb, instead focus on learning of that skill.

It will give you self-confidence and motivation.

17- Focus And Take Responsibility:

Try to take responsibility, it will give you the chance to learn many management skills. Also, responsibility gives a sense of organization and maintenance. You will feel yourself more strong, growing and confident.

Why Am I Bot Good Enough Conclusion

If you wonder, “Why am I not good enough”… stop. Just stop.

In this world, no one is more important than you. So, you need to care for yourself. Don’t let others bring you down. If you don’t love yourself then no one will love you.

 Remember you are a rare and unique individual in this world. You are so good enough to be happy and satisfied.

Stop comparing yourself with others. Make yourself worth able to be followed and idealized.

Keep yourself away from the negative people and change your environment; you will feel better.

If you think you are lacking in something they don’t pock yourself on that. But start learning that skill; it will give you motivation and confidence.

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