25 Signs That Someone is a Good Hearted Person

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We all like to think we are good-hearted people, but you may still have your doubts from time to time. Most people do.  After all, we are only human… unsure of the way other’s see us.   

Conversely, if you have been hurt or used by someone in the past, you may wonder if there are any truly good people out there?  Well, the answer is yes! There are good-hearted people in this world, you just need to know the signs of a good hearted person.

What is a Good Hearted Person?

A good-hearted person is selfless, but not to the point of forgetting that they deserve kindness also. They give willingly, listen to understand, and truly care about making the world a better place. When you are in the presence of a good-hearted person, you can’t help but feel better about yourself because they genuinely see the good in you and help you become your best self.

A good-hearted person isn’t someone who doesn’t ever get angry. They can be quite passionate when they believe in a cause or see injustice done. A good-hearted person gets angry for the right reasons and they express that anger in a way that avoids attacking people but focuses instead on the act itself. Good-hearted people aren’t perfect. They don’t try to be. What they do strive for is to be a better person today than they were yesterday.

Benefits of Being Around Good Hearted People

When you surround yourself with good-hearted people, you find that life seems brighter. Your self-esteem increases because they make you feel that you matter and you can’t help but believe it. One of the signs of a good hearted person is that when you are around them, you want to become a better version of yourself. Scientists have proven that the positivity of good-hearted people helps your heart and immune system. 

Kindness also helps you combat stress and can lengthen your life. This is just the tip of the iceberg. Your entire life will seem more precious and it will become easier to deal with the hard spots when you have kind-hearted people in your corner.

Signs of a Good Hearted Person

1. They are honest.

You can always tell where you stand with this person and they will tell you what you need to hear, not simply what you want to hear. They aren’t mean about it, however. Tact is something a good-hearted person uses naturally.

2. They offer compliments sincerely.

A good-hearted person will give out compliments whenever they can. These aren’t simple “Good job!” compliments but ones that are specific to the person receiving them. You can believe the person really means what they are saying. 

3. They are respectful.

Respect goes beyond simple manners. A good-hearted person shows respect to all living things because they believe in the worth of all. They may not necessarily like a person, but they respect them. They are never rude, even when things are not going well for them. 

4. They are kind to everyone.

In addition to being respectful, good-hearted people are kind to everyone, regardless of that person’s station in life. They will show kindness to the CEO of their company as well as the waitress at the restaurant across the street or the homeless man sitting in the park. 

5. They are generous.

Good-hearted people are generous with their time, money, and energy. They are willing to give whenever they can. You can find good-hearted people volunteering everywhere. What’s more, they rarely mention what they give. Recognition isn’t something they strive for, nor do they actually want it. They give because they have what is needed.

6. They consider others when making decisions.

A good-hearted person will take into account the thoughts and feelings of others when making decisions, especially major ones. They want to make sure their decision doesn’t cause undue hardship or stress to anyone. If it would, they seek out alternatives.

7. They go the extra mile.

You won’t find the good-hearted person doing just enough to get by. They are the ones that stick around to help clean up after events, offer to take on the jobs nobody really wants to do, and do it all without complaint or thought of recognition.

8. They focus on the positive in people and things.

They know that everything has both positive and negative aspects, but they attempt to focus on the positive. If the situation can’t be seen as positive at the moment, the good-hearted person will seek out the lesson that will be learned from it.

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A good-hearted person is selfless, but not to the point of forgetting that they deserve kindness also.

9. They draw people naturally.

You will find that people are always eager to be around a good-hearted person. Their positivity and kindness make everyone near them feel good.

10. They don’t take people or things for granted.

A good-hearted person is always grateful for everyone and everything that they receive. They never assume or consider something their due.

11. They are consistently genuine.

You won’t find fake smiles here. You know if a good-hearted person says something, you can count on it being what they really think and feel. They aren’t trying to get people to like them, they are just doing what they feel is the best thing to do.

12. They are humble.

A good-hearted person may not even realize how special they are. When someone points out something they’ve done, they can become shy and even dismiss the act as nothing that great.

13. They consider issues that are important to you.

Even if they are not normally interested in a topic, a good-hearted person will sit and listen as you talk about it. They believe that if something is important to you, you deserve a chance to share that something with someone. 

14. They are flexible in thought.

Good-hearted people have their own thoughts and values but they are always willing to sit and listen to viewpoints that are different than their own. They strive to understand others and this includes understanding the person’s viewpoint.

15. They treat everyone as human.

Good-hearted people don’t see dividing lines such as status, race, religion, or anything along those lines as a reason to disregard someone. Even if they don’t agree with you, they will respect your rights and treat you as they do someone who is like them.

16. They care for nature and animals.

A good-hearted person extends their kindness and respect to nature and animals as well as humans. You won’t find this person littering or damaging nature. They stand up for animals being abused or mistreated in any way.

17. They help those who can’t help themselves.

However, they don’t help to the point of causing harm to either themselves or those they want to help. A good-hearted person understands that you can help a person and must draw a line at some point so they can learn to help themselves. They also understand that they must be kind to themselves or they won’t have anything to give to others.

18. They are inviting and inclusive.

If a good-hearted person sees someone sitting alone, they are often the first to reach out and try to start a conversation. They include the new person and the one that is bullied or different.

19. They do not judge.

You won’t find a good-hearted person passing judgment on anyone. They truly believe that they don’t know a person’s complete story, so can’t honestly judge whether decisions were correct or not. They simply listen.

20. They are accountable.

Good-hearted people aren’t perfect. They make mistakes. They are also willing to stand up and admit their errors. They will be truly apologetic and willing to do what they can to fix the mistakes. They don’t blame or make excuses. Once they have done all they can to rectify a mistake, they don’t dwell on it.

21. They aren’t jealous.

When a good-hearted person says they are happy for your success, they truly mean it. They know that everyone deserves good things and they don’t get jealous when someone has something they don’t.

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One of the signs of a good hearted person is that when you are around them, you want to become a better version of yourself.

22. They are trustworthy.

You can count on a good-hearted person to keep their word and do what they say they will do. They won’t lie to you or cheat you in any way. 

23. They don’t gossip or bad-mouth others.

If you do a good-hearted person wrong, they don’t make it their mission to get others to turn against you. They don’t spread gossip or talk badly about others.

24. They make others feel confident and inspired.

A good-hearted person sees the good in others and will help them see it in themselves. They encourage others to thrive and to grow. A good-hearted person wants everyone to succeed and this confidence inspires those around them to want to do well.

25. They exhibit empathy.

A good-hearted person will put themselves in others’ shoes. They will listen and try to understand. They don’t judge but instead try to discern how they would act or feel if they were the other person.

Final Thoughts on Signs that Someone is A Good Hearted Person

Knowing the signs of a good hearted person will help you avoid feeling let down by those who would do you harm. Recognizing these key traits will also help you see how special life is… and how special you are to be a part of it.

If you want to join the company of good hearted people, and are continually striving to be the best version of yourself, check out our article on tiny ways you can start to make a difference . Even the smallest step in the right direction can advance you miles on your life’s quest for fulfillment.

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