How to Friendzone a Girl? 10 Ways to Do It Like a Gentleman!

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How to friendzone a girl? Because it is not possible to love and cater to every girl’s needs. Therefore, you take the help of friend-zoning.

Girls are most sensitive, and they get attached easily, so you need to be clear from the start about your feelings towards them. But even after that, most guys find themselves stuck with a girl they led on. Why? Because they don’t know how to say no to her developing feelings. 

Therefore today, our blog will tell you how to friendzone a girl in a nice way- Nice because we don’t want the girl to feel down do we?


How To Friendzone A Girl? 10 Kickass But Nice Ways

1. How To Friendzone A Girl – Be Nice To The Girl

If you are trying to friendzone a girl then the first rule is: be nice to her. There is no room for humiliating anyone, and therefore, you must never forget your etiquette.

You might find guilty of yourself because you gave her the wrong signs. But it is not your fault in real. The reasons to not develop feelings for her can be many; her personality, her thoughts, her looks or any other thing. It is not your fault you didn’t fall for her, so it is natural that way.

But girls don’t understand this matter. They DON’T LIKE BEING FRIEND-ZONED, and it is quite an ordeal to make them know your perspective.

Therefore, when you approach the girl to drop the bomb of friend-zone, be very polite. You must be soft in your tone and your speech delivery so that the words have the ultimate effect on the girl. 

how to friendzone a girl
Be Nice When You Tell The Girl About Your Feelings

2. How To Friendzone A Girl – Be Straightforward

Being Straightforward is one of the best answers on How to Friendzone a Girl!

Yes, you have to be honest with her. There is no use of telling lies and making stories about how you can’t consider her love. Therefore, tell her straight up and plainly that you can’t be more than friends with her. Remember, be soft in your tone as I said earlier. 

Also, choose words that give a clear meaning of what you are saying and what you want to convey. DO NOT be rude to her in any case. 

Tell her why you think you cannot be more than friends with her, and hopefully, she will understand. She might suffer silently or openly, but she will retreat. Because girls prouder than guys so you will have a bit of a hard time while she retreats. But, the end will be okay.

Therefore, when you plan to friendzone a girl, there is no need for long stories. You only need honesty and openness. 

3. She Might Not Be Friends With You Again

Well, that’s an awkward situation in which a girl has feelings for the guy but is forced to remain friends with him. Girls mostly don’t stay friends with guys who friendzone them. Therefore, do not expect any more from your girl too.

It is obvious why you two can’t hang around. The girl has feelings for you, and you are ignoring them, so that doesn’t make an ideal situation. In other cases, the couple finds itself more comfortable when they are friends. 

The thing is it all works differently with every people. Everyone has different tendencies to accept and move on with something. But, 99% of the time, the girl will stop staying friends with you after you friendzone her. 

If you are lucky enough to fall under the remaining 1% of the lot, then enjoy your new friendship!

A Girl Will End Contact With Yo After Being Friend-zoned

4. How To Friendzone A Girl – DON’T FLIRT With The Friend-Zoned Girl

Now when you have the chance to stay friendly with her, DO NOT FLIRT WITH HER. I am writing it all CAPS because I want to emphasize the importance of this matter.

This is the most basics of all tips on How to Friendzone a Girl!

You know this girl has already feelings for you, and you want nothing of that sort, so put a leash on your flirty nature for a while. Because girls get happy when someone compliments them or share a laugh or two with them. You will be surprised that if you get too comfy with a girl, then she will take it as a sign that you like her. 

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Therefore, be very cautious about how you talk with her. Don’t compliment her in a way that she feels that you might be into her. 

In short, Don’t Flirt With A Girl Whom you friendzone. 

how to friendzone a girl
Never Flirt With A Girl If You Don’t Have Feelings For Her

5. How To Friendzone A Girl – Talk About Other Girls With Her

Another tip on how to friendzone a girl is to talk about the other women in front of her!

If you are really having a hard time friend-zoning a girl, then the best way to send her the signal of non-interest is that you talk about other girls. Yes, you should talk about other girls more often, and eventually, she will get the sign that you are not interested in her. 

For example, you can tell her about the girl you went out with last night and how great she was. Yes, she might feel a bit sad and down too, but its better than being rude to her.

