How to Deal with Disappointment?

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For me, disappointment is the hardest and uncomfortable feeling. And everyone must know how to deal with disappointment. This is a complicated emotion and a combination of anger, sadness, hopelessness, and much more. It drives you crazy and sometimes psychologically stressful. 

One of the difficult things in this world is to have self-control in all your tricky emotional phases of life, whether you are dealing with yourself or with another relationship. It always makes you impatient to get over it as soon as possible. 

More often it seems there is no way out to solve problems in your life and you have many negative thoughts in your mind as no one cares about, my life is just a mess, there is no solution to fix bad things in your life, etc…

People who are stuck with these thoughts in their minds, badly needed to learn more to deal with disappointment. They can’t forget for a single minute about your anxiety and the painful feeling of being disappointed.

For this basic purpose first, we need to identify the source of disappointment, and then we will be able to make ourselves prepare to cope with it.

Identify the Reasons for Disappointment

Disappointment can be truly the worst and life-changing feeling. It can be more hurtful for those who even don’t know that they are suffering from depression and disappointment. They have no idea about their mental situation clearly but they feel hopeless and lonely all the time. 

Their fears and unhappiness made them quiet and isolated. This isolation can boost a high level of psychological pressure and emotional disorder. Here is the question now, why a person feels this unbalanced emotional trauma?

To find out the answers we need to study our personal life experience, relationship breakdown, and childhood history as well. Let’s check few causes of being disappointed in life.

1. High Expectations

Someone said, “Expectations are the root of all heartache.” This quote shows the emotional anguish or grief which is typically caused by a person’s love expectations. They have a high level of assumptions in their mind and let their emotions flow according to them.

This practice becomes their habit and gradually they are used to do it with anyone or in any situation. Expectations make their desire stronger and fulfilling but when they see inflated reality in front of their eyes, they got distressed. 

Disappointment is caused by high Expectations. An image shows a disappointed girl.
Don’t Let Your Expectations Mislead You Towards Disappointment.

2. Unnecessary Comparisons

As we all know comparison is the easiest way to feel unhappy. Every minute you spend wishing this thought that you should live someone else’s life is a minute to become disappointed. The negative comparison is the most poisonous element in the human heart because it destroys ingenuity. It robs your happiness and makes you feel unsatisfied with what you already have. This unfilled feeling provokes pessimism and lets the confidence down. 

Apart from that, Positive comparison is always acceptable for being successful and stay motivated.

We all heard that ‘A rabbit should never compare its swimming ability with fish because it leads to disappointment.’ This type of unnecessary comparison blocks your logical thinking ability and left you mindless.

3. Doubt/Guilts

Self-assumptions and inessential doubts are the fear factors of disappointment. Sometimes, people get inhabitants with such sort of unjustified feelings. Additionally, they grounded themselves with irreversible regrets which is the root cause of despondency.

4. Worst Life Experiences

“Experience is the best teacher, and the worst experiences teach the best lesson.” This is true, we always learn better from our bad experiences in life but few people can’t deal with this notion. Constantly dealing with hard times made a person downhearted and low-spirited.

More often, disheartened feelings with low self-esteem destruct their emotions harshly and they can’t be able to see the healthier aspect of life.

 How to Deal with Disappointment?

it is challenging to overcome disappointment while you have high expectations level, worst life experiences, unnecessary comparisons, and guilts. However, these sources can be reduced by keeping these habits at zero levels. More precisely, we need to comprehend some basic solutions to get over it.    

1. Let It Feel the Way It Is:

Some doctors say that dealing with disappointment can be the biggest life aim for a person. Specifically, it becomes complicated when you have no choice except to fight with your inner self. You feel discouraged and alone. The mixture of painful emotions closes all the doors of hopefulness. 

At this point, you must not be shy to express your feelings, screaming, and crying for a while. Thus, you don’t need to do it publicly. However, it’s a healthier way to feel the reality and let go of your grief.

Expressing something plays a vital role to bring down unstable and uncontrollable sentiments. You can choose many ways to manifest the intensity of your emotions like writing a diary, making vlogs, talking to someone trustable and positive.

 Persuasive and efficacious ways to convey your thoughts can help you to dismiss extremely negative thoughts and will not deteriorate the situation.

2. Conscious Awakening to Deal with Disappointment:

Our brain is a powerhouse of our emotions. It can control and defuse injurious thoughts and assist in introspecting our skills to improve them. Conscious awakening refers to mindfulness and increasing your intuition ability. This aptitude helps you to change your mindset with a reasonable and logical approach.

  • Think Logically to Deal with Disappointment:

It is hard to think logically especially when you are emotionally high and disappointed. Questions and reasonings are meaningless at that point and your brain completely worked in opposite direction.

When you feel disappointed, make sure to listen to more n more positive and motivational speeches, podcasts. Talk to a calm and sympathetic friend or relative in this situation. preferably someone older and more experienced than you. 

Write and make a comparison table for analyzing what is right and what is wrong.

Write positive things on one side and the other side write all negative aspects of that problem. You will find a logical answer immediately.

Negative Past Experiences can leads you to disappointment. a girl show self empowered to deal with disappointment.
Think Logically is the Best Way to Deal with Disappointment.
  • Expectation Management:

As we discussed above high unnecessary expectations causation disappointment. Our hopes take us to a different level of unrealistic approach where disappointment changes the course of our lives. We could not handle ourselves at this stage and surrender. In another case, our desires influence our expectations.

