How to Deal With Stupid People? -Smart Ways to Handle Idiots

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Life is hard; it’s even harder when you have to deal with stupid people.

Sometimes we have to interact with a few dumb people who may cause a lot of annoyance in our lives. When you feel people you know are dumb, it gets harder to spend your time with them. Therefore, we become constantly frustrated and don’t know how to cope with dealing with stupid people.

Without being too judgmental, there are two types of dumb people around us. One who realizes it and the other who even doesn’t know it. The second type of people does exist, and they don’t accept that they are stupid. Here we need to learn how we can deal with this type of stupid people.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with people who are truly mentally challenged. That is not what we are talking about when we talk about how to deal with stupid people. We are talking about mentally capable people who may not be as smart as they think they are, lack mental curiosity, and end up making the same mistakes again and again.

Certainly, there are smart ways to deal with stupid people. In this post, we will show you how.

13 Smart Ways to Deal with Stupid people

It’s horrible to think that you have a person in your life whom you can’t leave, nor can you stay with him because of his dumbness.

That is why it is important to learn how to deal with stupid people so that you can live with them in grace.

Stupidity can be kill by intelligence. A girl with thumbs up showing the spirit to win a dumb one
Intelligence is the Smartest way to Deal with Stupid People

1. Increase Your Knowledge to Deal with Stupid People:

Knowledge is power, and you must gather it when you are dealing with a person who even can’t have it. Your power is your intelligence. You must know about the facts of using this intelligence first and then put yourself to encounter the problem.

Read and collect details as much as you can, watch the news and read the latest psychological research. Make sure about the information and grasp the concept before you begin to argue about it.

Moreover, when you are talking to a dumb person, it is not necessary to prove that you are right. Your logical opinion and research will force them to be less conversational. They will avoid debating those topics which they don’t know exactly. That’s how it will be easy to deal with stupid people.

2. Understand Their Environment & Background:

The environmental background of a stupid person has a significant impact on his personality. Many people who are smarter than stupid ones may have different life experiences in performing in this manner.

They may struggle in life and responsibilities toward their families. Working in a challenging environment might increase their ability to act more efficiently.

Some people simply have problems understanding things quickly. They may have a different family environmental background where they didn’t get a chance to address these problems in their childhood. It may be that they simply learn things differently.

They may often talk and react more impulsively, which can impel you towards mental sickness. In these circumstances, you must find a way to handle that stupid person according to his mental state. Discover more about them, and tackle them smartly and practically.

3. Think About Their Perspective.

 This is tough but a very important way to learn. When a person is constantly irritating you and making you feel bad all time, here you need to know that one more deeply. For this purpose, you must figure out their thinking process by reading these checkpoints.

Firstly, you should lower your standards of thinking and expectations. Especially for those who think in their way and never accept to change their perspective at any cost. In this situation, you can lose your self-control and possibly let them destroy your peace of mind. Fewer expectations help you get more benefits through this procedure.

Secondly, most of the time, stupid people make you disappointed. To deal with a stupid person on a daily basis, you must use your optimistic approach.

Try to consider yourself in their position for once. It will definitely help you to understand their point of view more clearly. Assure them that you are getting their point during conversation and grasp them with reasonable arguments.

4. Respect Them Without Judging:

 So, when you actively step out to resolve this matter of stupidity, you must be respectful to the person first. Humiliation and discrimination can be drastically affected him. He can suffer from low self-esteem and inferiority complex issues. That can be truly a destructive way to deal with stupid people.

Respect them as much as you can, even for what they are not able to understand consciously about them. Embrace their qualities to make them feel more confident.

Accept them for what they have and stop thinking that they are dumb; it’s just a part of their personality that they can do nothing about it.

5. Appreciate Their Abilities:

I strongly believe in seeing good and positive things in everyone first. Similarly, stupid people can often have different qualities and abilities. Maybe they are good at some sort of specific skills.

Especially when they find any interesting thing to do, they have an intrinsic passion for it. When you get an understanding of their capability and strength, it will be easier for you to realize how talented they are in some corner of creativity.

You must appreciate their abilities and help them in their good and bad times. Treat them like human beings who similarly deserve to get high roads for their life.

6. Never Argue With Stupid People:

It’s true, never argue with stupid people. They will drag you down to their levels and then beat you with experience. For better understanding, let’s give an example by putting yourself in a conversational situation with a stupid person.

First, you must avoid saying anything wrong which makes him upset Secondly, you should take small steps to get serious about the topic. Thirdly, avoid responding to his arguments in the same manner, which can make him angry and atrocious.

Never argue with stupid people Two people arguing with each other
Arguing With Stupid People is Like to Kill a Mosquito on Your Cheeks.

7. Hold Your Breath And Smile:

As we discussed in the above situation, you must avoid arguments and unnecessary debates with dumb people,  now it’s compulsory to learn some techniques during this particular state.