Besides, it is a subtle way of telling the girl that you only want to be friends with her, and it is time you both act like mature people and accept reality. 

6. Talk About Your Past Relationships

People usually guide people to talk about their past relationships when asked how to friendzone a girl.

Now that you both are friends, so feel free to talk about past relationships with her. Talking about your previous relationships will make her realize that you actually consider her as a friend. Because you don’t bring on other girls’ topic with whom you WANT a relationship.

Therefore, you are free to discuss with her anything you want to. And, if you are lucky enough to have a gal-pal, then she will give you unbeatable advice on girls and all their issues.

Therefore, you have all the liberty to talk about girls and your past relationships with the girl you are only friends with. 

7. Don’t Go Out With The Girl Alone

You know when a girl and a guy go out alone then it is date night? So you can never go on a date night with the girl you friend zone because, HELLO? It is not possible.

If you want to learn how to friendzone a girl, then simply don’t go out alone with her.

You don’t want anything to do with her in the future so it is better to avoid doing things that will give her the wrong signs. Therefore, if you guys want to hang out, call your other friends and hang out together.

In this way, you will stay away from getting into awkward situations and being answerable about them in the future. 

For instance, there’s a carnival in town, and you two want to hang out. Please don’t make the mistake of hanging out alone. Call the whole gang and then enjoy the festival!

Never Hang Out Alone

8. Don’t Text Her Often

Yeah. Even if you are clear on what you want from her concerning feelings. Do not text her often. We all know that the universe of texting involves its own rules and laws. Among them is the law of frequent texting. If you often text and that too, late at night, then it will destroy your friendzone world. 

Therefore, be careful and don’t text her that often. Sharing a joke or a meme or two, which sounds relevant to any situation is excellent. Daily texting can take over a girl’s mind with false dreams of your love and interest.

So, save yourself the trouble and do not text the girl often which you friendzone or plan to friendzone. 

how to friendzone a girl
Do Not Text The Friend-zoned Girl Frequently

9. Tell Her She’s Like Your Sister

Well, that’s not very ideal, is it? To hear from your crush that he thinks of you as his sister can be real crushing, but it is necessary to do in some cases.

If the girl is too clingy and does not detect your signs of friendzoning, then you might have to come up with this method. It will hurt her definitely, but it is worth the pain she might get in the future when her feelings would be crushed.

Therefore, if you find a girl who is not very attentive to all your tell-tale signs of friend-zoning her then, just say that she’s a sister to you.

No girl would go beyond this line because you made it clear in the sentence that you DON’T POSSESS ANY KINDS OF FEELINGS FOR HER OTHER THAN BEING FRIENDS. 

This will ultimately stop her from being flirty with you, and you will breathe a sigh of relief. 

10. No Touching!

Touching is the Code Red Warning Sign For you if you are with your freindzoned girl! If you even pat the girl on a shoulder, then she will consider a sign of your likeness whereas you wouldn’t even know!

Therefore, you need to understand how a girl’s brain interprets all these signs. Don’t attempt to “warm her” feelings up because the result will only be disastrous if nothing much. 

For instance, if you two are out with some friends and you crack a joke while giving her a little pat over her shoulder – then she will think that you are into her! As foolish as it might sound, but it is true.

Therefore, you need to maintain a safe distance from her, and she will know that you are only for being friends with her.

how to friendzone a girl?
Maintain A Distance Fro The Girl You Friendzone

Remember, friend-zoning a girl will not only require you to be honest but will also require you to act as you mean it. Therefore, follow these steps and friendzone a girl like a pro. 

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions on how to Friendzone a Girl

How do you let a girl down easily?

Reveal to her how you truly feel, and be direct about it. Be as positive as possible all through the whole discussion. Promise her that you despite everything need to stay in touch. Go about as though nothing has changed among you. Tell her you’re alright with her inclination how she feels.

Should I Friend Zone her?

The key is to be consistent, be that as it may. Don’t simply companion zone her to get benefits. Companion zone her since you appreciate her conversation. Companion zone her since you really can’t shuffle another young lady or in light of the fact that you appreciate her conversation, yet don’t have sexual science.

How do you reject someone nicely?

Be straightforward. They don’t state that genuineness is the best arrangement in vain. Set yourself up. Do it up close and personal. Abstain from putting it off. Try not to give bogus expectations.

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