 We want to get what we think that we deserve or we may deserve that, but wishing it so badly possesses our desire. And we start relating our happiness to it. In the end, when we didn’t get what we yearn for, and get disappointed.

Therefore, to have fewer expectations from anyone whether, the person is a family member, spouse, close friend, relative, colleague, or anyone whom you connect in your daily life; you need to be more cautious about your overwhelming behavior because it can hurt you badly. 

  • Stop Overthinking:

Overthinking is a complex disability to deal with especially during a period of sadness. You can only think and pursue negative things during feeling disappointed. You must do these things to consciously stop overthinking because it can take you to the lower’s levels of depression.

  • Keep your mental health in focus and step back for a while.
  • Observe your reactions and hold your anger and anxiety immediately. 
  • Meditate yourself and find distractions.
  • Practice self-compassion
  • Think out of the box
  • Look into your fear’s eyes

3. Acceptance About Yourself:

As human beings, we believe that our fate is destined but somehow, we try to run away from that and not willing to accept it. Whenever we feel overwhelmed by our emotions, we refuse to take responsibility and blame others. Each time, we promised ourselves to admitted our flaws openheartedly but we couldn’t do that. This step back takes us deeper in disappointment. 

Accepting our mistakes can develop the sense of owning things on your own.

Stop yourself to being disappointment.
Love Yourself kills Disappointment.
  • Failures:

You can’t have any success unless you can accept your failure. Acceptance of being what you are? and who you are? is the biggest inspiration to move forward and gorgeously dealing with disappointment.

  • Rejections:

This one is the most important element of getting disappointed. Most people, who are in love, in any other deep emotion with other people in their life, get immensely affected. They find an escape from not being rejected. This is truly the worst feeling that caused frustration first and then let down their self-confidence.

Sometimes, fear of being rejected becomes a disappointment, and a person stops interacting and participating in social activities.

To avoid this, you must practice self-affirmation and spend more and more time with those people who love you unexceptionally.

 Embrace your qualities and stay high-spirited.

 Never let rejection stop you and take that good that you already have.

 4. Change Your Perspective About Disappointment:

Disappointment not only means letting down yourself due to some irrational and emotional negative thoughts. We can change our perspective towards it and can discover a positive way to think.

Taking disappointment as a lesson to look forward as a stronger and better person. This can be a gateway to look far beyond fantasy and realize the reality of life after hardship. you can deal with disappointment by changing your opinions about the bitterness of life and find many ways to shine again. 

5. Identify Mental Illusion and See Reality:

The next and most essential step to deal with disappointment to release yourself from illusion and see reality. When people are disappointed, they hardly realize the truth and existence of reality. Their brain got occupied with overthinking. They start building their negative irrelevant thoughts.

 When you feel like this, ask yourself why is the reality? Why I am clinging to false perceptions? At that time, becoming conscious is a way to prevent your wrong actions constructively. And live your life the way you should.

6. Take Small Steps to Heal Yourself:

Time is a great healer. Take a break and then start with these small steps. This will change your stressful routine during a disappointing phase of your life.

  • Know Your Worth:

You must start loving yourself first. Find your inner peace by doing those things which give you happiness and a new meaning of life.

  • Stay Physically Active:

Daily physical exercise boosts your stamina and fast blood flow to increases your mental ability to be active and energetic. 

  • Socialize with Positive People:

Spend maximum time with those people who love you more and you have a significant place in their life. Talk to them openly. Take their advice as a considerable suggestion, and apply it to recover yourself. It will help you to heal inside. You will find out your worth and realize how important you are to them. The feeling of being so desirable is a great source to reverse yourself from the sense of disappointment. Take their advice as a considerable 

Stop yourself to being disappointment.
Positive People Can Always Make You Happy.
  • Find Fun Diversions to Deal with Disappointment:

Sometimes, changing the environment does affect to sad person. Find more real fun activities with your friends and loved ones. This can take down your stress levels. It will help you to know your worth instead of being constantly thinking about your failures and disappointments.

  • Be Optimistic & Learn from Mistakes:

So, if you are still disappointed then last but not least your past mistakes and experiences are your great companions to fight against your feeling of disappointment. If you never stop learning optimistically, you will never fall. Take it as a journey to seek knowledge and experience to conquer the next of life. 

Negative Past Experiences can leads you to disappointment. a girl show self empowered to deal with disappointment.
Don’t Ruin Your Life with Disappointment.


Are You Still Letting Your Disappointment Destroy You?

I must say, NO 

You should be thankful to your life for having something exciting and adventurous in the shape of happiness and sadness. Disappointment can only leave you behind in your life’s success race and you will never be able to cross your finishing line. While your wisdom can lead you to a better world.

Exploring yourself in hard times is an alluring part of life. It can be never replaceable. Think! How boring it is when no one becomes unhappy in this world? How we experience this emotion of desiring something?

Disappointment is an opportunity to know how blessed you are with lots of other things in your life. Count your blessings.

Be grateful for your problems because this one particular problem can entirely change your path and upgrade your level as a better human being and you will find the real way to live your life.

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