  • You must make up your mind before start talking.
  • Close your eyes for once and take a deep breath.
  • Look at them with a loving smile.
  • Start with this statement, “your suggestion is considerable. I truly appreciate this, but what if we could have the other option to review this opinion.”
  • Let them feel a little dominating, and then they will acknowledge and be eager to listen to you excitedly.

8. Stay Calm & Let Them Speak:

Being nice and kind to a person who acts exceptionally dumb most of the time, maybe the last idea that comes into your mind. Here are some other ways to address this problem.

  • We must stay composed during our interactions with them.
  • Analyze their approach thoroughly.
  • Without judging their actions, let them present their ideas confidently.
  • Don’t make them nervous during conversations.

By giving them a chance to convey their perspective makes them more respectful towards you. They will surely regard your opinion and will show interest in hearing you avidly.

stay calm and listen to them is a way to deal with stupid people. listed a picture that shows sometimes stay silence and listen to stupid person is the only way to deal with them
Stay Silent, Sometimes Reaction is not necessary.

9. Control Your Temperament:

Making yourself mean, rude, and nasty can inflame a stupid person to be angrily agitated. He can react incautiously, which can raise your blood pressure and make you grit your teeth. That person will become dauntless to playing with your emotions and drives you crazy at their irresistible mental levels.

More often, to deal with stupid people this is important to be aware of your temperament first. Your controlling powers will decide at what level you can cope with this challenge.

Although, you should not react immediately and keep your emotions in check constantly.

Stop yourself from doing something irreversible with words and actions that you can never take back. It may help you to resolve issues quickly.

10. Don’t Blame Them For Their Stupidity:

Inculpating someone vulnerable can’t justify your approach to fixing the problem. This can be a harsh way to handle that person. Especially when he is not able to consider his particular inabilities. He will never accept himself on the wrong path and retaliate with the same attitude to wrap it up.

11. Look Busy If They Are Ignorable: 

Sometimes, for your mental well-being, this is important to escape contact with these annoying people.

  • You just need to pay heed to revive your mental energy, heal, and meditate.
  •  Find more diversions and interesting activities to get back into your world.
  •  Give yourself thumbs up and preserve your strength for the next.
  •  Learn multiple smart ways to use your intelligence and controlling powers. 

Somehow, ‘look busy’ is a strategy to prevent illogical dialogues that can defuse negative thoughts and stress.

A girl pic shows how intelligence work against stupidity. After Becoming smart how you can deal with stupid peopel.t
Sometimes Look Busy Is the Smart Way to Deal with Stupid People.

12. One Word Is Enough When It’s Unbearable:

When things have gone crazy for you and are irresistible, sometimes a simple response is all that is needed to break away from someone’s stupidity.

On the contrary, in some cases where you have to socially interact with such people who never miss a chance to make things unbearable and annoying for you, silence is the best reply to them.

  • Smile at them and react like they said something pleasant to you.
  • Instead of engaging with them, diverse your focus graciously.
  • Never take their comment personally if it was intended to hurt you specifically. It will lower your self-confidence, which can make them more powerful to behave in such a manner all the time.
  • Your self-worth needs to be stabilized at this point when someone is continuously trying to destroy it with his foolishness.
  • Remind yourself! That person is stupid, and his opinion should not matter to you.

13. Don’t Do Gossips About Stupid People:

Making fun of stories and gossiping about stupid people will surely influence them badly. They have some social values and positions as you have in your social circle. You may often feel urged to tell your close ones about their stupidity and your struggle to deal with it. Hopefully, many of them might agree with you and give you more suggestions.

Do you think this is the right way to deal with stupid people?

No, for sure! Discuss it with your close ones only if you need to help yourself and that stupid one. Using personality discrimination methods and backbiting makes that problem unsolvable. Highlighting their vulnerabilities publicly makes it more complex. In the end, you will never be able to resolve this issue.

Don’t let them ruin your whole day and make you feel more riled up. You may become obsessed with the thought of getting away from that person rather than helping him. Then he becomes more manipulative and starts reacting inhumanly in front of anyone.

A Final Word On How To Deal With Stupid People:

As Albert Einstein once said, “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

This is true that God has given significant abilities to everyone, but the only difference is some people discover by themselves and get success, and other people even don’t care about them. Similarly, everything happens for a reason, but if the reason is you, then you must take it as a challenge. I must say, never let a stupid person gets the best of you.

Sometimes it seems difficult to face sheer stupidity. Instead of being impatient and getting short-tempered with a dumb person, always remind yourself how lucky you are to have a smart and sensible approach. However, a little share of your encouragement and tolerant behavior forces dumb people to act in a more dignified manner in the future. You will be more grateful for positive people around you, which also gives you self-satisfaction for being helpful, sympathetic, and cooperative to the valuable people in your life. Don’t waste your time trying too hard to deal with stupid people.

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